How to increase the speed of download in utorrent

How to increase the speed of download in utorrent

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Torrent is the newest revolutionary technology created at the beginning of this century, which facilitated the problem of downloading cumbersome files, such as: movies, music, programs, etc..

Due to the torrent, downloading is directly between users, without flooding files to the server.

In order to download information from the torrent file, you need to use the torrent client, for example UTorrent .

I experimented with some settings in UTorrent, and ultimately I managed to increase the download speed of about 3 times more than it was before!

I changed the settings by trial and errors, had to return to the default settings to change them again. Sometimes the speed declined, but in the end, I found the necessary parameters, thanks to which it was possible to sharply increase the speed of the torrent jump.

I tried these settings on multiple computers, in order to make sure that they really work.

And ultimately, the speed of injection of torrent turned out Average 1.6 MB / s!

Below, I present you a guide: how to increase the speed of the torrent download several times. I will describe everything in the sequence, both for UTorrent users and for other customers, you can apply them if you figure it out how they work.

I do not support illegal download, it's just a guide on how to increase the speed of the torrent jump.

How to increase torrent speed - Step 1: turn on protocol encryption

Protocol encryption will protect the download speed (bandwidth) from the intervention of your provider, which can establish a limit on the speed of downloading torrent files or their quantity.

For UTorrent users : Select "Settings"; "Program Settings", in the window that appears, select BitTtorrent. The most important thing in it "Protocol Encryption" .

Make sure the value is: "Included" and worth a check mark on the contrary "Allow incoming connections" .UTORRENT-encryption protocol

Other torrent clients : In the settings (most likely in the "Connection Settings"), there will be something like "Encryption protocol, encryption, or traffic shaping." Enable them and allow incoming connections.

Increase torrent download - Step 2: Bandwidth

Setting up these parameters, as a rule, leads to a sharp increase in torrent loading speed. (Note: But there is a low probability of speed drop.)

So let's start the most interesting.

Keep " Maximum rate of return "And" Maximum download speed »Unlimited. (In the picture, 0 means unlimited time.)

It happens that "download speed" decreases if you limit these parameters. Settings-UTorrent

Number of connections: Your " total maximum number of compounds "It should be equal to 2500, and" Maximum number of connected peters per torrent "The value of 500 must be set. Increase-speed torrent

After that, you should see a gradual increase in loading speed.

Raise torrent speed - Step 3: "Additional" settings

Now it's time to change some "Additional" Settings. Settings-UTorrent

In the settings, click on Additionally . It will be written: "Attention: do not change, if not sure!", But you can not worry, everything will be fine if you accurately follow the steps below. This can be done in any torrent client, but you must understand what the settings mean, since they can be formulated in different ways.

UTorrent : You can use a filter (search box) to quickly find certain parameters.

Find "bt.allow_same_ip" by clicking on it, set the " True. "(See Figure.) Additional Torrent Settings

Install "gui.show_notorrents_node" on ' False '.

Install in "RSS.update_Interval" value ' 20 '(Make sure you click on the' Install 'button after you have entered 20)

Next, click "Apply" and "Close" Settings.

Restart UTorrent or torrent client.

How to increase torrent speed - Step 4: How many siders?

Check the number of cores on torrent file.

Saders (Cids) are those who continue to share the file after its download. The more Saders, the faster the download will be.

Try to find the file you need on the tracker, where there will be a lot of sides and download it there. If you can connect to a large number of siders, you can easily get the maximum connection speed. Number-C-Torrent

Raise torrent speed - Step 5: Did you turn off other programs?

Make sure that no other programs that use the Internet connection do not work. If the Internet connection will be used exclusively to your torrent, the download will go faster.

Make sure YouTube and other download managers are closed. Also check that your computer does not download any automatic updates. Closing-all programs

Increase Torrent Speed ​​- Step 6: Wi-Fi Problems?

Try connecting a computer directly to a modem or router, instead of using Wi-Fi.

Many connected devices can interfere with Wi-Fi compound, thus affecting the speed of the Internet and download in UTorrent. Connection-modem-to-laptop

How to increase torrent speed - Step 7: Is it worth it?

Check the queue settings in UTorrent. Each file that you download in UTorrent will take part of the channel bandwidth. If you download more than one file at maximum speed, the download will continue longer.

Try downloading files one by one. See the first movie while waiting for the downloads of the rest! Priority-speed-in-torrent

Click the Settings button and select - Settings .


Select - "Operation" , on the left side, and set the maximum number of active downloads in 1.


Click the Apply button and then OK.

Enable UPnP Port Redirection. This will allow the UTorrent, bypass the firewall and connect directly to Sides. This ensures you get the best transmission rate.

To enable UPNP perform:

  1. Click the Settings button and select Settings. Settings-UTorrent
  2. Select - connection, in the left menu.
  3. Install the checkbox opposite the redirection UPNP.
  4. Click the Apply button and then OK. Setting-Upnp

How to increase torrent speed - Step 8: Check the updates

Make sure that you use the latest version of UTorrent. Check the availability of updates regularly. You can check them by clicking the help button and selecting the "Check Updates" item. Check-update torrent

Change Internet provider or tariff plan. You can change the conditions for your tariff plan or choose a more profitable provider, the speed of the Internet in which will be higher.

Add more trackers. This can lead to excellent speed if the tracker has more sides.

How to increase torrent speed - Step 9: Changing the download speed

Double-click on the torrent. The menu appears. In the menu you see the "Maximum Download Speed" (or something similar). For example, something like 0.2 kb will stand.

Change quantity. Change it to 9999999999999999999999 or another large number. Torrent properties

Click the "OK" button.

Watch how the download speed reaches no less than 500 kb / s.

It may take some time until it reaches a mark of 500, but after, downloading will go a little faster than before. increasing jump-and-speed torrent

How to increase torrent speed - Step 10: Prioritize

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time. Or enter in the Start menu "Task Manager" .Task Manager
  2. Click on the Run Control Panel button.
  3. Go to the "Details" tab.
  4. Scroll down until you find UTorrent.
  5. Right-click on it.
  6. Change priority to high. Priority Speed-in Utorrent Torrent

And lastbill ... how to increase the speed of return torrent

Almost all torrent trackers exists a rating when the fall of which, you will not be able to download files. To maintain the rating you need to distribute files. This system exists so that the distributions do not remain empty.

If your torrent client and the Internet automatically turn on along with the download of the computer, then you almost do not have such problems. You just need to not delete a few last downloaded files from the client and hard disk, and they will automatically stand on the distribution.

If you can turn on the torrent only sometimes, you can also use the "Priorities" function, setting high priority for distributing files, as well as check if the speed limit is worth it.

There are several ways to increase the speed of loading torrent. Most of them are related to changing the program settings or making changes to the computer parameters. But it should be borne in mind that in some cases the desired increase is not available. This concerns situations where the current Internet tariff restricts the capabilities of users or the provider poorly fulfills its own responsibilities. In such situations, you first need to think about improving the quality of communication. Otherwise, the process will not work.

Why low speed in torrent

In addition to the actions of the provider on the effectiveness of the torrent client affect:

  • Incorrect online service settings;
  • viruses and malicious programs affecting the state of the computer;
  • Programs, widgets and applications using traffic;
  • Windows update, which takes part of the traffic;
  • Antiviruses and firewall, limiting the work of the service;
  • A large number of additional devices connected to the common Wi-Fi network.

The remaining causes are not common or their influence is minimal, therefore it makes no sense to consider them separately.

Check the Internet speed on

To proceed to change the settings and speed up the download in the torrent, you need to make sure that the provider's capabilities allow you to count more.

To do this, check the quality of the connection:

  1. Open site;
  2. Press the button starting testing;
  3. wait for the result.

If the quality of traffic is inferior to the claimed in the tariff, it is necessary to call the representatives of the provider and declare problems. In this case, the type of Internet will not affect the user actions. You can declare complaints as mobile companies (megaphone, MTS and others) and operators connecting the home Internet.

Increase torrent speed in client settings

If the quality of the connection allows you to count on fast loading, you can switch to the reconfiguration of the program and computer. At the same time, the actions to be performed in Windows 7, Windows 10 and other operating systems coincide or extremely similar.

No variety and change parameters in UTorrent. In various versions of the service, only the names of sections and points are changing, the procedure and changes remain unchanged.

how to increase the speed of downloading in torrent

Additional customer settings

The simplest way to increase the speed of downloading in torrent is to change customer settings.

This is recommended for this:

  1. Enable the program and open the settings menu;
  2. Install in the section with the mention of the encryption protocol option "Enabled" and resolve incoming connections;
  3. The next step is to specify the maximum number of compounds and peters (2500 and 500, respectively);
  4. Save selected parameters.

Additionally, it is recommended to start the port test by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the torrent client and take advantage of the proposed conditions.

how to speed up download from torrent

Check the number of sids

The next step will be the verification of the number of available seeds - people who continue to distribute the file after it is received. What they are more, the faster the process will end.

To check, you should visit the site where the file has downloaded, and see the number of active sides. If there are few them, it is recommended to see other similar offers with a large number of distributing. Additionally, you can take into account Peters - people who did not have time to download the entire file, but have already begun the distribution of the existing part. They are also able to speed up the download.

Turn off unnecessary programs

If the cities for torrent to increase the speed are already at the maximum, it is worth checking if active processes connecting to the Internet do not affect traffic. This is especially true for smartphones (for android, iOS, Windows - no values). If any applications, widgets, services use traffic to work and update, will have to temporarily disable them. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reduce the time, and users will need more time to receive a film, games or music.

Connect a direct connection to the modem

It has already been mentioned above that the quality of Internet traffic is affected by the number of devices connected to the modem.

To speed up the download time, it is recommended to disable:

  1. Disable third-party phones, laptops and computers from the router through the Wi-Fi settings menu;
  2. Set a direct connection to the modem with a cable.

In each case, the quality of communication will increase.

Separate attention deserve the actions of mobile operators, which indicate that the use of torrent clients limits communication up to 128 kbps. To bypass such restrictions requires an activation of additional options.

Check the torrent download queue

In situations where the user is interested in the download of a specific file, it is necessary:

  • accelerate download from torrent, changing the priority of the file to high;
  • Change the sequence number in the queue on downloading;
  • Start forcibly by selecting the appropriate item in the menu of available actions (clicking the right mouse button by file name);
  • Disable other downloads.

It is important to emphasize that the last step is particularly recommended, since the remaining actions do not take into account the number of cides in the selected distribution and other active downloads. As a result, the efficiency of the tracker will be higher where their number is greater.

how to increase download speed in torrent

Check and update torrent

Peers for torrent to increase speed will be useless if the user has an outdated version of the service.

To check and establish the current version of the client, you need:

  1. Open the settings menu;
  2. find an item related to the update;
  3. Allow update check;
  4. Restart the service and wait proposals to install updates.

If the check did not lend to the proposal to install updates, you will have to look at the other listed reasons for the low connection level. Probably the matter is in them.

Customize speed priority

In addition to self-selecting priority in UTorrent, users are able to establish the priority of the various processes and services on the computer.

To raise the status of the client, you will have to:

  1. Open Device Manager (not to be confused with program dispatcher);
  2. switch to the service tab;
  3. Find in the proposed list of UTorrent;
  4. Click on it right mouse button;
  5. Change priority to high.

As a result, the computer resources at high load will be redirected to maintain the service, which instantly affects its performance and efficiency.

how to increase the speed of loading torrent

Improve the rating in torrents

Sometimes restrictions are associated with user actions. Most trackers require downloading distributions. If only download, without distributing files, the rating of a person falls that negatively affects torrent tracker.

To increase the speed of downloading in Torrene, you need to read the rules of the selected service (site, tracker) and do not forget to distribute the downloaded to other people. As a result, the rating will increase to an acceptable level, and the restrictions will be removed. If you do not follow these conditions, it is useless to count on stable, quickly obtaining files is useless.

Turn off antivirus programs

The last nuance that needs to be taken into account is the work of antiviruses and firewall. They are able to limit the work of the torrent client. Those who wish to increase the download speed in the torrent should open the anti-virus menu (firewall) and click the button offering adding the process to the exception list. After that, it remains to make a tracker in the mentioned list and check whether the desired result is obtained.

If the user is dissatisfied with the available level of download and think about how to increase the speed of the torrent, he should think about whether it uses the program correctly. Additionally, it is necessary to make sure that the quality of the download does not affect third-party factors, including the work of other services and the activities of the provider. Usually, even the banal elimination of all available interference makes it possible to significantly reduce the time required to receive a file. The main thing is not to hurry with the conclusions and consistently check all possible reasons for the reduction of speed. If you show enough patience, the success will only be a matter of time.

Low download speed from torrent

Causes of low download speed

It has already been said above that most of the reasons that reduce the quality of the connection and the speed of the UTorrent are on the surface. These include:

  • the work of other programs that take part of the traffic (for example, Windows update);
  • connection to the Wi-Fi network of foreign people;
  • restrictions imposed by the provider (many operators prohibit the use of torrent);
  • incorrect customer settings;
  • Small amounts of sides or low rating of downloading;
  • Low Internet speed;
  • Bans imposed by antivirus and firewall;
  • incorrectly displayed loading priority;
  • Viruses and malicious programs that have fallen on the computer.

There are other reasons, so it should not be hurried with the conclusions.

Restrictions in customer settings

First of all, users are recommended to remove the restriction in the torrent speed, laid down in the program settings. To do this, make only 2 actions.

  1. First you need to go to customer settings and find the maximum connection values ​​in the speed tab. It is recommended to establish the maximum permissible parameters or leave all values ​​at all. The number of peers is preferably set at 500.
  2. Then you should switch to the BitTorrent tab and enable data transmission encryption. No warranty that this step will help, but if the desired result is not reached, you can simply disable encryption.

how to increase the speed of loading torrent

Advanced program settings

Also, users can choose a suitable port that provides maximum download speed. To do this, click on a small icon in the lower right corner of the program (depending on the quality of communication is a tick, a cross or an exclamation mark) and run the test. After that, it remains to offer the service to automatically select the optimal parameters and save the changes made. Usually as a result, the connection quality increases, and the download time is reduced, but the effect will be achieved only in cases where the problem lies in the torrent.

Check the speed of the Internet connection

The next step will be the test of the Internet connection. It is recommended to test when UTorrent is turned off so that its work cannot limit the results.

Following the audit, subscribers can:

  • change the tariff plan, replacing it with more speed and stable;
  • Find sources of traffic loss and programs that consume it if such available;
  • Change Wi-Fi to a speedy wired connection.

All proposed options are equally successfully helping to increase the speed of the torrent and speed up the process of obtaining files.

What to do if the little speed in the torrent is held for a long time

If the situation concerns not all downloads, but specific files, the procedure for accelerating download will be different (although the listed options are also worth trying). In such cases, sufficiently minor changes and order of operation of the UTorrent client are sufficient to solve the problem. However, sometimes it is almost impossible to influence the situation, because at the time of preserving a film or game on a computer affects third-party factors. In such cases, it remains to be patient and wait.

Check the download queue and the number of cides

Do not forget at low speed download from torrent and about the fact that sometimes the source of trouble lies in the file itself. So, it is important to see, at what place in the download queue is the downloadable object and, if there are many other downloads in front:

  1. increase priority and place in line;
  2. Just turn off or put on a pause everything is located above on the list.

It is impossible to ignore the number of cides. If there are few them, it is useless to count on instant conservation. As mentioned above, it is impossible to influence such a situation, and the only solution remains expectation. You can also search a similar file on other trackers and sites, perhaps more people involved in their distribution.

how to speed up the load in torrent

Update torrent client

Another reason that has a negative impact on the time of saving is the version of the program. Developers are advised to regularly update the torrent client so that it can maintain high-quality, stable operation of the program. If the update seems complicated or uncomfortable, you can simply download the current version of the service on the UTorrentFree. After that, it remains to delete the outdated version of the program and put on your computer current software. You can also use a paid version of the tracker - UTorrent Pro, if there is an obsolete software in an unstable connection, the difficulties will instantly disappear.

Customize download speed priority

It has already been said that improving the priority can noticeably speed up the loading of the torrent. To increase the pace of receiving a file, you must:

  1. open the program and go to the list of downloadable data;
  2. Click the right mouse button on the desired item you want to get before others;
  3. Having a cursor to the point "Speed ​​Priority" and choose "high".

It is important to emphasize that the described approach will help only in cases where the number of seeds allows you to count on a decent connection, in other cases the changes will be minimal and will barely noticeable for a person.

how to remove speed limit in torrent

Additional recommendations for raising the speed in Torrene

Disable antivirus software on the device

Sometimes no Internet affects the quality of the connection, but the work of antiviruses. In such situations, it is possible to increase the speed of the torrent in the following ways:

  1. temporarily disable antivirus at the time of loading and running the UTorrent client;
  2. Add service to the list of antivirus and firewall.

It is wiser to use the second option because it allows you to download, not a victim of computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Improve torrent rating

Torrent trackers and specialized sites can also limit download quality. This is usually due to the number of downloaded and given files: the user only downloads without distributing.

You can correct the position using distribution or creating and adding your own torrents. This is described in more detail in the rules of the site, forum or tracker, which is recommended to read in advance. Such actions will help to avoid such misunderstandings and difficulties.

Video instruction

Torrent, this is a revolutionary information transfer technology on the Internet, which makes it easy to transmit and shares large files to a huge number of users.

Today I will tell you how to increase the injection of torrent. For example, we will use the most popular client UTorrent In which for nine ± steps we will try to squeeze the most maximum (for users of other torrent customers, the steps will be almost the same).

How to increase torrent speed to the limit? Practical steps to accelerate

For Windows Computer, download the client from the official page , Install and run.

First step

Turn on data encryption. Encryption helps to remove the download restriction, which can be installed your provider if you have multiple downloads via torrent.

Encryption in Utatrite
Encryption in Utatrite

We go to the "Settings", and in the list, choose "BitTorrent". In the settings, the encryption of the protocol, exhibit "enabled" and the check mark "Allow incoming connections".

Second Step

Increase bandwidth. Settings These allow you to significantly increase the download speed. But, it happens (rarely) that settings at a given step, on the contrary, reduce the download speed, and do not increase.

Speed ​​limitations
Speed ​​limitations

We go to the "Settings - Speed", set the "General Resting Speed ​​Limit" and "General Reception Speed ​​Limit" to zero. This value establishes an unlimited jump rate and return. And cheat "OK".

Step three

Additional customer settings. We go through "Settings - Advanced", in the left side of the window you will see the inscription "Optional (Do not change, if not sure!).

If you follow all the settings that I will show, you can not pay attention to the previous warning.
If you follow all the settings that I will show, you can not pay attention to the previous warning.

To make changes, use the Filter field:

bt.allow_same_ip and set its value "TRUE" - Allows multiple connections from one IP address

How to increase torrent speed to the limit? Practical steps to accelerate

RSS.Update_Interval and set the value "20" - the function determines the RSS update interval in minutes. Minimum update time - 5 minutes

How to increase torrent speed to the limit? Practical steps to accelerate

Fourth Step

Check and increasing Saders. You need to check how many seders account for one torrent file (Sider - how many users are divided by the file, after loading). The more Saders, the greater the speed of downloading. Therefore, when searching torrent file to torrent trackers, always look for files that have a lot of siders.

Number of Sideroa
Number of Sideroa

Also, to increase the number of siders, you need to add a list of trackers. To do this, go to the search for Yandex, type the search query "Tracker List", go to any site from issuing and copy the proposed list of sites.

List of trackers
List of trackers

Then, go to the properties of the torrent file in the UTorrent program and add a copied list in the "Trackers" field.

How to increase torrent speed to the limit? Practical steps to accelerate

If you add a large number of siders, then the download speed will become maximum.

How to increase torrent speed to the limit? Practical steps to accelerate

Shan Fifty

Operation settings. The more you download the files, the longer the download will last. I advise you to download files in turn. In the settings, go to the "Operation" menu and in the field "Maximum active torrents (dilution or downloads):" and "Maximum simultaneous downloads:" Put a unit.

Setting Opelness
Setting Opelness

Sixth Step

The priority of the UTorrent program. Run the task manager, or in the taskbar by pressing the right button, or the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC key combination. On the Processes tab, find the "UTORRENT" process, press it with the right key, and in the drop-down menu, press the menu "Details". In the list again we find the process "UTORRENT", the right button "Set Priority - High".

How to increase torrent speed to the limit? Practical steps to accelerate

Step seven

Disable all programs and services that are "eating" Internet traffic. Loading managers, browser tabs and other traffic devies must be disabled, and then the torrent will operate at maximum speed.

Eighth Step

Maximum speed can be achieved only on a wired connection, so to download torrent files, WiFi is better not to use!

Ninth Step

Ratings system. Many torrent trackers use the rating system that brings you points if you distribute files. And the more you distributed, the more points earned. And accordingly, the smaller you have points, the less you can download and at a lower speed, so distribute torrents, even when the file has already completely downloaded.


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