Emascinal pregnancy signs in early time

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is an incorrect, anomalous state for a female body - this pregnancy carries a serious danger, up to a deadly outcome. With the right development of pregnancy, the fruit is in the uterus, it is the nature of the location for him. If the fruit egg is fixed in some other organ, then it is always a pathology that requires immediate surgery. That is why if you notice the signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages, it is necessary to make an appointment with the gynecologist. After all, the more the fetus will develop in such a state - the worse it will affect your health.

Types of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancies have names depending on where the fruit is located. Types of these pregnancies:

  • The ovarian (fertilized egg is not in the uterus, but remains in the follicle space);
  • Pipe (due to poor pavement of the uterine pipes, the embryo remains in one of the pipes);
  • Abdominal (the embryo is in the cavity of the peritoneum);
  • crested (the fruit in the cervic channel of the uterus);
  • Intercourse (the embryo is attached to the serous shells of the abdominal cavity);
  • implantation in rudimentary rogue of the uterus (refers to the most dangerous types of ectopic pregnancy, there is a serious risk of uterus breaking);
  • interstitial pregnancy (the fruit in the field of the interstice of uterine pipes, a very rare type of ectopic pregnancy).

Ectopic pregnancy, like every pathology, has its own stages of development. Which farther, the more the most greater, it is for the body of a woman - so if you notice at least some symptoms of ectopic pregnancy at an early term, then we urgently go to the reception to a specialist. This is a deadly abnormal anomaly for a woman's body, so caution can be neglected.

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Stage of the flow of ectopic pregnancy

  • progressive (occurs in normal physiological terms); The embryo as its height - squeezes the cloth surrounding it, it is possible to break these tissues and bleeding;
  • interrupted (interrupted independently, can cause a rupture of the fallopian tube); The fruit is infection, intoxication for the rest of the body. From this state often develops peritonitis;
  • Interrupted (up to 6 weeks a drug abortion is possible, then the operation is already becoming necessary).

An ectopic pregnancy, which in the beginning flows as well as standard pregnancy - as the fetus increases, it can cause a serious damage to the feminine organism: the embryo as he growth - squeezes the cloth surrounding it, which entails the possibility of breaking these tissues and threatens internal bleeding. After such a pregnancy is spontaneously interrupted - the fruit brings with me infection and intoxication for the rest of the body. From this state often develops peritonitis. That is why it is so important not too late to identify signs of ectopic pregnancy in early terms - it can save your life in the most direct sense of the word.

It is very important to identify an ectopic pregnancy on time. Signs of this state determine quite difficult. Therefore, with the slightest suspicions, contact a gynecologist, which can save your life in a literal sense.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy

Trying to answer the question independently: "There is an ectopic pregnancy on what time it does?", The woman is trying to find the distinctive features of this state. However, this is quite difficult to do.

And yet there are some symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, which may encourage you to urgently turn to the gynecologist for a period of up to 5-6 weeks:

  • pregnancy delay;
  • painful increase in the mammary glands;
  • Toxicosis of the first trimester (strong nausea, accompanied by vomit urges).

How to determine ectopic pregnancy?

If you have an ectopic pregnancy, the symptoms will indicate the occurrence of the development of pipe abortion or other scenarios. The progressive ectopic pregnancy, in which the fetus is developing at the initial stages relatively normally, is established in the course of ultrasound research. The abnormal arrangement of the fetal egg is most often found in diagnostic measures to identify completely other pathological conditions.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy in early terms:

  • Permanent non-Neotic pain at the bottom of the abdomen can inform you about stretching the uterine tube;
  • low-rise menstrual discharge with a positive pregnancy test (like any brown and reddish allocations outside menstruation);
  • Grabs-like pain in the stomach - often denote the rupture of the egg;
  • An explicit sign of the presence of internal bleeding, due to the disintegration and death of the embryo, is a strong weakness and a strong pallor;
  • If the ectopic pregnancy itself was interrupted by itself - the fruit decays, which provokes inflammation in the abdominal cavity, which can inform you a rapid increase in temperature.

Emascinal pregnancy on ultrasound

Trying to determine the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy on an early term not worth it, because they are all very relative. For a more accurate diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy, the doctor will appoint an ultrasound of female genital organs. So the doctor will be able to see the exact location of the embryo in your body, understand its dimensions - and choose the best option to get rid of the problem.

Causes of ectopic pregnancy

The very fact of ectopic pregnancy is quite an infrequent phenomenon. Such a pregnancy is only 2% of all the time-taking pregnancies. Be sure to keep in mind that for the occurrence of such pathology as an ectopic pregnancy is present quite serious prerequisites.

The embryo is attached to the place of a female body that is not intended for him only if there are some obstacles to a physiological nature on the way to the uterus.

Variations of these obstacles are quite extensive:

  • inflammation of the women's bodies with whom you had faced (their consequence are spikes that violate their permeability);
  • Inflammatory processes in phallopium pipes and appendages, which is why their inner side is covered with mucous discharges, from which the veins sensitivity are destroyed and begin to lose the sensitivity of the veins (according to the total, the processes are freezed, which in a normal state promoted the zygot to the uterus, which prevents the fruit egg in the uterus);
  • Tumors of different character (they can overlap the path of the embryo to the uterus, pushing it to the abdominal cavity);
  • Any hormonal deviations (polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal disorders of the cycle and the work of the thyroid gland can contribute to the cessation of the movement of the ovidifiers, as a result of which the fruit egg will not be able to achieve the uterus);
  • The non-standard arrangement of the organs (deviations from the norm, which are immediately noticeable to the ultrasound and include a given woman in a group of increased risk in the emergence of ectopic pregnancy, signs in the early terms of which - the reason to urgently come to inspect the specialist);
  • Transferred sexual diseases (they violate the normal operation of the body and often have their unpleasant consequences, such as the appearance of adhesions in the fallopian tubes);
  • Operations relating to female genital organs (including abortions in the past).

Shows a test ectopic pregnancy?

The mother's body perceives the embryo originated in it - not otherwise, as an alien object, which can carry a threat. That is why to protect the embryo from a possible attack on it from immunity, the body is rebuilt.

Hgch for ectopic pregnancy: how is the restructuring

  • Since conception in the blood, the level of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) - hormone is growing, directly affecting what the yellow body of pregnancy ripens in the ovary;
  • Hormone progesterone, which produces a yellow body, stops ovulation and stops the cycle (that is why menstrual discharges are interrupted during pregnancy);

During the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, everything is happening. The only explicit difference is the oscillating level of HCG (in the death of the embryo, the HCG decreases sharply). In view of this, monthly ceased during ectopic pregnancy - just as it occurs with standard pregnancy. Sometimes there may be small bleeding, but they will not coincide with the days of the alleged monthly, and appear chaotically. This is one of the explicit signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages - therefore, you should have at least alert.

Will the test show the presence of ectopic pregnancy? It depends on the set of factors. In most cases, HCG rises to a very high level to 5-6 weeks - for this reason the classic two stripes will be affected on the test. Exactly the same as it shows with standard pregnancy. However, if ectopic pregnancy froze or interrupted - the test can show and negative results. If you have made tests to identify pregnancy in different periods - and each time different results, this is a reason to urgently go to the gynecologist and make ultrasound of female organs. A negative test after several positive tests, which were carried out before - can mean the death of the fetus. This is also evidenced by increased temperature, weakness, which is unusual to you pallor. With an ectopic pregnancy often occurs such spontaneous cessation of the natural life of the embryo and, if you do not notice this - then you have a serious risk of infecting the body with products of embryo decomposition.

Are there menstruation during ectopic pregnancy?

Monthly stops just like this occurs during standard pregnancy. Sometimes there may be small bleeding, but they will not coincide with the days of the alleged monthly, and appear chaotically. This is one of the explicit signs of ectopic pregnancy in the twists and it should be at least alert.

Ectopic Pregnancy: Consequences

For ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous cessation of the vital activity of the embryo occurs. Food you will not notice this - you have a serious risk of infection with the body of embryo decomposition.

Basal temperature for ectopic pregnancy

In the first phase of the development of egg cells, there are no differences between ectopic and ordinary pregnancy: basal temperature indicators vary from 36.2 to 36.5 ° C. Indicators in periods of ovulation and conception also do not differ: first there is a decrease, and then increase to 37-37.5 ° C.

Differences can be observed a little later. With a normal implantation of a fetal egg in the uterus, which takes place on July 7-10 after the cell output, a decrease in temperature should occur. In the values ​​of the basal temperature during ectopic pregnancy does not occur. However, this is a weak argument for comparison, since it all depends on the individual characteristics of a woman.

Nevertheless, it should be aware that the decrease in temperature indicates a decrease in the level of progesterone in the blood and can act as a sign of a frozen fetus for a period of 1 month or on week 5. In the case of detachment of the fetus or breaking the place of attachment, in addition to the strong pain at the bottom of the abdomen and dark discharge, an increase in temperature testimony over 37.5 ° C is recorded, and sometimes up to 38 ° C. This is explained by the inflammatory process due to the plenty of blood.

Operational elimination of ectopic pregnancy

An embryo from a woman, which is incorrectly located inside its abdominal cavity or in one of the pipes - alas, perhaps only the operational way. The method of operational elimination of this pathology is entirely dependent on what time you have detected the presence of ectopic pregnancy, which is why try to pay attention to all signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages that you will notice.

It is impossible to run inflammatory and infectious diseases of the sexual system, otherwise complications may occur during pregnancy and childbirth.

Ectopic pregnancy: operation and its options

The most often a woman is worried about the question: "If I have an ectopic pregnancy, how long does an operation last?". The duration of the operation depends on the duration of diagnostic manipulations and the condition of the patient, but on average it ranges from 15 to 60 minutes.

  • The most successful option is if an ectopic pregnancy is detected at an early stage, when the uterine pipes are not broken, not deformed and serious harm is not yet applied. With this variant, a laparoscopic operation is assigned, in which the incision is made not more than 1.5 cm (the embryo in the process is deleted, the ovage is then sewn).
  • Less successful option, but not yet the most disturbing - this is if the fruit has already caused an impressive deformation by the body, then the germ is removed together with the fallopian tube, or even together with the ovary (however, a woman has the opportunity to get pregnant and take the baby normally).
  • The most unfavorable option is if the phallopyipe tube gap has already occurred - because strong internal bleeding is capable of death. There is also a significant risk of peritonitis, which may have its consequence of sepsis. That is why it is so important in time to notice the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy early!

After the operation - a woman necessarily prescribe restoration procedures:

  • the course of antibiotics (in order to avoid the probability of the development of postoperative infection);
  • The course of droppers, where it will be introduced intravenously isotonic solutions to restore the water-mineral balance in the body;
  • The course of enzyme preparations (in order to avoid the possible formation of adhesions in the pipe, which was operated on).

Normal pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy

Due to the fact that the ovaries and eggs are located in the female organism in two, then the woman has the opportunity to get pregnant even after removing one of the uterine pipes. However, any surgical intervention (even an operation that does not leave noticeable traces on the body) is a serious stress for the female organism. For normal recovery, it will be required of six months, up to the year - and during this period it is categorically repeated attempting to get pregnant. The body takes the time to restore the level of the epithelium and establish a hormonal background worried by the operation.

The following replacement procedures are recommended:

  • It is mandatory to conduct a course of physiotherapy, which contributes to the obstacle to the formation of adhesions and contributes to the strengthening of women's health;
  • Six months after the operation, it is recommended to go to a sanatorium or at the recreation base (fresh air and bright emotions will create a favorable background for future pregnancy);
  • It is necessary to be strictly protected throughout the minimum of the year after eliminating ectopic pregnancy.

The following conception should occur at least in a year, after which you immediately go to the doctor to see a doctor, to make an ultrasound and carefully follow the further progress of pregnancy up to childbirth. And pay attention to the possible symptoms of eightary pregnancy early! Remember that it is at an early stage that the pathology is easiest to be eliminated, and you can avoid serious harm to the body.

Ectopic pregnancy, according to doctors, is the most unpredictable and dangerous gynecological disease, which, unfortunately, is not as rare - it accounts for about 0.8-2.4% of all pregnancies. Moreover, in developed countries there is a tendency to increase the number of ectopic pregnancies with the frequency of infertility in 70-80% of cases of operations.

In addition, this disease carries a threat directly to the life of a woman. Therefore, it is so important to know its main symptoms and signs so that in the case of the first suspicions immediately contact the medical institution for the examination and help. 1

What is an ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is a pathology, which is characterized by the location of the fertilized egg and its subsequent growth outside the uterus. In order for pregnancy to develop normally and was safe for the mother's body, the fertilized egg should go through the uterine pipes into the uterine cavity and there to be embedded in its mucous membrane. But with an ectopic pregnancy, the embryo for one reason or another does not fall into the uterus, and is attached to some other place where it begins its development.

Depending on the place of its attachment, the ovarian, tubular, abdominal and other types of ectopic pregnancy are isolated. The subsequent development of the embryo leads to the destruction of that organ to which he attached, which is fraught with the threatening life with bleeding.

Pregnancy, developing in the ovary, can be outdoor, i.e. Progressing on the ovarian capsule and the inner, occurring directly in the follicle (bubble, in which the egg ripen). It may occur if the spermatozoa fell into the follicle, from which the egg cell still did not have time to come out. Therefore, fertilization and attachment occurs immediately. Sometimes, the egg cell has time to fertilize immediately after the release of the follicle and remains there, attaching to the ovary. The ovarian fabric is very elastic, and there are cases when women mounted a child there to the latest pregnancy.

The cervical ectopic pregnancy occurs when for some reason the fruit egg slips out of the uterus, rolls down and fixes on her neck. This type of pathology is most dangerous for a woman - about half of all cases there is a fatal outcome, and the uterus is completely removed during the operation.

The abdominal ectopic pregnancy is divided into the primary when the attachment of the egg immediately occurred in the abdominal cavity, and the secondary, in which the fertilized egg was thrown into the abdominal cavity from the fallopian tube. If the fruit egg attaches where the blood supply is not enough, it will die quickly. In other cases, its development may be continued, which is fraught with damage to the internal organs and anomalies in the development of the fetus, up to its intrauterine death due to the developed oxygen starvation.

In 99% of cases, it is a pipe ectopic pregnancy, in which the embryo is developing in the fallopian tube.

Causes of appearance

The attachment of the embryo outside the uterine cavity is caused by a violation of the patency of the uterine pipe or the change in the properties of the fetal egg itself.

To this can provide:

  • Inflammatory processes in small pelvis organs. Most often, sex infections are infections - chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc., which provoke inflammation, narrowing and deformation of the uterine pipes.
  • The consequences of abortion, especially numerous. These situations are fraught with adhesive and inflammatory processes of internal genital organs, changes in pipes.
  • The use of intrauterine spirals. When using such contraceptives for longer than 5 years, the risk of ectopic pregnancy rises 5 times. This is due to changes accompanying the presence of a foreign body in the uterus.
  • Hormonal disorders that can be called in stimulating the ripening of an egg, preparation for Eco (conception "in a test tube") or the use of strong hormonal drugs.
  • Operations carried out in the fallopian tubes or other internal organs.
  • Malignant neoplasms of uterus and appendages.
  • Incorrect development of fertilized egg.
  • Endometriosis (the growth of the uterus mucosa inside the uterus and beyond it).
  • Congenital malformations of the development of the reproductive system.
  • Smoking (the risk of ectopic pregnancy increases 3 times).
  • Permanent stress and overwork.
  • Age of women older than 35 years old.

However, there are very frequent cases of the development of this problem with absolutely healthy young women who are not incoming in any of the listed risk groups. The risk of re-development of this pathology is approximately 25% of the women who have suffered.

The first signs of ectopic pregnancy

In the first stages, an ectopic pregnancy, the symptoms of which depend on its term, can not be able to manifest itself - except that the latency of menstruation, as with ordinary pregnancy. Otherwise - for 1-2 week, this pathology does not declare about himself. But already on 3-4 weeks, the first signs of ectopic pregnancy may appear, in addition to typical symptoms for normal pregnancy (delay, nausea, mammory sensitivity, raising basal temperature):

  • Stupid pulling or sharp pain at the bottom of the abdomen (can be right or left) of varying degrees of intensity;
  • Pains in the lower back or the rectum;
  • Blooding outlook from the vagina, not similar to menstrual;
  • soreness and increase breast;
  • Pain during sex practices.

During the inspection of the gynecologist in the early deadlines, you can reveal an increased and relaxed uterus, as well as softening and the sinusiness of her neck. In the area of ​​appendages, an increased and painful uterine tube or ovary with a lack of clear contours can be tested. If a tumor-like education in the appointments is found during palpation (prudituing), the doctor compares the available symptoms and assigns additional surveys in this case.

For a period of 4-20 weeks, an ectopic pregnancy can lead to a rupture of the uterine tube or another organ, to which the embryo attached. This leads to severe inner bleeding. In the event of complications, the first signs of ectopic pregnancy may be expressed in a strong, piercing nature of abdominal pain, accompanied by sharp weakness up to the loss of consciousness, pallor, rapid pulse and bloody discharge from the vagina. Sometimes the symptoms of tubular pregnancy occur only at the time of its interrupt. Acute pain at the bottom of the abdomen appears suddenly against the background of good overall well-being. As a rule, this happens 4 weeks after the delay, and the pain gives in the hypochondrium, the clavicle, the rear pass or leg. Pain bouts can repeatedly repeat and last both a few minutes and a few hours. But in cases where internal bleeding is insignificant, an ectopic pregnancy can remain unrecognized. Weakness, nausea, dizziness and a small increase in temperature, explaining the absorption in the stomach of the spearing blood. However, if the bleeding in the abdominal cavity will continue, the condition will deteriorate, pain intensify, and blood discharge is repeated.

Methods for determining ectopic pregnancy

To identify the presence of a woman of ectopic pregnancy, the following surveys and analyzes are carried out:

1. Ultrasound of the organs of a small pelvis. This method allows you to determine the pathology at the end of the first month of its development. If the ultrasound is carried out through the vagina, an ectopic pregnancy is detected by about the 4th week, if through the belly - on the 5th.

2. Determination of the level of hCG (pregnancy hormone) in the blood. With this analysis determine the fact of pregnancy. To suspect the presence of its ectopic form in the event that the concentration of HCG in the blood of women rises more slowly than with normal pregnancy.

3. Determining the level of progesterone (another pregnancy hormone secreted by ovaries) in the blood. With an ectopic pregnancy, its content is lower than with normal pregnancy.

4. Laparoscopy (study of internal organs through a small incision). Such a survey is carried out when there is a suspicion that the woman against the background of ectopic pregnancy has already occurred internal bleeding. Laparoscopy is carried out under general anesthesia and, introducing into the abdominal cavity through small holes, a special camcorder, a small pelvis organs examine. If during the internal inspection, the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is confirmed, the study immediately goes into operation.

The easiest possible disease is revealed after the ectopic pregnancy will interrupt - as a rule, it happens on a period of 4-6 weeks. If this pathology is developing without spontaneous interrupt, it is necessary to determine its presence on a period of 3-4 weeks with the help of HCG and ultrasound analysis.

Possible complications

The most important and dangerous complication of ectopic pregnancy is a large internal bleeding, which can lead to the death of a woman literally in a few hours or even dozens of minutes. It is also possible to repeat ectopic pregnancy in the future or the development of infertility due to damage to the uterine pipes. In addition, the shock due to internal bleeding can disrupt the functions of other internal organs, not only the reproductive system.

Due to the fact that an ectopic pregnancy can develop in organs with rich bloodsmoving, which in particular includes ovaries and sections of the transition of uterine pipes in the uterus, an embryo removal operation can be completed by one of the uterine pipes, the removal of one of the ovaries and up to the removal of the uterus with both uterine pipes. But even in the case of the preservation of all internal organs, the ectopic pregnancy still reduces the chances of a woman for further conception and a normal to enter the child. Sometimes after the operation, an inflammatory process is developing and intestinal obstruction, seals are formed in a small pelvis.

In order to reduce the negative consequences of ectopic pregnancy to a minimum, after the operation performed, it is necessary to undergo anti-inflammatory and restoring therapy. Hormonal background and protective resources The body of a woman must fully recover before the next pregnancy, otherwise the risk of re-emergence of pathology or the development of secondary infertility will be too large. From a medical point of view, you can plan the next pregnancy no earlier than six months after the operation.

Run to the doctor at the first symptoms! Ectopic pregnancy is extremely dangerous to the health and life of a woman with a state, so in the event of any suspicious symptoms and especially acute abdominal pain, you need to see the doctor as soon as possible or to call ambulance. And if the diagnosis is confirmed, it is either prescribed the interruption of this pregnancy, or an operation will be carried out to eliminate the consequences of the occurring pipe abortion. Today it is used both surgical and drug treatment methods of ectopic pregnancy. A specific method is determined by the attending physician based on the state of the patient and the severity of the disease.

Treatment and recovery

The least traumatic method of treating ectopic pregnancy -Medicated. But it can be resorted only in the earliest time of development of pathology. It is usually used in cases where an ectopic pregnancy was accidentally discovered during a gynecological inspection, since women tend to endure changes in their condition "to the last". To get rid of pathology, a special hormonal drug is introduced into the body's body, which stops the development of the embryo and provokes artificial miscarriage. This method appeared relatively recently. It requires a thorough preliminary examination of a woman before conducting the procedure and high qualifications of medical personnel. In no case can you try to find the name of these drugs on the Internet and resort to a method of drug interruption of intrauterine pregnancy yourself!

Sometimes doctors combine surgical and drug methods, introducing a woman to a drug, after which it has a detachment of an incorrectly attached fetal egg and then remove it with the help of extrusion. Further reducing treatment is aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes in the appendages from the opposite side. Usually the restoration of a woman after the operations occurred is quite quickly - especially if it was laparoscopic intervention (the operation conducted through small cuts). The wounds are fully heal in 2-3 weeks, but for another 2-3 months, a woman should avoid physical exertion and try not to allow constipation. Also, after the treatment of ectopic pregnancy, it is accepted several times to take an analysis of the HCG to make sure that there are no fragments of the fetal egg shell fragments that can continue to grow and turn into a tumor in time.

Summing up, it can be said that in the case of an ectopic pregnancy, a woman is better to be renewed than to delay his appeal to a specialist in the presence of frightening symptoms. It is desirable to seem like a gynecologist immediately upon the onset of delay so that it determines its true cause and, if necessary, quickly prescribed treatment. If an ectopic pregnancy was cured in a timely manner, in the future a woman can get pregnant once again, paying attention to the prevention of this pathology.


Signs for ectopic pregnancy
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Rus2124800-2 dated 03/20/2020

The female organism is designed in such a way that the new life is born in one place - an ampular department of the appendage, and develops in another - in the uterus. If the fertilized egg began to share without reaching the uterus, the ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed. In this case, only early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy can save the reproductive health and life of a woman.

Reception gynecologist - 1000 rubles. Complex ultrasound of a small pelvis - 1000 rubles. Ultrasound of uterine pregnancy - from 1300 rubles. Reception according to the results of ultrasound or analyzes - 500 rubles (optional)

Where does the ectopic pregnancy come from, how often does it happen, the forecast?

List of references

Fertilization is normally occurring in an ampulety phallopyan pipe, and then the zygota is moving towards the uterus, where it is implanted in the endometrium layer. But for various reasons, the fertilized egg may not reach the uterus cavity and is attached in a place that is not intended for the development of the fetus. In this case, talk about ectopic pregnancy

which is diagnosed in 1.5-2% of cases of all pregnancies in the world. Of these, in 97%, the fruit egg is fixed inside the appendages, 0.7% is attached to the cervix, 0.5% to the ovary, 1% to a wide bunch of uterus, in other cases implanted in the abdominal cavity.

The fastening of the embryo outside the uterus is dangerous in that these organs are not intended to carry a growing fetus, they simply do not withstand such a load - over time they are burst. And the embryo cannot fully develop, because the metabolism metabolism is not formed. Such pregnancy is not saved - the hatching does not last more than 5-6 weeks.

The result becomes:

At 5 week, the embryo is separated by a fetal shell, and it grows in the body fabric where implanted. A woman has strongest bleeding, as a result of which she dies. Among the causes of maternal mortality, an ectopic pregnancy is found in 7.4% of cases.

Why happens ectopic pregnancy: causes too much

Consider why there is an ectopic pregnancy.

  • Most often to reach the destination of the fertilized egg interfere with the anatomical reasons: Pathological changes in uterine pipes (55% of cases). Caused by scars and spikes (salpingitis) - a consequence of inflammatory processes, for example, , adnexita Gyroidalpins . The scars do not give the walls of the appendages to shrink, and the spikes overlap the pipe clearance. The pipe itself is deformed, changes the contours and sizes. Scars and spikes appear after transferred , STIs Aborto
  • , supercooling, etc. They serve as the most frequent causes of ectopic pregnancy in early time. Internal Contraception Means

(intrauterine spirals) - cause in 4% of cases. In case of incorrect installation and too long wearing, the atrophy of the creation epithelium is carried out, the mucous membrane is damaged.

  • External factors include: The consequences of surgical intervention . Laparoscopic removal operation , Moma uterus Cysts ovarian
  • , Cesarean section often leads to the formation of a scar or to inflammation that becomes pregnancy outside the uterus. Reconstruction .
  • uterine pipes for obstruction Tumors in the uterus
  • or in the ovaries leading to the deformation of the pipes. Genital infantilism

. This is the inconsistency of the development of the genital organs of the woman's biological age. Pathology arises at the stage of the embryonic development of the child, and manifests itself in the underdevelopment of the organs of the childbearing sphere. Girls with sex infantilism have a children's figure with undeveloped hips and breasts. They have shortened uterine tubes, the uterine hypoplasia is often diagnosed.

Is there a man in ectopic pregnancy? There are no direct links between the quality of sperm and pregnancy outside the uterus. But there is an indirect factor - a urinary infection that led to inflammation of the appendages.

  • Hormonal causes accumulating with age:
  • Violations in the work of hypothalamus and adrenal glands; The use of hormonal drugs in oversized doses ;
  • Treatment of infertility
  • Stimulation of ovulation with hormonal preparations in front of Eco;
  • Violation of the production of prostaglandins affects the contractile ability of appendages, as a result of which the zygota is not moving towards the uterus;

Increased enzymatic activity of an egg leads to the attachment of a fetal egg not to the uterus, but to the walls of the phallopyan pipe.

Psychological reasons for ectopic pregnancy If a therapeutically healthy woman has an ectopic pregnancy fixed without explicit reasons, then the doctors Talk about psychosomatic factors. Hormones stress norepinephrine and cortisol cause violation of progesterone and estrogen controlling menstrual cycle

. As a result of hormonal imbalance, the mucous surface of the lumen of phallopy pipes is damaged, the function of transporting the fertilized egg to the uterus is disturbed.

Psychosomatics studies the patterns of influence of the psychological state of a person on health. Suppression of negative emotions, decisions taken against their will, not finding the exit of the experience gain physical form. Women are vulnerable to a childbearing sphere that suffers first.

What happens during the ectopic development of the embryo

  • In clinical manifestations, an ectopic pregnancy is two types: Progressive . In the early deadlines, the spontaneous miscarriage does not occur, so the fruit egg continues to grow, then penetrated into the wall of the phallopyhery tube. According to manifestations, the progressive ectopic pregnancy is similar to normal. Until the moment of rotation, the woman sometimes does not feel any changes in the state, sometimes observed Blood selection from the vagina
  • similar to menstrual. Often confuses it with a scant menstruation. Interrupted

. Ends spontaneous miscarriage, but by type of development is divided into subspecies. Pipe abortion . The embryo pecks from the wall of the uterus and goes into the abdominal cavity. The patient has blood bunches from the vagina, there are sharp Pains at the bottom of the belly

, hurts and even lie. The uterus during palpation is enlarged, the appendages are extended. Truck break.

It happens on the 6-10 week of pregnancy. The embryo bursts in the Fallopiev pipe breaks the body, causing strongest bleeding. A woman is experiencing a dagger pain at the bottom of the belly that goes into the lower back. The patient lies only on the left side with the legs undercriminate. She druits the posterior arch of the vagina, the cervix shifts forward. The patient loses consciousness due to the reduction of blood pressure, the cold sweat is.

The diagnostics of interrupted ectopic pregnancy allows to avoid serious health effects and will retain the female reproductive system.

Early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy strikes female health, and only early diagnosis will reduce the consequences. The deadline for the development of such pregnancy is 10 weeks. During this period, the size of the fruit eggs becomes a threat to the life and health of a woman. The earliest time when the doctor succeeds to see an ectopic pregnancy on Ultrasound uterus It is 4-5 weeks. Considering that gynecological weeks are counted from the first day. Last menstruation

, the starting deadline for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy begins with the 2nd week of the development of a fertilized egg.

By this time, the sizes of the fruit egg will be one and a half or two millimeters, it is optimal for carrying out surgical intervention to remove pathological pregnancy. The patient will not have to remove the appendages, because the embryo does not have time to do the police in the walls of the organ.

Methods for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

  • To identify an ectopic pregnancy in the early deadlines by different methods: HCG test
  • or the test on the level of the chorionic gonadotropin of the person produced after the fertilization and the introduction of the zygotes into the body of a woman. With standard pregnancy, the indicators at the 2nd week do not exceed 300 honey / ml. If the indicator rises to 1500 units and above, this indicates the implantation of the embryo outside the uterus. If doubt, as a result, 2 days are re-analysis. With a weak increase or a sharp drop in indicators, the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is confirmed. Ultrasound diagnostics . Effective at later dates, starting from the 6th week. For accurate results need . High-frequency expert apparatus Transavaginal (through the vagina) method here is preferable Transabdominal
  • (through the abdominal wall). Uzi will determine the exact location of the fetal egg. Inspection in the gynecological chair . Normally, on the 6-7 week of the development of the embryo, the size of the uterus increases by 1.5-2 cm. When palpation is noticeable. If a woman has everything Signs of pregnancy , but the dimensions of the uterus are not changed, gynecologist
  • assumes ectopic. Differential diagnosis. Often the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are similar to the symptoms of appendicitis, inflammation of the ovaries. For 2-3 weeks, when ultrasound is inexpoxy, and hong hCG gives inaccurate results, it remains effective

Differ diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages.

Ectopic pregnancy, differential diagnosis. Table Data inspection . Ends spontaneous miscarriage, but by type of development is divided into subspecies. Truck rupture Acute appendicitis
Inflammation of ovarian Complaints Sharp pain that gives to the lower back, nausea, fainting Catching pain at the bottom of the abdomen Pain then in the right, then in the left side of the iliac region
Painful pain at the bottom of the belly as during menstruation Body temperature 36.6 37.2-37.5 37.5
38. Accompanying illnesses Accompanying illnesses Inflammation of the appendens not
Inflammation of appendages, uterus Blood Blood Inflammation of the appendens Scooty, dark
Allocations from the vagina Menstrual cycle Menstrual cycle Inflammation of the appendens Delay
disrupted Signs of pregnancy Signs of pregnancy Inflammation of the appendens Inflammation of the appendens
there is State of the uterus Slightly increased, free fluid is felt, the rear arch protrusion Inflammation of the appendens Slightly increased, appendages expanded
Appendages dense and painful when pressed Blood test Reduced hemoglobin and red blood cells, leukocytes in normal Reduced hemoglobin and red blood cells, leukocytes in normal Reduced hemoglobin and red blood cells, leukocytes in normal

Increased leukocyte levels

How to determine ectopic pregnancy without ultrasound Experienced The gynecologist can determine the ectopic pregnancy without an ultrasound.

  • For this, the patient is examined in a gynecological chair with different methods: Solovyov syndrome
  • . If you feel the uterus with both hands, it begins to "slip" due to excess fluid. Symptom Promtova
  • . When shifting toward the cervix, the patient feels a sharp pain. Symptom of Prut

. If you put pressure on the back of the uterus, the patient feels a dagger pain.

If accurate and urgent information is needed, the patient make puncture through the rear arch of the vagina. Thus, blood is not collapsed. A homogeneous hamyal is formed around a drop of blood.

Naturally, such methods are acceptable only in emergency situations, in the conditions of accessibility of ultrasound and laboratory, these methods can only act as additional. ?

Will the test of ectopic pregnancy show Pregnancy test - a fast and effective way to confirm the mother-in-law pregnancy. AND Shows ectopic pregnancy on the test? To answer this question

We will analyze the principle of the test of pregnancy.

The effect of home tests is based on the chemical reactive reaction with hong hgch, highlighted in the body of the future mother by chorion - the embryo shell formed after the implantation of the embryo into the soft layer of the endometrium. The task of hormone hgch is to suppress the immunity of the mother so that immune cells do not attacked the embryo as a foreign body.

There are two varieties of hormone hCG: Alpha and Beta. Beta-hgch is only a pregnant woman. Pregnancy tests react to both varieties of hormone, so two stripes appear on them with a positive result. If one strip is pale or not be visible, the test shows an eightary pregnancy early.

Chorionic gonadotropin begins to produce for 8-10 days from the moment of conception, when the fertilized egg reaches the uterine cavity and is attached to the mucous membrane. But the increase in hCG to 11 days there is only 5% of pregnant women. The increase in the number of hormone falls on 11-12 days, and the peak is observed for 17-21 weeks from the moment of conception. Also marked the increase in the volume of the hormone allocated. Thus, the average HCG indicators are on 8 days from the moment of fertilization of 7 honey / ml, for 10 days already 18 honey / ml, and on the 12th day 45 honey / ml. Those. Normally, the concentration of hormone in the dynamics rises by 65% ​​every 2 days. About the accurate diagnosis is spoken only after re-analysis. If an additional ectopic pregnancy test also points to pathology (too pale or missing second strip), a woman comes with him to a gynecologist. The doctor takes blood test, because the concentration of hCG there is 2 times higher than in the urine.

Weak growth of hormone indicators indicates an ectopic pregnancy.

Does the test of ectopic pregnancy show if two stripes are visible?

There are various modifications of tests that determine pregnancy. They indicate pathology differently depending on the design features. Test Strip

. A simple test based on the HCG hormone reaction with a reagent, sooping striped. The answer is given in the form of one or two strips on a white background. The sensitivity of the strip is 30 MME / ml, so the result is visible not earlier than 2 weeks from the moment of conception. Cassette test (or tablet)

  • . The principle of action is the same as the test strip. But its sensitivity is higher, and is 20 MME / ml. The result shows from 12 days. There is a probability of error, but a cassette test, in addition to ectopic pregnancy, indicates some serious health problems. So, if a woman has a delay and other signs of possible pregnancy, and the cassette test shows a negative result, this is a sign of the following problems:
  • chorioncarcinoma (malignant tumor from the Embryo shell cells);
  • Teratoma (ovarian tumor in women arising during the period of embryonic development, containing the primitive of embryonic fabrics);
  • Colorectal cancer (cancer of some divisions of the large intestine);

Neof formation in the uterus, kidneys, lungs.

Use a cassette test is easy: you need to drop a few droplets of urine into one of the departments of the cassette, and then the result will be visible in another department. Inkjet test. Substituted under the jet when urination. The inkjet test is more accurate and informative than previous ones. This is the only acceptable test that Shows an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

. It reacts to the CGH concentration of 10 MME / ml, when no other types of diagnostics give an accurate response. Digital Test

. The accuracy is so high that a woman can do a test a couple of days before the alleged ovulation. On the day of ovulation, the analysis accuracy is 95%, and the next day is 100%. It is clear that the price of such a test of ectopic pregnancy is much higher than the cost of blood test for hCG.

Conclusion: With an ectopic pregnancy, the signal serves a fuzzy or weakly pronounced second strip on the test. If a woman noticed such a phenomenon, then immediately apply to the gynecologist and pass a confirmation examination. The earlier the ectopic pregnancy will be eliminated, the smaller the consequences of the patient's health will be eliminated by the pathology.

Where to be examined for ectopic pregnancy in St. Petersburg

If an ectopic pregnancy is suspected immediately, contact the gynecological clinic Diana and go through an expert examination. Examination price is available to every woman. For example, an expert complex ultrasound of a small pelvis will cost only 1000 rubles. If you have found a mistake, please select the text fragment and click

Ctrl + Enter.

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Ectopic pregnancy is a pathological condition of pregnancy, in which the fertilized egg is fixed in the uterine tube or in the abdominal cavity (in rare cases). According to medical statistics, an ectopic pregnancy is recorded in 2.5% of variants from the total number of pregnancies, in 10% of cases it appears again. This pathology belongs to the category of increased risk to the health of a woman, without the provision of medical care, it can lead to a death.

According to statistical data, the growth of the frequency of ectopic pregnancy is associated with an increase in the number of inflammatory processes of internal genital organs, an increase in the number of surgical operations in order to control the childbirth, the use of intrauterine and hormonal means of contraception, the treatment of individual forms of infertility and artificial fertilization.

Types of ectopic pregnancy

  • With any form of an ectopic pregnancy, the child's tool is impossible, since this pathology threatens the physical health of the mother. Abdominal (abdominal)
  • - Occasionally a common option, a fruit egg can be localized on the gland, liver, crushes, and in a straightforward uterine deepening. The primary abdominal pregnancy varies - the implantation of a fertilized egg occurs on the abdominal organs and the secondary - after the occluded tubular abortion, the egg cell is re-implanted in an abdominal cavity. In some cases, pathological abdominal pregnancy is running down to late deadlines, representing a serious threat to the life of pregnant. In most embryos, serious definition implants are detected during abdominal implantation; tubular
  • - A fruit egg fertilizes in a phallopyan pipe and does not fall into the uterus, and fixes on the wall of the uterine tube. After implantation, a stop in the development of the embryo can happen, and in the worst version - there will be a breakdown of a phallopyye tube, which represents a serious threat to the life of a woman; ovarian
  • - the frequency of occurrence of less than 1% is divided into epioforal (the egg is implanted on the surface of the ovary) and intrafollicular (fertilization of the egg and the subsequent implantation passes in the follicle); cereal
Early diagnosis of ectopic

- The cause of the occurrence is considered a cesarean section, a previously conducted abortion, uterine myoma, the transfer of the embryo in the vitro incense. A fruit egg is fixed in the area of ​​the cervic canal.

The danger of ectopic pregnancy is that in the course of development, the fruit egg grows in size and an increase in the pipe diameter is occurred to the limit size, the stretching reaches the maximum level and the gap occurs. In this case, blood, mucus and the fruit egg fall into the abdominal cavity. Its sterility is disturbed and an infectious process occurs, over time develops into peritonitis. Parallel damaged vessels are strongly bleeding, massive bleeding occurs in the abdominal cavity, which can lead a woman into a state of hemorrhagic shock. In the ovarian and abdominal ectopic pregnancy, the danger of occurrence of peritonitis is also high as the pipe.

Possible causes of ectopic pregnancy

  • The main risk factors:
  • Infectious-inflammatory diseases - previously transferred or swallowed in chronic phase - inflammation of uterus, appendages, bladder are considered one of the main causes of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Inflammatory processes in the ovaries and pipes (previous difficult births, multiple abortions, spontaneous abortions without contacting the medical clinic), which led to fibrosis, the appearance of adhesions and barking tissue, after which there is a narrowing of the lumen of the uterine pipes, their transport function is disturbed, the selection epithelium varies. The passage of the pipes of the egg is hampered and an ectopic (tubular) pregnancy occurs;
  • Congenital infantilism of uterine pipes - the wrong shape, excessive length or tortuousness with congenital underdevelopment are the cause of the improper functioning of phallopy pipes;
  • pronounced hormonal changes (failure or insufficiency) - diseases of the endocrine system contribute to the narrowing of the lumen of the uterine pipes, the peristalistic and the egg flow remains in the utensils of the fallopian tube;
  • The presence of benign or malignant tumors of uterus and appendages - narrowing the intelligence of the uterine pipes and interfering with the promotion of the egg;
  • Anomalous development of the genital organs - congenital abnormal stenosis of the uterine pipes prevents the movement of the egg to the uterine cavity, the diverticula (protrusion) of the walls of phallopy pipes and the uterus make it difficult to transport the egg and are the cause of a chronic inflammatory hearth;
  • a history of ectopic pregnancies;
  • Changing the standard properties of the fetal egg;
  • Slow spermatozoa;
  • Separate artificial fertilization technologies;
  • Spasm of the uterine pipes resulting from a constant nervous overvoltage of a woman;
  • The use of contraceptives - hormonal, spirals, emergency contraception facilities, etc.;
  • age of pregnant after 35 years;
  • sedentary lifestyle;

Prolonged reception of drugs that increase fertility and stimulating ovulation.


  • The course of ectopic pregnancy in primary terms has signs of uterine (regulatory) - nausea, sleepy state, swelling of the mammary glands and their pain. The manifestation of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy occurs between the 3rd to the 8th week since the last menstruation. These include:
  • Unusual menstruation - scant outlets;
  • Painful sensations - pain from the affected uterine tube, in the cereal or abdominal ectopic pregnancy - along the middle line of the abdomen. Changes in body position, turns, slopes and walking cause pulling pain in certain areas. At the location of the fruit egg in the coastal of the uterine tube, painful sensations appear on week 5, and with an ampullet (near the exit to the uterus) - at week 8;
  • Abundant bleeding - more often occur in the cereal pregnancy. The location of the fetus in the cervix rich in blood vessels causes severe blood loss and is a threat to the life of pregnant;
  • Blood selection is a sign of damage to the uterine tube with pipe ectopic pregnancy. The most favorable outcome of this species is a pipe abortion, in which the frenal egg is independently separated from the place of attachment;
  • painful urination and defecation;
  • Shock condition - loss of consciousness, drop in blood pressure, skin pallor, lip sinusiness, rapidly weak pulse (develops with massive blood loss);
  • Pains with returns to the rectum and lower back;

Positive result of pregnancy test (in most cases).

An erroneous point of view is common that in the absence of latency of menstruation there is no ectopic pregnancy. Weak allocations are perceived as a normal cycle, which leads to late conversion to gynecology.

  1. The clinic of ectopic pregnancy is divided into:
  2. Progressive ectopic pregnancy - an egg as farming is embedded in the uterine tube and gradually destroys it.

Spontaneously ending ectopic pregnancy - tubular abortion.

  • The main signs of the pipe abortion:
  • bleeding from genitals;
  • menstrual delay;
  • subfebrile body temperature;

Paints, sharply giving up in the hypochondrium, clavicle, leg and rear pass (repeated attacks for several hours).

  • When breaking through the fallopian tube, subjectively notes:
  • strongest pain;
  • reduction of blood pressure to critical marks;
  • The increase in pulse and breathing;
  • general deterioration of well-being;
  • cold sweat;

loss of consciousness.

loss of consciousness.

Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy

  • The preliminary diagnosis of "ectopic pregnancy" is exhibited with characteristic complaints:
  • Menstrual delay;
  • bloody issues;
  • Pain of different characteristics. frequency and intensity;
  • nausea;

Painful sensations in the area of ​​the lumbar department, the inner surface of the hip and the rectum.

Most patients complain about the presence of 3-4 signs taking place at the same time.

  • Optimal diagnosis includes:
  • Collecting complete anamnesis to exclude or determine the risk of risk on ectopic pregnancy;
  • inspection by a gynecologist;
  • Conducting an ultrasound study to diagnose pregnancy (after 6 weeks from the last menstruation) allows you to detect the following signs: an increase in the body of the uterus, the exact location of the fetal egg with the embryo, thickening of the mucous membranes of the uterus. In parallel with these signs of ultrasound, it allows you to detect the presence of blood and clots in the abdominal cavity, the accumulation of blood clots in the wake of the fallopian tube, self-dispersion of the phallopyaipe tube;
  • Identification of the level of progesterone - low concentration involves the presence of undeveloped pregnancy;

Blood test for hCG (determination of the concentration of chorionic gonadotropin) - with ectopic pregnancy, the amount of hormone contained increases more slowly than with normal course of pregnancy.

Analysis on hCG is carried out with a periodicity of 48 hours to determine the content of hormones. In the initial period of pregnancy, the level of hormones increases proportionally, which is determined by the HCG. If the level is not regulatory, it is weak or low, then an additional analysis is performed. The reduced hormone content in the analysis of human chorionic gonadotropin is a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

The method gives almost 100% the result of diagnostics is laparoscopy. It is carried out at the final stage of the survey.

Histological study of endometrial scope (with an ectopic pregnancy will show the absence of chorion villi and the presence of changes in the mucous membrane of the uterus).

Hysterosalpingography (with the introduction of contrasting substances) is applied in particularly complex cases of diagnosis. The contrast agent, penetrating the uterine tube, unevenly paints a fruit egg, demonstrating the symptom of flowing, confirming the ectopic tube pregnancy.

The clarification of the diagnosis is carried out exclusively in the hospital. The full examination plan is prescribed depending on the hardware and laboratory equipment of the hospital. The best example of the survey is a combination of ultrasound and determining chorionic gonadotropin in blood test (urine). Laparoscopy is assigned in cases of extreme necessity.

  • Diagnosis and subsequent treatment is carried out with the help of specialists:
  • therapist (general condition of the body of the patient);
  • gynecologist (study of the state of the internal genital organs, assessment and preliminary diagnosis);
  • Ultrasound Specialist (confirmation or refutation of the previously established diagnosis);

Surgeon Gynecologist (consultation and direct operational intervention).


With the early diagnosis of pathology (to break or damage the walls of the uterine pipe), medical drugs are prescribed. Methotrexate is recommended for interrupting pregnancy, the medication receiving is limited to one or two doses. When diagnosing in early terms, surgical intervention is required, after taking the drug, blood tests is carried out.

  • Methotrexate interrupts pregnancy under certain conditions:
  • The term of pregnancy does not exceed 6 weeks;
  • An indicator of the analysis of the human chorionic gonadotropin is not higher than 5000;
  • lack of bleeding in a patient (separating selection);
  • lack of cardiac activity in the fetus under ultrasound examination;

There are no signs of the gap of the phallopyye tube (there are no intense pain and bleeding, blood pressure indicators normally).

The medicine is injected intramuscularly or intravenously, the patient is under supervision. The effectiveness of the procedures conducted is assessed by the level of human chorionic gonadotropin. The decline in HCG indicators speaks about a successful treatment option, together with this analysis, the functions of the kidneys, liver and bone marrow passes.

The use of methotrexate can cause side effects (nausea, vomiting, stomatitis, diarrhea, etc.) and does not guarantee the integrity of the uterine pipes, the impossibility of pipe abortion and massive bleeding.

With a late discovery of ectopic pregnancy, surgical intervention is carried out. The gentle option is the laparoscopy, in the absence of the necessary tools, a full-fledged exercise is assigned.

  1. By laparoscopy produce two types of operational intervention:
  2. Salpingoscopy with ectopic pregnancy is among the gentle operations and retains the possibility of further childbearing. The embryo is removed from the uterine tube through a small hole. The technique is possible with the size of the embryo to 20 mm and the arrangement of the fetal egg in the far end of the phallopyye tube.

Salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy is performed with a significant stretching of the uterine pipe and the possible risk of its rupture. The excision of the damaged part of the uterine tube is passed, followed by a compound of healthy sites.

Operational intervention in pathological pregnancy is carried out emergend or planned. In the second embodiment, the patient prepare for operations with the following diagnostic procedures:

Places of occurrence of ectopic pregnancy

Rehabilitation period

The period after the operation was performed, normalizes the general condition of the woman's body, eliminates the risk factors and rehabilitates the reproductive functions of the body. After the operation for the extraction of the fetal egg, a permanent test of hemodynamic parameters should be carried out (to eliminate internal bleeding). In addition, a course of antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents is appointed.

Controlling the level of chorionic gonadotropin is carried out weekly and is due to the fact that in case of incomplete extraction of the particles of the fruit egg and a random-enclosure to other organs, the development of a tumor from chorion cells (chorionepitheloma) is possible. With normatively conducted surgical intervention, the level of chorionic gonadotropin should decrease in half relative to the initial data. In the absence of positive dynamics, methotrexate is assigned, and with continued negative results, a radical operation is required with the removal of the phallopyan pipe.

In the postoperative period, physiotherapeutic procedures are recommended using electrophoresis and magnetic therapy for the fastest resumption of the functionality of the patient's reproductive system. Combined oral contraceptives are prescribed in order to prevent pregnancy (for a period of at least six months) and to establish a normal menstrual cycle. Re-pregnancy, which has occurred in a short time after pathological ectopic pregnancy, carries a high level of high levels of re-development of this pathology.

Primary prophylaxis

The permanent partner and safety of sex (the use of individual protective equipment) reduces the risk of venereal diseases, and with them possible inflammatory processes and scarring of tissues of phallopy pipes.

The prevention of ectopic pregnancy is impossible, but a dynamic visit to the gynecologist will be able to reduce the risk of death. Incoming in category of high risk, pregnant women must be a full-fledged examination to eliminate late definition of ectopic pregnancy.

  • To reduce the risk of occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, follows:
  • in time to treat various infectious genital infectious diseases;
  • with an extracorporeal fertilization with the necessary frequency to undergo a study by ultrasound and led tests for the blood content of chorionic gonadotropin;
  • When changing the sexual partner, it is necessary to pass analyzes to a number of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • In order to avoid the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy, use combined oral contraceptives;
  • Pathological diseases of the internal organs to be treated under last time, not allowing the flow of illness into a chronic form;
  • Pour to eat, adhering to the most suitable body of the diet (not fond of excessive weight loss and a jump-shaped set or weight loss);

Adjust the available hormonal disorders with the help of specialists.

With the slightest suspicion of ectopic pregnancy, urgent appeal to the gynecological department is required. The slightest delay can cost a woman not only the loss of health, but also the emergence of infertility. The worst option of rapid delay can be fatal outcome.

Rehabilitation after an ectopic operation

Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous gynecological pathology, during which a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus. In 95% of cases, the adhesion of the fetal egg occurs in the uterine tube. Much less often, the egg is attached in the ovary, the organs of the abdominal cavity, the cervix. If you are not diagnosed in a timely manner and not eliminate pathology, severe, sometimes threatening women's life consequences are developing. Therefore, it is important to know which early signs of ectopic pregnancy worries before the delay of menstruation and which symptoms should be a reason to immediately appeal to medical care. On time, the eliminated pathology will help save female reproductive health and prevent severe consequences.

What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy before the delay?


With an ectopic pregnancy, the embryo attached out of the uterus, in any case is non-visual. Immediately after fertilization and fixing the egg outside the uterus, no suspicious symptoms do not bother. Before the menstruation delay, pregnant may not suspect their position, leading the usual way of life.

  • After 3 - 4 weeks after implantation, the embryo continues to actively grow and develop. It gradually increases in size, stretching the walls of the fallopian tube, as a result of which the woman begins to feel the first symptoms of ectopic pregnancy before the monthly delay. Clearways must such signs:

  • sharp pain and spasms at the bottom of the abdomen;

  • Nauseous nausea, bouts of vomiting;

  • severe weakness, loss of performance, frequent dizziness;

  • pain in the area of ​​the lower back, crotch and rectum;

  • separating bleeding;

  • Subfebrile temperature increase;

Muffed urination, diarrhea.

But sometimes these symptoms may appear later - by 5 - 6 weeks. Therefore, immediately after the delay, the woman should visit the gynecologist, pass all the necessary analyzes, and then regularly visit the specialist to control the course of pregnancy and to identify an anomaly in the earliest period.

Poor fellow .jpg

Classification of ectopic pregnancy

  1. Depending on whether the fertilized egg cell is implanted, the following types of ectopic pregnancy distinguish:

  2. Pipe. Diagnosed in most cases. The lusion of the zygota occurs in the cavity of the phallopyye tube. Often, with such a pregnancy, miscarriage occurs in the first weeks, and if this did not happen, the uterine tube breaks.

  3. Abdominal. The fertilized egg is implanted on any organ located in the abdominal cavity. With this type of ectopic pregnancy, a woman bother sharp pains in the lower abdomen, problems with urination, violation of the chair, nausea, vomiting.

  4. Ovarian. Implantation and development of the embryo occurs in the ovary. This type of pathology is mainly found in women who gave birth repeatedly and reached forty years.

Cervical. The lusion of the fetal egg occurs below the inner uterine hole. This type of ectopic pregnancy is often accompanied by hazardous consequences - uncontrolled bleeding, which in the event of a non-referred medical care provided, may cause a woman's death.

If episodes of ectopic pregnancy repeat repeatedly, its relapse is more than 15% and increases with its subsequent occurrence.

What time can you determine the ectopic pregnancy?

Signs of ectopic pregnancy before the delay of menstruation unbearable or completely absent. Pathology is most often diagnosed after miscarriage at first weeks. If this did not happen, increasing in size embryo will stretch the tissues of the pipe, ovary or cervix, causing pathological symptoms.

In the event of further development of pregnancy, it is possible to suspect its abnormal current on the period of 21-28 weeks. To do this, we need to take an analysis of hong hong and pass an ultrasonic examination. With an ectopic pregnancy, the level of human chorionic gonadotropin is always lower than indicators characteristic of a certain period of pregnancy. At ultrasound, any signs of uterine pregnancy will be absent.

Types of enemascular .jpg

Early symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

If a woman has a stable menstrual cycle, then immediately after the delay of menstruation, she will suspect pregnancy. However, to independently determine its anomalous course on the very first weeks problematic, because often pathology does not differ from normal pregnancy and until a certain period flows without suspicious symptoms.

  1. But already for 3 - 4 weeks on certain signs, a woman can understand that something is wrong with her body. Early manifestations of ectopic pregnancy:

  2. pain in the area of ​​the lower back, crotch and rectum;

  3. sharp pain and spasms at the bottom of the abdomen;

  4. weak or moderate pain, spasms in the stomach;

  5. Increased and painful breasts;

Violation of urination, defecation.

Pregnancy test shows a positive result, but another strip will be fuzzy, barely noticeable. This is due to the fact that the level of hCG during ectopic localization is significantly lower than during normal pregnancy. This sign should alert a woman and make an occasion to make an appointment to the gynecologist as soon as possible.

When the uterine tube breaks, his signs

  • The rupture of the uterine tube occurs as a rule by 6 to 10 weeks of pregnancy. As a rule, the clinical picture of pathology begins with a sudden sharp abdominal pain that irradiates into the crotch, lower back. The main cause of such pain is the internal bleeding and irritation of the abdominal wall accumulating in its cavity with liquid. Other symptoms of the rupture of the uterine tube:

  • weakness;

  • cold sweat;

  • Pallion of mucosa and skin;

  • decrease in blood pressure;

  • acceleration of heart rate;

  • diarrhea;

  • urination delay;

loss of consciousness.


When palpation belly inflated, painful at the bottom, there are signs of irritation of the abdominal cavity. The rupture of the uterine tube provokes uncontrolled bleeding. Therefore, in the presence of at least several symptoms, it is necessary to urgently cause ambulance

drowsiness.jpg.  Benefits of MC "Healthy Family" Doctors with great drowsiness.jpg.Experience of work Many are satisfied drowsiness.jpg.  Patients Expert Level drowsiness.jpg.  Equipment Low


Signs of pregnancy before delay

Early diagnosis of pathological pregnancy will help in a timely manner to eliminate anomaly, prevent complications, maintain a female reproductive function. Therefore, every woman still during the planning period should become familiar with the signs of ectopic pregnancy before the delay of menstruation.

icon marker.png.Physiological reasons for the appearance of signs of pregnancy before delay

Ovulation occurs on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle. If conception occurred during this period of time, the fertilized egg movement moves into the uterine cavity and implanted into its wall. From this point on, the female organism begins to prepare for the further drying of the child and childbirth. It is these processes that cause characteristic signs of pregnancy, which can be noticed before the delay:

Change the graph of basal temperature. In a woman who does not have health problems, the basal temperature ranges in the range of 36.3 - 36.4 ° C. 2 days before the ripening of the eggs, the testimony decreases to 36.2 degrees, in immediately after ovulation, a smooth rise occurs and the temperature reaches the mark of 36.7 - 36.9 ° C. After conception, the schedule looks different. After ovulation, the curve rises to the mark above 37 ° C, and after 7 days a single drop is observed, after which the temperature again becomes elevated and remains on the tecular level throughout the pregnancy.

Increase hCG in the blood. Chronic human gonadotropin is produced by cells of chorion, starting from 5 to 6 days after fertilization. This suggests that the increase in the level of hCG is a characteristic sign of pregnancy. Determine the level of hCG is independently impossible. For this, a woman should pass the blood test, which will help clarify its condition.

Temperature.jpg.     Pain.jpg.fungal flask.jpg.

Individual signs of pregnancy before delay

  • The secondary signs of pregnancy before the delay in each woman can manifest themselves individually, taking into account the overall state of health, age and other internal, as well as external factors. Symptoms may indicate the conception:

  • implantation bleeding;

  • abundant mucous membranes from the vagina;

  • thrush;

  • new, pulling pain or discomfort in the stomach caused by the strengthening of blood flow and the area of ​​the small pelvis;

  • rapid urination for urination;

  • sharp blood pressure jumps;

  • Dindlighted headaches, dizziness;

  • problems with sleep;

  • weakness, lethargy, apathy;

  • Lack of appetite or, on the contrary, an insurmountable feeling of hunger;

  • Changes in flavoring addictions, sensitivity to various odors;

swelling and soreness of the mammary glands.

Each of these symptoms may indicate not only a prosperous pregnancy, but also about the pathological course. In the early periods of ectopic implantation, the same signs may appear as in normal pregnancy. But as the fetus grow and the development of the fetus, the condition is noticeably deteriorating, the risk of developing serious complications increases.


Signs of ectopic pregnancy before delay

Before the delay, no pronounced signs of ectopic pregnancy are not observed. Just as a normal pregnancy, ectopic is characterized by the lack of menstruation, the presence of discomfort at the bottom of the abdomen or the zeal area.

  1. Signs of ectopic pregnancy in early terms:

  2. general weakness, lethargy, loss of working capacity;

  3. nausea, vomiting;

Headache, dizziness.

When does signs of ectopic pregnancy manifest?

It is impossible to identify an ectopic pregnancy in the earliest deadlines. To make sure of the diagnosis, you need to visit the doctor who will conduct a primary gynecological examination. In the case of ectopic pregnancy during the examination, the doctor will reveal that the uterine cavity does not contain an attached fetal egg, and the dimensions of the reproductive age do not correspond to timing. Additionally, an ultrasound is prescribed, the results of which will show the complete absence of a fertilized egg in the uterine cavity.

How to reveal an ectopic pregnancy?

For a more accurate picture, the doctor prescribes blood test and hCG. At the beginning of an ectopic pregnancy, the level of human chorionic gonadotropin is lower than at normal conception. It is possible to suspect the pathology according to the results of an express test for pregnancy. In the case of anomaly of development, the second strip will look completely pale, barely noticeable. This is also associated with a low concentration of hormone hgch in the body.

Where does it hurt for ectopic pregnancy?

As they grow and increasing the embryo in size, the well-being of a woman will gradually deteriorate. Spasms appear and sharp abdominal pains, irradiating to the lower back, crotch. There may be an increase in body temperature, sharp blood pressure jumps, headaches, dizziness.

What are the signs of ectopic pregnancy, which ended with the rupture of pipes?

  • The rupture of pipes for ectopic pregnancy is observed at later dates - 5 - 6 weeks. This is a very dangerous complication, which is treated only by surgical path. In the event of a rupture, a woman needs hospitalization and emergency medical care. Characteristic signs of ectopic pregnancy, which ended with a rupture of pipes:

  • acute, unbearable abdominal pains;

  • uncontrolled bleeding;

  • Weakness, drop in blood pressure;

  • pale mucous and skin;

  • weakness;

  • tremor limbs;



An ectopic pregnancy is a rare phenomenon, but nevertheless no woman is insured against such dangerous pathology. If an anomaly is not diagnosed in time and not eliminate, serious, sometimes life-threatening complications are developing. Therefore, at the stage of the child planning, the woman should familiarize himself with the characteristic signs of ectopic pregnancy to have an idea of ​​the pathology itself and its consequences. What symptoms of ectopic pregnancy most often worried, explain in detail a gynecologist.

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1400. Reception of the doctor - gynecologist (inspection, consultation), primary
1600. Reception of a gynecologist (without inspection), primary
Reception of a gynecologist (inspection, consultation), repeated Reception of the doctor - gynecologist (inspection, consultation), primary
Consultation Gynecologist-Endocrinologist Reception of the doctor of an obstetrician-gynecologist for pregnancy (inspection, consultation), primary
1700. Reception of a gynecologist (without inspection), primary
Reception of an obstetrician-gynecologist for pregnancy (inspection, consultation), repeated Reception of the doctor - gynecologist (inspection, consultation), primary
Consultation of the gynecologist for the selection of contraception Reception of the doctor - gynecologist (inspection, consultation), primary
Consultation of the gynecologist for infertility Reception of the doctor - gynecologist (inspection, consultation), primary
Consultation of a specialist with disability sheet Daily patient maintenance on disability leave for 1 day
300. Registration of disability of pregnancy and childbirth
6500. Control inspection (produced after a course of conservative, minimally invasive or surgical treatment)
800. Consultation on the treatment of surveys (selection of an individual treatment regimen): 1 disease
1000. Individual treatment diagram: Mix
2000. Consultation on the treatment of surveys (selection of an individual treatment regimen): 1 disease
Individual treatment diagram: 1 disease Professional care doctor of the obstetrician gynecologist for pregnancy, without attachment


Gynecology Name of service Price, rub.)
Survey Professional care doctor of the obstetrician gynecologist for pregnancy, without attachment
Extended colposcopy Reception of the doctor of an obstetrician-gynecologist for pregnancy (inspection, consultation), primary
Extended video constructions Individual treatment diagram: Mix
Aspiration biopsy Endometrial (Pipel biopsy) Biopsy cervixa

Surgeon Gynecologist (consultation and direct operational intervention).

Gynecology Name of service Price, rub.)
3000. Chlamydia from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
7000-14000 Trichomoniasis from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
5000-7000 Candidia from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
4000-8000 Candidia from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
Gardnerellosis from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties Mycoplasmosis / Ureaplasmosis from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
6000-12000 Bacterial urethritis from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
4000-9000 Treatment of inflammatory diseases of female genital organs from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
4000-12000. Antiviral treatment from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
8000-12000 Treatment of infertility of inflammatory genes from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
8000-14000 Treatment of Pointed Condyl / Papilloma Single (cost for 1 unit)
700. Treatment of Pointed Condyl / Papillom: Multiple from 1 to 4 Cat. difficulties
2500-5500 Treatment of Pointed Condyl / Papilloma: Condylomatosis
9500. Treatment of cervical dysplasia by the radiosurgical method
3500. Treatment of cervical erosion by the radiosurgical method from 1 to 3 cat. difficulties


Gynecology Name of service Price, rub.)
Manipulations Control inspection (produced after a course of conservative, minimally invasive or surgical treatment)
Postoperative dressing Cardiography (CTG) Fetal
1900. Cardiotokography (CTG) with multiple pregnancy
2500. Ricta
350. Introduction Ring "Nova-Ring" / Removal
500/500 Instillation of mud tampon
400. Cardiotokography (CTG) with multiple pregnancy
Opening of the cyst of the vagina Professional care doctor of the obstetrician gynecologist for pregnancy, without attachment
Opening and draining of the furuncle (crotch) Opening of the abscess of bartholine glands from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties
5000-10000 Consultation on the treatment of surveys (selection of an individual treatment regimen): 1 disease
Opening of nasty cyst with a radiosurgical method (for 1 pc.) Cardiotokography (CTG) with multiple pregnancy
Medical treatment of cervical diseases (Solkovagin) Cardiotokography (CTG) with multiple pregnancy
Diathermocoagulation cervical diseases Cardiotokography (CTG) with multiple pregnancy
Cryodestruction of cervical diseases Treatment of Pointed Condyl / Papilloma Single (cost for 1 unit)
Cryodestruction of benign tumors of external genital organs Consultation on the treatment of surveys (selection of an individual treatment regimen): 1 disease
Cryodestruction papil Cardiotokography (CTG) with multiple pregnancy
Introduction of intrauterine spiral provided by the Customer Cardiotokography (CTG) with multiple pregnancy
Introduction of intrauterine spiral "Mirena" (excluding the value of the Navy) Spiral "Mirien"
15000. Introduction of intrauterine spiral provided by the Contractor: Spiral "Multiotud"
4000. Removal of intrauterine spirals not complicated / complicated
1500/2500. Removal of foreign bodies from vagina uncomplicated / complicated
1200/2000 Daily patient maintenance on disability leave for 1 day
Instillation of the medicinal preparation Processing of outdoor genital organs
500. Processing of outdoor genital organs
Vagina / cervical processing Processing of outdoor genital organs
Medicinal Medicinal Bath Processing of outdoor genital organs

Sanitation of vagina

Gynecology Name of service Price, rub.)
Medical interruption of pregnancy Pharmacet - warranty medical care
1950. The drug "Mifepristone" (Russia) (included all required analyzes and surveys, incl. Ultrasound)
9000. The drug "Mifegin" (France) (included all required analyzes and surveys, incl. Ultrasound)
14000. Treatment of complications after a medication abortion from 1 to 4 cat. difficulties


Gynecology Name of service Price, rub.)
Maintain pregnancy program "Treaty" 1 trimester (specify the exact cost by phone, minor changes are possible)
28845. 2 trimester (accurately check by phone, minor changes are possible)
18149. 3 trimester (specify the exact cost by phone, minor changes are possible)
30690. 1, 2, 3 trimester (specify the exact cost by phone, minor changes are possible)


Evhole pregnancy signs, according to the reviews of women who passed through this condition, will be difficult to leave unnoticed. What should pay attention to to avoid very terrible complications? What are the first signs of ectopic pregnancy before menstruation delay? Let us discuss in this article.

How does pregnancy begins? The female sex cell - the egg cell after fertilization falls into the uterine cavity in the uterine tube and is attached onto its mucous membrane for subsequent development in the embryo, and then the fruit. This process is called "implantation". Sometimes in this mechanism there is a failure, and in this case the fruit egg can be gained in the "incorrect" place. An ovary, uterine tube of women can be performed as such a place, and sometimes even the abdominal cavity. This is called ectopic pregnancy. This condition threatens health, and sometimes the life of a woman. It is a pity, no woman may not be insured against ectopic pregnancy. How to recognize it at the first stages, what signs of ectopic pregnancy

exist. What kind of symptomatics should pay attention to?

What is an ectopic pregnancy? Symptoms and signs are states. What's happening?

Ectopic pregnancy has a pathological nature, due to the "wrongness" of the process, and to be more accurate - "non-pay" of the fertilized egg to the region of the uterus. By virtue of certain reasons, after fertilization, the egg cell is attached outside the uterus, where its short development begins.
  • Depending on the place where the fruit egg is fixed, an ectopic pregnancy is divided into:
  • tubular (attached on a phallopyan pipe);
  • ovarian (attached on the ovary);
  • Abdominal (fastened an imperious cavity);

Ectopic pregnancy, which develops in a rudimentary rog of the uterus (rarely happens).

The order in this list of types corresponds to the frequency from which cases of pathologies occur. In addition, in the practice of medicine, there is another extremely rare (fortunately) type of ectopic pregnancy, which is called heteroscopic pregnancy. In this situation, we are talking about normal and uterine, and at the same time about ectopic pregnancies. In this case, the woman had an ovulation immediately with two eggs in one month period, and two ever fertilized. However, one of the fruit eggs attached, as it should be, in the uterus, and the second - in the wrong place for it, ovary, pipe or some other. If you do not define the most ectopic Pregnancy on features, the consequences of it can be

Extremely serious - from full infertility, to the death of a woman. Although the embryo usually freezes with ectopic pregnancy, its further development is still not excluded. And since it is absolutely not intended for nulling the fetus of the fetal pipe and is not able to stretch together with the growth of the embryo, at a certain point it happens its gap. In such a situation, emergency hospitalization and urgent surgical intervention must be made.

With timely identification of pathology, the fruit egg can be removed, including not surgically, while retaining the possibility of a woman to the occurrence of pregnancy and the normal tooling the baby in the subsequent.

Early signs of ectopic pregnancy Often, an ectopic pregnancy has a certain symptoms and signs: a delay of menstruation, malaise, definition of test, a small swelling of the mammary glands, pain. But, unfortunately, the normally flowing pregnancy has all these symptoms and Signs of ectopic pregnancy . The forum dedicated to this state is confirmation. The pathology of implantation is quite successfully "masked" under normal conventional pregnancy. Therefore, often determine Ectopic pregnancy

According to the signs and symptoms that were described above, it is very difficult. Ectopic, as well as normal, accompanies the delay in the monthly and swelling of the chest. A woman can feel early toxicosis (nausea), and other symptoms that are characteristic of conception. The test bought at the pharmacy will also show two bands, in confirmation of the accuracy. The only fairly subtle nuance of the difference, which indicates the fact that the process is not happening - this is the brightness of the bands on the test. According to many women who faced it, with this pathology, the second strip on the test is often somewhat lighter. This is one of early signs of ectopic pregnancy

. On the forum you can read that quite often this test caused a suspicion of the "irregularity" of the process.

In addition, the bands on the test are sometimes very bright initially, however, becoming more and more light and bright with each other. That is, early signs of ectopic pregnancy after the delay can be revealed by spending several pregnancy tests with some intervals. However, it is important to understand that this is not the most reliable way. No rare cases at which the second strip did not manifest itself at all, that is, the test demonstrated that the woman is not pregnant. Thus, when you feel all the characteristic symptoms of pregnancy, and the test says the opposite, there is a reason to suspect an ectopic.

Despite the fact that menstruation during ectopic ceases, as under normal pregnancy, at the same time, the pathological is usually accompanying small bleeding or blood gas separations from the vagina. In addition, such a state is also inherent in pain syndrome: painful sensations for ectopic pregnancy appear more often at the bottom of the abdomen or in the lower back. To be more accurate, pain is manifested in the place where the fastening of the fertilized egg happened. Anxious features that signal the likely ectopic pregnancy are also dizziness, general malaise, in some cases even fainting. When a woman revealed the first Signs of ectopic pregnancy before menstruation delay

Or after it - it is necessary to urgently contact women's advice. Only a doctor can confirm or refute these suspicions.

Emascinal pregnancy: signs, deadlines

The signs that were listed above are characteristic not only for ectopic pregnancy, but also normal. So it is possible to determine exactly the fertilized egg "settled" outside the uterus, only with the participation of a doctor. In addition to the early symptoms already mentioned above, which may well act signs of "ordinary", toxicosis may also indicate on ectopic pregnancy. However, not the presence of toxicosis in itself (vomiting and nausea - are frequent satellites of normal pregnancy), and amplifying gradually manifestations: if there is a pathological condition, this phenomenon is pronounced and becomes stronger with time. At the same time, pain in the lower abdomen are enhanced, after a few days, they are already mixed with strong spasms and sharp pain. In some situations, a woman may increase body temperature, blood pressure drop sharply. At the same time, the hemoglobin level is reduced, sometimes to such an extent that anemia develops. When appearance ectopic pregnancy signs

, HCG blood test demonstrates non-corresponding concentrations of this pregnancy hormone. This indicator is an explicit evidence of the presence of pathology. In addition, if you have signs of ectopic pregnancy ultrasound

Be sure to be held. The presence of a free liquid behind the uterus, as well as the absence of a fetus in it indicate pathology.

If there are at least one of the signs mentioned above, it is also noted abnormal bleeding, first of all, a woman vitally need to urgently visit the gynecologist. When the implantation pathology is not diagnosed on time, the phallopyheye tube can happen in the future. In this case, there is an internal bleeding in the region of the peritoneum, strongest pain, fainting and pain shocks are the consequences of cessant ectopic pregnancy. In this case, without options, a woman needs to carry out an operation. In this case, the probability of infertility in the future increases at times. And in the absence of timely medical care at breaking the ovary or pipes - and in general the risk of death.

Emascus pregnancy: how can I recognize the symptoms with the subsequent development of pregnancy? How to independently reveal the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, so as not to lose the precious time, on the one hand, and on the other - not to suspect the presence of a non-existent problem? So, summarize from all of the foregoing: signs of ectopic pregnancy before delay

As after it, usually correspond to normal. The first symptom is the delay of the next menstruation. Also, against the background of the delay, there is probably the appearance of bleeding gas seals, which is characteristic of interrupting ordinary pregnancy. It happens that menstruation occurs on time or with a small delay, but the blood loss is more scarce.

On signs of ectopic pregnancy

Other features include the appearance of pain syndrome: pains are localized at the bottom of the abdomen, stronger in the area of ​​the uterine tube, where the egg fixed. At the beginning of the pain, they have a sharp character, but over time they become more sharp, "shooting", spasmic, strengthen and cover all the stomach. In the event of a rupture of the uterine pipe, which is usually happening on time with the sixth to the tenth of the week from conception, a sharp digger pain appears in the lower part of the belly or on the right. Such a condition is characterized by internal bleeding, which threatens to life a woman.

Ectopic pregnancy is a very dangerous pathology that can lead to infertility and even to death. It is necessary to recognize its symptoms as early as possible and begin treatment. After emergency operation, health patients are restored.

What is an ectopic pregnancy


After a fusion with a spermatozoa, a fertilized egg movement moves in the uterine tube and is attached to the inner wall of the uterus. There is a child from her. But in 2% of cases, the egg cell is fixed not inside the uterus, but in any other place, for example, in the uterine tube, in the cervix or in the peritoneum. These places are not adapted for the development of the embryo, so all ectopic pregnancy end the fetal death. In addition, ectopic pregnancy often threatens the life of the mother. Without timely medical care, a woman can also die. Emergency treatment will save her life and give a chance to give birth to a child in the future.

Causes and risk factors

  • To protect yourself from this terrible complication, you need to know its reasons:

  • gonorrhea;

  • smoking;

  • chlamydia;

  • any inflammatory processes in the uterus, due to which the scars are formed in it;

  • Operations in the uterine pipes in history;

Another ectopic pregnancy in the past.

There are many circumstances at which a woman risks hard to face ectopic pregnancy.

  • Risk factors:

  • abortions;

  • Pregnancy, which happened despite the use of intrauterine spiral;

  • operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity, especially in the uterus, pipes or ovaries;

  • endometriosis;

  • congenital pathologies of the development of genital organs;

age older than 35 years.

These circumstances should be taken into account during pregnancy planning and regularly undergo surveys from the gynecologist. With any ailment, you need to contact the doctor.


This cunning disease is not easy to immediately recognize because of its nonspecific symptoms. We must carefully follow your well-mindedness and immediately contact the doctor.

Symptoms in the early stages (no earlier than 2 weeks after the last menstruation):

Signs for 6-8 weeks:

  • Late symptoms:

  • Strong and abundant bleeding from the vagina;

  • painful abdominal pain that are enhanced while driving;

  • The pain suddenly occurs on one side, and then bottled throughout the bottom of the abdomen;

  • fainting;

  • dizziness;

  • dyspnea;

  • weakness;

  • weak rapid heartbeat;

  • pallor skin;

confusion of thinking, violations of consciousness.

It is necessary to make every effort to recognize the pathology in the earliest stages. This will allow you to quickly cure it and reap the child again.

What time does signs manifest

Painful symptoms are still manifested in the early stages, but they are not specific, so they can be confused with any other ailments. It is very dangerous: the sooner the woman will receive help, the more chances to keep health.

Bright distinctive features of pathology are manifested only in late terms, when the threat of life arises. It is urgent to cause "ambulance".

Where does it hurt

Pains are concentrated in the lower abdomen or in the area of ​​the small pelvis. They can begin on one side, and then spread all over the stomach. Most often, pain is sharp and painful, although there are stupid and nunners.

When contact your doctor

If you managed to suspect the pathology in the early stages, you need to immediately go to the clinic or to the female consultation. We must pay attention to such symptoms:

The doctor will examine the patient and prescribe treatment, in most cases the operation is required.

When to call "ambulance"

  • Actually cause "ambulance" in the event of heavy symptoms:

  • bleeding;

  • Unbearable pain, ongoing more than 2 minutes;

  • sharp pain in the rectum and unbearable urge to defecation;

  • dizziness and faint;

Sharp and sharp pains in the shoulder.

When the uterine tube breaks, the blood fills in an abdominal cavity. It can accumulate near the diaphragm, and then the nerves joined, connected to the shoulder. Because of this it seems that the shoulder hurts.

At home, it is impossible to make yourself a sure diagnosis, so you need a doctor's help.


When a pregnancy test shows two stripes, it is necessary to urgently turn to the gynecologist to pass a qualified inspection. The doctor will do an ultrasound, examine the organs of the small pelvis, take tests. The most informative laboratory analysis is the test on the level of hormone of chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). During ectopic pregnancy, its content is much lower than during normal pregnancy. The test for hCG is carried out at an interval of 48 hours. If during this time its level has not grown 2 times, it may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Surgeon Gynecologist (consultation and direct operational intervention).

Ultrasound will allow you to find out if the eggs were fixed inside the uterus. The doctor will be able to see the state of the uterine pipes.

  1. To cure an ectopic pregnancy, you will need an operation. Operations of two types are carried out:

  2. Salpingctomy - when the uterine tube breaks, it is completely or partially removed;

Salpingostomy - cutting of the wall of the uterine tube (in the future the dissection is heal).

Laparoscopy can be performed if there are no heavy bleeding and serious damage. Fertilized egg cell is extracted from the uterine tube. In severe cases, they make laparotomy and impose seams.

If the pathology has been found in the early deadlines, and the operation is impossible to do, the woman is prescribed intravenous or intramuscular injections of methotrexate. After the introduction of the drug, the placenta ceases to grow, the miscarriage occurs.


Without emergency treatment, serious, sometimes irreparable complications may arise:

With serious ailments for medical help, it is necessary to add much.


One of the most common consequences of ectopic pregnancy is further infertility. The ability to conceive and drying is reduced by 40%, so the woman still has a chance to give birth to a child. But the risk of repetition of ectopic pregnancy remains high.

During the first month, women's health is restored. During this period, she needs support for loved ones and friends, as well as the help of a psychotherapist to overcome psychological injury. Communication with other women who experienced ectopic pregnancy will help.


  • Prevent the risk of ectopic pregnancy is very difficult. Nevertheless, there are several general prevention recommendations:

  • Responsibly refer to their health and regularly observed in the gynecologist;

  • Contact women's advice at the first signs of pregnancy;

  • Responsibly plan a pregnancy;

  • avoid using intrauterine helix;

  • If you have to use an intrauterine helix, you need to choose a high-quality model strictly according to the recommendations of the gynecologist;

  • do not experiment with the means of contraception, use only the fact that the doctor prescribed;

  • treat all inflammatory processes in a small pelvis;

  • Do not smoke;

  • Maximum limit the number of sexual partners to reduce the risk of infection with gonorads or chlamydia;

Nature a child not earlier than one year after an ectopic pregnancy.


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