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  • In the second season of the audience, there are even more unexpected plot turns. Annalya continues to carefully defend his students, by all means, sometimes even at the cost of the well-being of other people. More and more people can be confident in their sinister secrets, which can be trusted, the difficult past of many of them is revealed. Personally, I received a sea of ​​viewing pleasure, certainly no less than from the first season. Critics will say that there are too many inconsistencies here, however, if you think about, many plot prerequisites could be noticed in the first series. The story holds in voltage, unpredictable isolation. I will continue to watch to the end.

    Publication date on site: 01/20/2020

    The chic detective series, looks like a drink, break the head to the last series of the season! And the last series gives a new riddle, which gives the ground for the next season. Anna-Lisa is smart and purposeful, at first glance, a woman tank, which is all anything. And shone deeper - this is a small and weak girl who covers Bravada, which "is afraid of everything and therefore bumps into any problem of all his might". They are also interested in other heroes, they do not always expect those actions from them. It is especially interesting to learn about their past, to disclose their personality. Another curious face is an illustration of the sudinance of the judicial system. Who has better lawyer, he is right, and no matter, committed a man killing or not.

    Publication date on site: 11/30/2018

    From the first series of the first season, the series captures, flashbacks are very intriguing and intricate. Throughout the season, the main characters are revealed and you penetrate almost every one. Learning their past, horrors of childhood, and at the same time, a frightening crime in the future. About the series: We can say that this is a detective series, since in each series the main characters reveal the most confusing crimes, but they do not always honestly, sometimes they have to substitute innocent to justify their support. Also, throughout the season, there is an undeclined one murder, in which almost all acting persons are intensive. And so the first season I went to the "Hurray", but then I already went to somehow not at all, too much murders, too many killers. And the same chip with flashbecks no longer works with such force. Heroes began to change for the worse and make more than stupid deeds. What will happen next, maybe I will continue to watch.

    Publication date on site: 01.02.2018

    Great series! Unpredictable at the level of Sherlock! It delays instantly, very interesting to watch, good musical accompanying, but the first season it seemed to me much more interesting, but the second season was not far away (at the level with the first, the same beautiful). Theserve affects world problems, such as: racism, not hetero-sexual Relations and TP. And it inspires respect for the TV series, they are worried about society and its problems (but in some places there are bustling). A total game of actors, a good acting, in general, this season deserves an estimate of 8/10. (Serial 9/10).

    Publication date on site: 11/15/2016

    So, the second season of the essence of pleasure called how to avoid punishment for the murder! I also looked through the first season of the veil. The multitude of detectives is the series is clearly issued by an exciting story. A certain American interpretation of ways to find a compromise with your own conscience and is perhaps the main storyline of the internal struggle of the main characters. However, unlike the plot of the novel of Dostoevsky, the crime and punishment, this series cynically shows a modern person who is ready to go until the end so as not to meet the redemption for the perfect. The second season is more psychological, shows how the person is collapsed gradually from the inside, hitting once on the slippery path of lies, self-degree and self-defense. There is a weak unconvincing attempt to imagine everything as a kind of confrontation condition is still an unfair system ... A young viewer will probably be harmful to watch this series due to the fact that the plot blurs the ideas of good and evil. But if you look at it at an angle of analysis, you can find a lot of interesting philosophical and psychological "yummy". One way or another, the series will hardly leave you indifferent.

    Publication date on site: 10/24/2016

    "How to avoid punishment for the murder" reminded me of popular TV series 2000 "Lost". Good acting, bright characters, good director work. Do not forget about the scenario. It is also at the height. In the series "How to avoid punishment for killing" all this is. From the first series of the series tightens you. Here is the same scheme of the series as in "stay alive". Each new series gives answers to the questions previous series and asks even more questions. In this series there are a lot of new faces (actors). The only familiar face is Ehno Alfred, who played the role of Dina Thomas in Harry rubbed. All of them playing their characters very well. I recommend to watch the series "How to avoid punishment for killing"!

    Publication date on the site: 08/03/2016

    If you are waiting for an answer to the question: "How to avoid punishment for murder?" It is not here. It is not here. Serial about a successful criminal lawyer, Annaliz Ketting and a group of her, especially gifted, students. Serial is clearly for the youth audience, very dynamic and bright . I don't like the last time, I used the serials of the designer when they show a bomb frame or a junction and start scrolling, 2a day ago, 3 days ago. It infuriates me, I would like to come to the final, and not know him in advance. The main heroine, of course, a brilliant lawyer, but this manner of secrecy, constantly beats in hysterics - this is her style of behavior, not professionally. It would be more appropriate without darling and not on the nerve. It seems that she is constantly rolling or in the seizure of Shiza. I advise you to watch the series, it is not beaten, little similar to other detectives.

    Publication date on site: 06/30/2016

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