How to draw a person a phased pencil for beginners

Learning to draw a person with a pencil: Step-by-step instructions

May 03, 2019.

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Learning to draw a person with a pencil: Step-by-step instructions

Man is the most amazing and unique creature in the world. And yet - one of the most beautiful. This is evidenced by the fact that images people ( Men or women) are present almost at every famous picture relating to the masterpieces of fine art. About how to draw a person: Mom, dad or yourself, the child is thinking from an early age. Some children inspire mugs and swirls independently, the rest requires learning.

Thought how to draw a person, starting with the younger preschool age. The first sketches of babies resemble doodles. If the child is constantly trained, then in elementary school (6- 7 years ) and even in The preparatory group is capable of quickly performing a person's drawing in different poses. Great, if at the same time the young artist transfers facial expressions, portrait similarity and individual characteristics.

The task of teachers in general education and art schools - to teach how to draw a person's body in accordance with an anatomical structure. For this, several hours in the course of the training course are allotted for academic pattern. The best learning effect gives the execution of outline from nature.

You can learn how to draw people well and at home yourself. For a beginner, all options are good: Image by photo, video tutorials, the use of paintings and reproductions for drawing, most importantly, choose drawing technique in the shower. Many novice artists constantly take a sketchbook with them and make sketches in 5 minutes at any time.

If you do not want to perform sketches on the street, you can draw close and friends, reflected in the mirror. This is also a good way. learn to Draw people.

From this article you will learn

How to build a picture of a person using geometric shapes

The lesson technique on a given topic in kindergarten is based on the similarity of certain parts of the body with geometric shapes. So, the head of the kids is round, in adults - oval, legs and hands are similar to rectangles, etc.

You can make a silhouette of a person from any shapes - circles, rectangles, squares.


To solve this problem, the preschooler is issued blanks from paper or cardboard, and it is a layout on a given scheme or invent his own sketch. A more difficult task is to draw a person yourself using geometric shapes.

Step-by-step man in the standing position

Children 6-7 years are already familiar with the main drawing techniques. They learned to portray a person in full growth, in a belt, in a static position and in motion. Draw from nature begin in the preparatory group and in primary classes. As an auxiliary material in the lesson, it is necessary to have reproductions of paintings, photos, samples of work. Before coming, it is advisable to talk to children about the beauty and aesthetics of a person, that any of us is beautiful and unique.

Step 1

As usual, the construction of the figure begins with a sketch of a simple pencil. First seek the right location of large parts Body on paper. Then there is an oval head and torso image consisting of two trapezes in contact with the waist area.


Step 2.

From the upper corners of a large trapezium you need to spend the lines of the hands, and from the bottom of the small trapezium - the leg line. A common mistake is the same length of the hands and legs, you need to pay attention to children that the upper limbs are shorter.


Step 3.

The next step is to give the limcks of volume. Shoulders, forearms, thighs and legs are depicted in the form of elongated oval, tapering down.


Step 4.

Non-easy task for a preschooler - draw hands and foot brushes. Therefore, the fingers with the palm are often recommended to portray the mittens, and the lower part of the leg is in the form of a triangle. But some children are persistent and want a real realistic drawing, they can be explained how small details are performed.


Step 5.

At the next stage, clean the extra lines and give the silhouette completion. Sketch of the figures outline with a pencil, the head is connected with the torso. Add a characteristic detail - the ball in the hand of the boy.


Step 6.

Now the little man needs to be put on, then draw lines of eyebrows, outline the location of the nose, eye, mouth.


Step 7.

Easy pencil drawing is completed by detailing garments and shoes, damn face. Hair is depicted with the help of rippled lines.


Step 8.

To get a natural hue of the skin, use beige or orange. Coloring, you do not need to put pressure on a pencil.


Step 9.

Coloring clothes, it is better to use different shades of one color, highlighting the light and shadow, so the drawing will be brighter and realistic.


Preschoolers need complete freedom in creativity.

There is no single and correct drawing option, it is impossible to correct the work of the child if he wants to act in his own way. The right decision can be found by conversation and leading questions.

How to draw a person in motion

Schoolchildren of the middle of the study know a lot about the rules for the location of the subject in space, taking into account the prospects. For students of the 5-7 grams, the lesson on drawing is desirable to start with the analysis of the structure of a person's figure. It is necessary in order to correctly convey the proportions in the picture, professionally depict parts of the body, otherwise the real person in the picture will resemble a mannequin. Despite the fact that anatomy Human Body Later, at this age, children already have an idea of ​​the skeleton, muscles and joints. View changes (opens in a new tab)

The first step in the phased construction of the outline is the determination of proportions. In adults, the length of the body from the crown to the hips is usually equal to the length of the legs. Height of the head is stacked at the distance from the chin before the beginning of the hip approximately 3 times. In children and adolescents, this rate is less. The length of the legs in a harmoniously folded person is equal to height of the head multiplied by 3.5-4.

You can portray a person depending on the angle or the location of the object and the artist. Basic provisions - in Afas, when a considerator is located face to looking, in the profile - when the side is located on the side, in the field or semi-induced, in which the face is not completely visible.

Step 1

Pencil drawing begins with an outline of the head and torso in the foreground.

The spine is the basis of the whole figure, it can be outlined by a curved line. Large joints of the shoulders and pelvis are schematically depicted by circles. Sketch lines are easy, without pressure.


Step 2.

At the next stage, the upper and lower limbs draw. The elbows are located at the level of the waist, the length of the shoulder bone is equal to the length of the elbow bone, the knees are in the middle of the legs. The more precisely the sketch is, the better it will be possible to pass the movement.


Step 3.

Now you need to build muscle. The most bulk part of the forearm, hips and lower legs is located in the upper third, closer to the joint of the limbs gradually narrowed. Torso is easier to depict in the form of two oval.


Step 4.

Special attention is paid to brushes and feet. They are also depicted schematically by imitating the skeleton of the limbs. The feet should be longer brush.


Step 5.

After drawing all parts of the figure, extra lines are erased. The silhouette is given the necessary outlines: sharp corners are smoothed, the sides become palpable, parts of the body are connected by curved lines.


Step 6.

Depicting a person, also need to follow the proportions. The height of the forehead is equal to the distance from the line of eyebrows to the tip of the nose and from the tip of the nose to the chin. The distance between the eyes is equal to the length of the eye. The ear is depicted just below the eyebrow line. So that the girl turned out smiling, the corners of the lips need to lift a little. At this stage, you can perform an outline hairstyle.


Step 7.

The larger in the picture of the details, the more realistic it will be. It is necessary to draw clothes, shoes, accessories and other elements creating a bright image. Sprinkle hair can be highlighted with separate lines.


Step 8.

Coloring the drawing can be using color pencils or paints.


Pictures of man in full growth for drawing

Here you can download patterns of people and Beginners Artists can Use them for drawing (click on the picture - it will increase, and download):


2.  3.

four  five

6.  7.

8 9


12  thirteen

CD video tutorials in full growth

We picked up the best lessons in the video format on the image of a person. Enjoy watching.

Video 1.

Video 2.

Video 3.

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How to draw a person in a phased pencil

Almost every person is wondering how to draw a person in a phased pencil. When a novice artist is taken for the drawing as a result, he will not get what I wanted, and pushing out from it, a person disappears the desire to do this. If you decide to continue, then you need to find another approach to this lesson. In our article, we will tell how the person is consistently drawn and teach you to do it correctly.

Let's start with the simplest version of the cartoon man:

Draw a little man

Competent layout

Regardless of the chosen pattern, even if you draw a bird, drawing begins with the choice of location. So it is determined by finding the future image on a prepared sheet of paper. This stage is carried out using a conventional pencil, which denote the points of the future image.

Each drawing of a person when drawing up a layout, needs the highlighting center. But then there is still some rule, it is important that the composite center does not coincide with the geometric. Layout drawing

If you started making a layout, you need to know that the image should take the third part of the sheet. It is important during this to make sure that the edges left free space.

Studying information on how to draw a person, you probably noticed that to obtain a more realistic silhouette, its figure should be drawn according to the correct proportions.

Insurance is important to get high-quality drawing, the silhouette of a person must or stand either sit on any support. It is necessary to change the proportions of a person. They are completely dependent on the age of the characteristic character, for example, if an adult is drawn, then you need to calculate the seventh part of the overall growth for the head.

Draw a figure

If you know how to draw a person, but have not tried your abilities yet, it is better to start learning the body design. It does not matter if you do not draw a heart, but the information will help to adapt the novice artist to work. During the study of the material, you will find out the location of all the muscles in the human body, consider the placement of all the bones, learn about the interaction of the muscles with the bones, and this will help you correctly build a person figure. Draw a figure

Learning the instructions, how to draw a person in a phased pencil, you can come to the decision to make an image in full growth. To do this, it will be necessary to deal with the proportion of the body, and, more precisely, with each of its separate part.

Drawing the body, most importantly, make the right sketch of the future torso. From him we will be able to repel, depicting your arms and shoulders. It is this sketch that will make it possible to make the proportion of a right person. A person's equilibrium in the figure must be drawn in a solid position or on any support. Most experienced artists make an outline of the future position of the vertical line. We begin to draw it from the end of the neck, after which go to the image of the chin.

After that, the figure of a person continues with the removal of hand lines, legs, and carry the contours of the body. So, we get the whole figure.

Add lines

Adding lines

During the construction and processing of different parts of the drawing, as in the image of the butterfly, the main thing, stick to the measure and stop at the right moment. After they analyzed all the little things, you can move to the attachment of realism. Often it makes smeared and wide strokes so that the drawing acquired the volume.

The process of drawing a person must begin with drawing a sketch of naked nature, but often it is not recommended. In this case, there is another opinion. Without knowledge about the constitution of the body, make even the sketch of the little man, will not work.

Realizing how to draw a person, in a particular position, you need to imagine how the final version will look. Stop on the formation of folds on clothes, such a criterion is important during the drawing of the figure. Folds can give the figure "movable" character or make a person sustainable.

Signifying common lines, you need to gradually attach the figure of volume. The form is advisable to create using shadows. It is advisable to give a hatching. From the strength of pressing a pencil and from the length of the lines, much in the picture is changing.

We still have other pictures of a little boy

Draw a person in full growth step by step

Having studied general information on how to draw a person, you can proceed to the most creative process. We suggest you draw a person dressed in a shirt and jeans. It is drawn by a simple pencil. As a result of work, you will receive a guy image to the whole growth.

The option is perfect for a set of experience, practitioners, and to get the minimum skills to those who are just starting to engage in art. How to draw a person gradually using a pencil: Step-by-step drawing (step 1)

  1. First of all, we need to spend a line in a vertical position, do not reach the lower and top edge of the sheet. If this is not to take into account and spend the line to the bottom of the bottom, the legs will rest on the edge of the paper, and the drawing will be ugly. Next, the vertical line must be divided into six identical segments. Lines should not reach the edges of the sheet. So, we outlined the proportion.
  2. Then, we draw a few more lines, as shown in the picture, we obtain an approximate location of the pelvis and shoulder. At this stage, it is important not to be mistaken, otherwise our drawing of a young man will be disproportionate and it will be necessary to redo it. If you have noticed, the shoulder part, which is located on the right side of the central line has the location further than the left side. We wanted to achieve this location, because I draw a relaxed person who should not exactly, and the figure should not get symmetrical. There is no place for the neck, it is also correct, since we draw a man, bowed a little a little. Step-by-step drawing (step 2)
  3. I will sketch elbow and knees. These marks are located at a certain distance from large lines. Make markers barely noticeable to erase them later. At the bottom of future legs depict the circles. From them we will draw future feet and form the shin. Step-by-step drawing (step 3)
  4. From the sketches of the elbows to the future pelvis you need to spend a line. It is necessary to do those who are trying to draw a person for the first time. For beginners, this is the perfect option, since the hands will be hidden in pockets, and there is no need to draw fingers. Step-by-step drawing (step 4)
  5. Auxiliary sketches that helped us make the main sketch, gently erased by the eraser. Do it not much carefully, they should stay barely noticeable to continue to help in work.
  6. By hardly noticeable remaining strokes, we carry out the contours of clothes and body parts. Add the desired elements of the face. We celebrate the chin points and the beginning of hair growth. Now we plan the neck. During drawing, be sure to repel from the central line, which we drawred for the future body. So, we told how to draw a person's contour with a pencil, now we will draw the body. Step-by-step drawing (step 5)
  7. To the resulting drawing, add the outlines of the hands and shoes. At this step, you need to make sketches of the nose and mouth. We proceed to the image of the ears. recommends that it is convenient to draw your ear, it is better to repel from the central line of the eyes and the body. At the same time, we have a line at the same place. This does not concern cases when the head in a person is under the tilt. Step-by-step drawing (step 6)
  8. Now draw folds on the pants. Draw a belt and shirt collar. Although we have arranged in your pockets, our drawing has thumbs outward outwards, so we teach your finger. Apply a curved line where the pants end. Add transmit folds to the fabric. They are applied to the elbows, the upper part of the chest and near the belt. Draw soles shoes. Step-by-step drawing (step 7)
  9. Drawing a person auxiliary lines, we need to completely erase. In front of them we see a picture of a young guy in jeans and shirt, but it must be supplemented so that the drawing is more realistic. Step-by-step drawing (step 8)
  10. Each jeans have their own defined lifting. The edges of the pants are lined with a special seam in two rows, pay attention to double seam near the pockets and along the entire length of the pants. Add buttons on the shirt, and draw all the listed parts on jeans. Step-by-step drawing (step 9)
  11. Now draw face. Earlier we planned the lines of the nose, lips and eyes. The lines must be located in parallel to each other, otherwise our young guy will have an oblique face. Step-by-step drawing (step 10)
  12. Draw your lips, and they make a smile. It is drawn elementary. Just apply a few strokes from the end of the nose to the points of the mouth. Now we will deal with your eyes, the eyes in our case should be more alive. During drawing, you need to leave white glare not far from the pupils. For expressiveness, draw a man eyebrows. So that the hairstyle is more interesting, you need to add some curved lines. Step-by-step drawing (step 11)

In principle, the drawing of a young modern guy is ready. During the drawing of the guy, it is important to turn your attention to the formation of a face under the hair. We recommend the lower jaw to draw a little square shape, which will add a guy male image. As a hair, it is better to choose wavy, but you can leave it without hair or give hair another look. Knowing how to draw a young man and drawing it to adhering to our instructions and gradually after performing all the actions, you will make sure that people do not quite hard, even if you are new to this creative sphere.

If the question lies in how to draw a little boy, then we will help. As a basis, you can take the skills that have already been obtained in drawing. We act in the following sequence:

  1. First, influence the oval, it will be a head. Try not to put pressure on the pencil. Draw a boy (step 1)At the bottom, add two lines for the neck. From her down, we spend a long rectangle to make sketch for the body.
  2. With the help of another rectangle we will make the contours of the body. Hands on the sides we take the same figures, but we make them longer and already. They should fall below the division line. Draw a boy (step 2)
  3. Let's start more detail the shape. The plot where the shoulders are made by rounded, sharp corners wipe. We divide the lower rectangle into two parts to get legs. Detailing the upper part of the trousers add the neck to the sweater.
  4. Under the sleeves depict the hands of hand brushes. We highlight thumbs on them. Draw a boy (step 3)
  5. Return to the head. Divide it with thin lines into four parts. In the two upper squares with the help of arcs denote the eye. In the center, mark the nose and at the bottom of the mouth with a wide line. At eye level and nose we have ears.
  6. Inside the eyes we have round pupils. Slightly shadow these elements. Above the eyebrows above. Go to the hair on the roll. They are easy to portray with simple triangles.

We erase the auxiliary lines, add a few folds on your clothes and the picture can be considered performed.

Baby with a dog

The following example dedicate to a cute drawing on which the baby will be depicted with a dog. For him, you will not need a lot of materials, a fairly simple pencil and elasty. The process for novice artists is simple, and the result will be surprisingly beautiful. Establish:

  1. We carry out a straight and axial line. It will help to indicate the direction of the body of the child. Kid with a dog (step 1)At the top are drawing a small circle. With the help of segments, we indicate in what position there are hands and at this stage separate the head of the head, where the hair is.
  2. Since the child is located in the profile, the features of his face we will direct to the right of the nose, the chin line. Near the hair you can depict the eye. Kid with a dog (step 2)
  3. Go to the detail of the face. Lips need to give a little stretched look. Eye with thin lines, they will be risen. Add hair, we have the hairless and chaotic. So, the hairstyle will turn out to be rash. We work on the shadows on the head and under the hair, we highlight the arc cheek.
  4. We descend and engage in the drawing of the body. Kid with a dog (step 3)Curved lines depict a back and tummy. We bring the sleeves. We wash the auxiliary line and decorate the T-shirt with stripes. From the sleeves we bring the hands of the child, they should be raised up.
  5. With drawing a boy finished. Now in his hands will make a puppy body contour. Sketch approximate, so try not to put pressure on the pencil. If the result is satisfied, you can add ears, muzzle and wool.

The work can be considered made, but so that it turns out more contrast, add a few dark strokes to the clothes of a boy with a soft pencil.

We also recommend to see how you can draw a girl

How to draw a man beautifully, girl from his back

And now draw a simple, but beautiful drawing of a romantic girl from the back.

We have to:

  • Colour pencils
  • Eraser
  • Simple pencil
  1. So, proceed, let's start with the location of the girl on the canvas. Its growth is 8 heads, and the head is 1/8 of the body. We draw a head in the form of an oval, how in detail to portray my head and a person can learn here, then a long, beautiful neck, body in the form of a trapezium and a pelvis. Drawing sketch drawing
  2. After that, we take the legs consider that the girl they are long and must narrow to the knee, caviar stand out, and the heels are raised, as if she goes.
  3. Now hands, one hand sticks the hat, so it is raised up and bent in the elbow, and the other hand is placed ahead of her brush is not visible. Coloring pattern
  4. We will begin to detail, we think hair and hat, further clothes, draw the skirt on it draw the folds from the wind. We wash the eraser unnecessary lines and draw clothes and the girl in more detail.
  5. Let's start coloring the drawing, the body is painted with light beige, we supply the body contour brown, and we add a shadow bright yellow and brown with a shadow, a ribbon on a hat with a dark blue tint. Girl with back
  6. The girl's hair will be dark brown, and we depict the shadows in black, we try to transfer the volume in the hair to the maximum. The dress of our heroine of emerald color, the darker shade of blue show the shadows, and about how to draw a little and the same cute as a girl here here

How to draw a sitting person

Now let's try to make a sketch of a complex figure of a sedentary person. But actually cope with even a child about how Draw a person to a child here.

We will need:

  1. We draw a vertical line and divide it into four equal parts, then draw a diagonal of half the length of the contour, which drew. drawing the basics of drawing
  2. From this point, we carry out the same line in length and divide into two equal parts. Now chant the parts of the body, the head, the upper part of the body, the stomach, pelvis and legs.
  3. After that, we draw your hands that are exhibited by tasters back to the stop and draw parts. And about how detailed to draw a person's eyes can see here, but how Nose here .Picture of a man sitting
  4. To draw a sitting person in different poses, it is necessary to work with the prospect. Since, at different angles, different parts of the body are visible if you are constantly drawing and trying new, then over time you will easily see what proportions are needed for high-quality drawing.

Draw a person's figure: Step-by-step instructions

Figure of man in motion

In addition to inspiration, high-quality paper and pencils, softness from 3b, basic knowledge will be required, how to draw a person's figure. If you figure out the proportions, even a beginner can draw the figure of a person. Consider the techniques and highlights to successfully solve the creative task.

Stages drawing

The drawing consists of several stages.

Licked layout

From the composition begins any drawing. Depending on the positive position, the vertical or horizontal format is selected. Light lines move the movement and silhouette of the body.

Lock layout on sheet

A competently concomputed figure is harmoniously placed on the leaf field. Looking at the finished job, there should be no wishes to move drawn.

The scale of the image must be selected according to the format. Too large drawing makes the impression of cramped, requires to add space around. Small - creates the illusion of emptiness, I want to cut a sheet.

Clarification of the position of the figure and proportions

The sketched lines are the bending of the spine, turn the head, axial shoulder belt and hip joints. Similarly schematically indicates the direction of the shoulders, forearms, hollows, legs, brushes and feet.

Clarification of the drawing on the sheet

It is measured by the parts of the body and the placement of them on a sheet in a simplified geometric form (head - in the form of an oval, the chest - a flattened barrel, a bowl-shaped pelvis, cylindrical and conical - neck and limbs, prismatic - feet and handbrushes). Clarifies the interjection of the main pair joints (shouldch, elbow, ray-beyond, hip, knee, ankle).


At this stage, characteristic anatomical features are being studied. The principle acts - from the common to the private. Details are evaporated only after building large parts.

Building a drawing on a sheet

In fact, the construction is reduced to breaking large geometric forms into smaller components. The goal is to achieve an anatomically correct section of forms.

The human body is symmetrically, and the spine is used in constructing as a natural axis of symmetry when segmentation of segments to the right and left.

The drawing is gently, without pressure on a pencil, so that the auxiliary build lines can be freely removed. At the same time, the boundary of light and shadow is planned.

Black and white study

Depending on the artistic task, the light may be limited to a light-e-rigid, or consist of a complex multi-layer hatching, transmitting skin peculiarities and the texture of the clothing material.

Lights in the picture

First of all, its own and incident shadow is completely covered. The main tone is concentrated on the shadow boundary. Then the halftone and reflexes are being worked out. At the same time, the lush is increasing. Lastly, the work is carried out above the light. Illuminated areas are slightly muffled with a light tone.

Detailed drawing

Final part - detail. Illumination of highlights of the eraser, acopeition and emphasising forms with a stroke. Classical hatching is carried out in the form of the subject.

Work with a pencil for novice artists

It is advisable to start drawing a person with short-term sketches from nature. Everyday practice will help to develop the eyes of the eye and acquire the necessary graphic skills.

Be sure to explore plastic anatomy. Without basic knowledge of the body of the body of good results, it will not be possible to achieve, the drawing will be reduced to copying seen. Gottfried Bammes can be a wonderful study manual.

Required proportions of human figures

Excellent help will draw the drawing of individual parts of the body in different positions with anatomical part of the details.

To help beginner artists, there is a special measurement technique to determine the exact proportions of the body:

  1. In front of them, hand pulls out, the brush holds a pencil perpendicular to the hand. Having closed one eye, the upper point of the measured part of the body is associated (let's say, the head) with the top end of the pencil. The lower point of measurement (chin) is celebrated on a pencil with a thumb.
  2. Now you can measure how many segments equal to the height of the head is the growth of nature. The top of the pencil is combined with 2 measurement point (with chin). Spearly on nature there is a lower point that coincides with the thumb on the pencil (approximately at the level of the breast muscles).
  3. The third and subsequent measurements will be from the chest muscles to the navel, and then down.

Body drawing in different positions

Let's try to draw a person in different poses.


Silhouette drawing can be used for field sketches, cartoons, illustrating, creating animated characters. With this form of the image, the proportions are often not saved and even intentionally distorted. The contour type of drawing is usually used by children. Any human body drawing also begins with a preparatory silhouette sketch.

Silhouette of a person figure

Standing figure

The proportional construction of the figure in full growth is associated with the conditional division of it on the part. On the shell sheet, vertical dimensions of the person depicted are noted. LONA FIGHTING Eventively divides the body of an adult in half, the head takes 1/8 - 1/7 part. Children's head depending on age - from 1/4 to 1/6.

Figure standing man

The dimensions designated on paper are divided into the required number of parts. The corresponding contours of the body fit into the resulting segments.

And some more proportions:

  1. Hands in lowered state reach the middle of the hips, elbows are located at the waist level.
  2. The distance formed by hand to hand, equal to growth.
  3. The length of the brush of adults is comparable to the front part, the stop is about equal to the height of the head.
  4. Between the icing should be removed another eye. The forehead, nose, ear, the distance from the tip of the nose to the chin of approximately one magnitude.

Proportions of man's face

Knowledge of these patterns significantly facilitates the task of a drawing artist.

To "put" a person on a sheet, you need to decide on the center of gravity. To do this, a vertical is carried out from the bright hole (at the base of the neck in front of the center) through the center of the pelvis down. At the man standing with a support for one leg, the vertical passes through the foot of the support leg. At the same time, the hip joint of this leg is above, the pelvis is tilted down from the support, the shoulder belt is in the opposite direction. If the fitter stands on two legs, or leaning, beyond his hands, shoulder, back, the center of gravity is located between the two supports.

In move

In order to draw a person in motion, an anatomical analysis is required to accurately play the speakers:

  1. The position of the spine (tilt forward when running, skiing, slope with straightening of the lumbar department when jumping forward, twisting when throwing, etc.)
  2. The interaction of parts of the musculoskeletal system relative to the spinal column. For example, a walking and running person, pelvic bones and shoulder belt work in opposition to each other. Carrying on the right leg, man will endure the left shoulder forward and up. At the same time, the left hand moves forward, right - back.
  3. The voltage of a certain muscle group in each movement.

The beginning of the picture is always sketchy: the movement of the ridge, the location of the axes of the shoulder and pelvic belt with the designation of the joints, turning the skull, the direction of the bones of the limbs with the simultaneous definition of their length, the position of the stop and brushes.

Sitting Nature

In drawing a seite person, an important role is played by the choice of an angle. The failed position is right before nature. In the chair sitting in such a case, the hips are located in a sharp promising reduction. In position sitting on Earth - legs or torso are reduced, depending on the selected horizon line. A convincing image in such a position is difficult to achieve. The best spaces for sitting nature - side, with a horizon line at the head level, or a little lower.

Figure of a sitting man

Figure of a sitting man

In the sitting position, the lumbar spine straightened. The center of gravity is the center of the support. Most of the musculature is in a relaxed state. The deformations are subjected to berium muscles, and others in contact with surfaces.

Figure side

The image in the profile allows you to most acutely convey the characteristic features of the body - posture, landing of the head and shoulders.

Figure of a man side

It requires construction in the perspective of the chest, the shoulder belt and pelvic bones. If the head is not in a clear profile, then the skull. The limbs remote from the viewer will also be slightly smaller.

For the right image, you need to find the point point on the horizon line (at eye level) and collect all axial lines in it. Through steam points (for example: Breast muscles, the front axle of the ileum bones, eyebrows, corners of the lips) also need to carry out auxiliary lines to keep the symmetry of the body.

Lying nature

Features of the lying person - the relaxation of the muscles and the accusation of soft tissues under the force of earthly attraction. Muscles in contact with the surface are flattened.

Figure of a lying man

Figure of a lying man

Figure of a lying man

Figure of a lying man

The difficulty of drawing a lying body consists in a promising reduction in proportions. The most complex persons of the lying nature - from the head and stop. In such positions, the abbreviation of the body is maximum, the construction is problematic.

In the angle image of parts of the body, the method of constructing in the perspective of geometric bodies is used.

Figure from the back

Standing her backs in the same time drawn in the same sequence as the face. Proportional membership is transferred to the back of the body. So, half of the growth is at the level of the sacrum. The chin is located in the center of the cervical spine, the next mark is in the middle of the blades, etc. The task is simplified by the lack of need to draw face.

Figure of man from his back

Anatomical forms are exposed to geometrization. It is worth avoiding direct lighting, which makes it difficult to understand the formation.

Female figure

We draw a feminine figure

Figure of woman

Figure in clothing

Drawing a dressed person comes down to building a naked body with subsequent modeling of drapets over construction. Depicting clothes, you need to disassemble, in what parts the fabric repeats the relief of the body, and where it has its own volume. For example: on the female body, the blouse is adjacent to the body from the clavicle until the middle of the chest front, from the hood muscles to the top of the blades behind the rear. Below this boundary the fabric is free to dramatically.

Hardware of the wardrobe (some hats, shoes) have their own geometry.

When developing lighting, it is taken into account that the tissues are inherent in its own tone and texture. A common mistake is a more thorough study of details and folds of material than the faces of nature, in connection with which the clothing begins to play the main role in the figure.

Nude Nature

The female figure has a number of proportional differences from male. The shoulders are somewhat already, the chest is smaller in volume, pelvic bones are wider, the legs are shorter than men. Men is longer than the shin, the skull is more developed by the abnormal arcs.

An important moment with a woman's drawing: the ladies of gravity are lower than that of men. The shift of the center of gravity occurs when equipping the shoes on the heel and in pregnant women. It is most noticeable to the side, expressed by changes in the deflection in the lumbar department. Draw a female body need to consider this feature.

Female body proportions 1 from options

Thanks to the uniform distribution of subcutaneous fat, the musculature is hidden, has a calm relief. This requires smooth drawing lines and fine black and white modeling.

Drawing various postures

Having mastered the drawing from nature using the knowledge gained on the anatomy, you can draw the body in different positions on the presentation. Whatever the pose is intended - natural or acrobatic, it is important to understand the system of work of the skeleton and muscles in each case. The idea of ​​the female body, as a geometric designer, will help competently simulate the light of the imaginary light source.

Drawing a group of people

Figure several characters are a composite task of the already considered. Additionally, the composite component is solved and the problem of the remoteness of people in perspective.

Group of people in the drawing

In addition to the linear perspective, air is used in the drawing of the group. Figures of the first plan are drawn more precisely and more contrast to those in the second plan. Black and white study of the central moments of the composition is the most scrupulous. If necessary, the minor plan is generalized by a light widespread stroke.

Drawing a person - the occupation is not only complicated, but also very interesting. Having learned to draw the body, always want more - to pass the character of the character and his attitude towards him.

Today we will continue the pattern of drawing a figure of a person, and in this lesson we will study the proportions. In this lesson We learn how to learn to draw a person in a phased pencil in full growth. . In order for subsequent information to really find yourself useful for you, I suggest cooking a sheet of paper and pencil and immediately draw with me.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify: we will consider, and also learn how to build and draw a figure of a high person with ideal academic proportions. The figures of most people have their own characteristics, sometimes very far from the references, however, they are all interesting in their own way and beautiful. In order to learn how to properly display the characteristic features of the figure of each person individually, you must first remember the ratios and proportions in the ideal version of them. full-length man

If you never painted people in full growth, start with simple:

  • First, try to build several proportional skeletons, so that the hands, legs of palms, pelvis, knees and other parts were in place.
  • On these frames, wear the human body, you can in a very simplified version, without muscle relief. You can dress your character in simple clothes.
  • From such a skeleton you can make a man or a woman, a complete or slender person, everything will be in place. Train!
  • If everything is good, try to show muscles, legs, torso.

Learning to draw a person in stages

In an ideal figure, human growth is equal to the height of eight his heads. Consequently, if the height of the human head is multiplied by eight - we will get it perfect proportional growth.

Determine the main proportions

Prepare a sheet of paper and pencil, proceed into drawing. At its working surface, determine the height (growth) of the future person, spend the vertical direct line.

  • We divide the height of this straight line exactly input. Half of the growth of a person (the middle of this line) is Lobcovaya bone .
  • The upper and lower formed parts divide in half again. So we will define respectively: at the top Chest level The nipples will be on this line, at the bottom of the line under knee chashes .

For clarity, so as not to get confused with the scheme of the structure of a person's figure, divisions and lines, will be wisply to build a simplified skeleton as in the figure below: Proportions of human body figures

  • Human with brushed hands in different directions Enter into square. The length of the tip of the fingers on one hand until the end of another hand will be equal to the growth of man (or 8 heads).
  • Definitive head. For this, the upper part of the straight line (cut 3) divide once again in half, getting Head height and distance From the chin to chest (Showing Green Color on illustration below ). The proportions of the figure of the human body
  • We divide the segment from the chest line to the pubic dice into two equal parts and get Navel level (Showing Blue Color ).
  • Wrist We start drawing at the level of the line that divides the growth of man in half.

Similar scheme At first glance, it may seem difficult or even boring, but the one who will enjoy it and correctly apply in practice, will be insured from errors with proportions during the creation of a person's drawings.

Head and face

In order to learn how to draw a person in full growth correctly, it is also important to know and remember the scheme of building and proportion of head and face. We define the main lines that will help us build a person with the right proportions. Proportions of the head

  • First, the height of the head divide into two equal parts - we get Eye line (Showing Red lines).
  • Determine hair growth line, This is 1 \ 7 from the height of the head. This line is shown Orange Color.
  • Further head is divided into 3 equal parts. Thus, we get Brovia line (shown Green Color) and line Nose (blue ).
  • Cut from the tip of the nose to the chin divide in half - we get the level of the edge Lower lips, Above noting the mouth line.
  • The nose line coincides with Linse of the back Especially good it can be seen if you look at your head into the profile.
  • Ear shell We start drawing at the level of the eye axis and finish on the nose line. In the ears profile, we place the skull in half on the vertical.

To better deal with the proportions of the head, watch articles as well as video tutorials: "How to draw a person's face", "face in profile."

The height from the top of the nose is equal to the size of the palm. This is a very important measurement, mark it for yourself, it will come in handy today.

Torso and pelvis

In order to find important key points of the chest and the pelvis, we need somewhere in the corner of the drawing, mark yourself the size of the palm height, now it is especially necessary for us.


In order to correctly draw a person's figure, it is important to understand the proportions of the hands, elbows, forearm, clavicle and brushes.

  • Draw hands start with clavitz Their length is equal to one palm. Let's spend an experiment with the check measurement on yourself. From the yapper on both sides, measure the size of the palm. Coincides with the clavicle? Proportions of man's hand in the palms
  • The key is attached, more precisely, the shoulder bone. On the top of this bone being deltoid which is clearly visible in almost all people. Delta length is equal to the size of the palm.
  • If you hit the hand in the elbow, then Length of the forearm will be palm. Also the length of the end of the delta to bending in the elbow is equal to the size of the palm.

These are landmarks that almost always coincide.


If it can cope with these measurements and proportions is too difficult, try printing this image with finished marking, and practice to draw a person according to this scheme.

Person's body proportions in palms

I hope this will simplify the task and will help you.


In this lesson, we dealt with the main proportions of the human body and after some training you will be able to draw a person's figure in full growth without preliminary marking, noting only the main landmarks.

These knowledge will be enough if you depict a person on a remote distance or dressed in clothing from dense tissue.

See also our publication and video How to draw a girl, here are revealed by the nuances of building a female figure in full growth.

In the following lessons, we will deal a little more with the main muscle groups that you need to know and take into account when you draw a person in easy clothing or without it.

I wish you creative success!

The dream of most people, learn to draw beautifully, do it with a pencil, you need a special skill. To learn to portray a person, that is, a portrait, you need to know a pair of techniques and work experience. In general, there is no difficulty, the main thing is not to be lazy. Do not be afraid to seem like a ridiculous student, you just learn, and strive for creative successes.

How to draw a person in a phased pencil

How to learn to draw a person a pencil phased

Starting working on your hobby, you need to take a little taking into account theory. If you want to portray a person, you need to consider and understand its proportions. Without observing them, the drawing will get a little realistic and funny. First, study the figure of medium sizes, it will give a base on which you can build proportions in the future. Use your head as a unit of measurement for the relative sizes of other parts of the body. For example, to be more understandable, in average the growth of the seven seven, eight heads. Of course, the man differs from female, and also, children have their own outlines, not similar to adults. But this is what is relating to the general points, in general, proportions may not correspond to reality, in a pencil figure, it is important to understand the mood portrayed, character and expression.

Figure man pencil

How to learn to draw a person pencil for beginners

If you just learn to draw, this is not a problem, it is even interesting to start and open something new for yourself. Try to perform the movements of one line without fearing to make a mistake. You can portray a person in different ways, the most suitable newcomer in this matter, it is better to disassemble the pattern in parts. Probably, many remember how in school, or in kindergarten learned to draw wands, circles, connecting together. Partly it is correct to avoid strong distortion of real body parts.

    1. Build a rectangle on paper, and in its middle, draw a straight strip, slightly longer than the most depicted figure.

How to learn to draw a child

  1. Above the quadricle, an oval shape of the shoulder, in the lower area, spend the dotted of future clothes.
  2. Now oval heads, try not to do it too small, and pictures below.
  3. All shapes can still be depicted, as they only perform an auxiliary function and will be deleted later.
  4. Then depict a pair of circles in the field of hands, legs, it is part of the elbows, knees.
  5. And now from the shoulders, spend your hands going on, corresponding to the foot area with the knees.
  6. Actually, the contour of our little man is ready, it remains gently erased the auxiliary lines, to give the most realistic appearance.
  7. An important part of the drawing, face and contour of a person, without forgetting about the details, clothes. Draw the folds of clothes, shadows in the direction of light. Namely, if it falls on the left, then the shadow is depicted on the right.
  8. All these actions are aimed at the primary picture technique of a portrait, after you are the most closer to reality, depicting the skills to portray people, go to the study of portrait of persons. Draw people, animals, landscapes, always smashing a few steps to action. This technique uses not only novice artists, and experienced, confident.

How to learn to draw a person's face with a pencil

After reading the stages of the image of a person's portrait in full growth, his figures, contour, you can go to a more complex level. As with the physique, the face in the portrait is depicted in parts. If you want to draw only one person, not in full growth, then immediately define its location. To begin with, take a well sharpened thin pencil, medium hardness. This will facilitate work with sketches, and by the way, do not erase them until it is firmly accustomed to the transition of thicker contours. Performing work with a portrait of a person, the most accuracy in proportions, rather than with the torso. The face is always slightly pointed below, and on top more rounded. And both in any hobby, practice, more train more. Stay at a particular face, and push your skills.

How to learn to draw a person from scratch

How to learn to draw pencil portrait of people

For example, take the face to the girl, the face form oval. In general, girls are always more interesting to draw, there are more expressiveness of the eyes, a variety of forms. Everything, as usual, draws an elongated circle, separated by dottedirs. Vertical, goes in the middle, and the horizontal should be somewhat.

How to learn to draw pencil face

The first one shares the face slightly lower than half, the second one part. So that you understand, the meaning of these lines Show approximate finding of the nose is the vertical line, eye, lips are horizontal. But it is impossible to put it on a pencil very much, the contour will be storm as soon as you achieve the proportionality of the face. Light movements, draw parts of the nose, below the lips. Then the most important thing in the portrait is the element of sketching the soul mirrors. Their location is slightly higher tolerant, its external edges indicate where the inner corners will go. There is one fact perhaps not everyone knows that the distance between the eyes is equal to the size of one eye. Consider what form is portrayed and try to get closer to it. Draw eyebrows worth starting from the inside, the point is closer to the nose. And accordingly, do not forget about eyelashes. To make a smooth mouth, swipe an auxiliary cone-shaped outline from the external corners of the eye to the area of ​​the alleged lips.

How to learn to draw a person with a pencil from scratch

Always use the auxiliary lines, the artist from scratch, their help is inevitable. Start with simple and banal drawings without, everything comes with experience. If you decide to draw only people's faces to give them the most specifics, remember the part of the cheekbone, the shape of the chin, wrinkles. Always pay special attention to the part of the eye, it is necessary to transfer the person of a person, his emotions, and the mood at the moment. To do this, you need to learn to draw common outlines of the structure of the eye:

    1. If you make a mistake with the shape of the eye, the resemblance to the picture is lost. Therefore, try to most accurately determine the eyes of the eyes.

Learning to draw a person's face

  1. After, pupils are drawn, they are always black, as a small point of the middle of the eyes.
  2. From the pupil for realism, draw small veins, two, three glare, and slightly darken the top part.
  3. Eyelashes are drawn in the upper eyelids and longer, but slightly different sizes. Otherwise, they will look like pasted.

Simple pencil add shadows and grow them, it will give the volume of the image and the illusion of the movement, that's the whole drawing is ready. Try as often as possible and more practicing to hone the surrounding skills.

Learning to draw pencil - video lessons

Reflect the image of a person on a sheet is considered complex in the art of drawing. After all, it is important to transfer the pose, a physique, and do not forget about emotions. In order for the drawing to be good, and learn to draw professionally, you can familiarize yourself with the advice of the famous Italian artist Giovanni Chivardi, who are collected in the book "Drawing a person's figure".

Required tools and equipment

A person's figure can be drawn by any materials - from a simple pencil, right up to professional paints. Thanks to versatility and ease of use, the pencil is the most common. The paper is better to acquire a smooth and sufficiently dense.

Mixed technique combines different materials. A firm pencil can make a light pattern, and emphasis will add accents. Sometimes to mitigate the intensity, you can apply the mascara diluted with water, the exact contours are erased by an eraser. In the drawing, the pen can be given the effect of sepia, picking up the watercolor of the desired color. Beginners artists must constantly experiment in order to find their own drawing style.

Location of body parts

Regardless of the object selected, it is extremely important to determine its location, which will take no more than a third of the sheet. It is desirable to start with the highlight of the center. To impart realism, the figure should have the right proportions. The head will be 1/7 part of the overall growth.

Basic forms and lines

If you do not have any idea of ​​the structure of the body, it is better to start with the study of its design, thoroughly studying the muscles and bones. Do not immediately draw lines. Muscles are issued by ovals, then joints are allocated. Many people think that it is primitive, but newcomers will be able to make a figure correctly, following this useful advice.

Further, all parts are connected by a smooth feature. The lines of the hands, legs and contours of the body itself are derived. The result is the whole figure. To give a portrait of realism, smearing and wide strokes are added. Folds will give object the illusion of mobility.

It is often not recommended to start drawing a person with a sketch of naked nature, but there is a different opinion that without the knowledge of the body's constitution will not even work out. It is extremely important to represent the final version of the intended.

Human drawing in full growth

After reading the theory, you can proceed to the phased process of drawing a person in a shirt and jeans. As a result, it turns out an image of a guy with a pencil in full growth. This master class is perfect for beginners.

  1. A straight vertical line is carried out, not reaching the edges of the sheet. Divide on 6 equal segments. This is necessary to comply with proportions. Otherwise, the legs will rest in the bottom that it looks not very attractive.
  2. Next, you need to spend some more lines for the pelvis and shoulders. The wrong arrangement will make the picture disproportionate, and it will have to redo it again. To portray a relaxed person, the shoulder part of the right is located further from the central line as opposed to the left side. Neck will not be, since the guy's head is tilted.
  3. Sketch of knees and elbows are applied, which are located at a certain distance from the lines. Drawing unnoticed so that they are easy to erase in the future. At the very bottom, draw circles for future legs and stop.
  4. The arrow from the elbows to the pelvis. It is very convenient for those who draw for the first time. The hands of a young man will be in his pockets, fingers can not draw.
  5. Eraser remove the auxiliary circles and ovals. According to them, the contours of clothing, and parts of the body. When adding elements of the face, the chin point is put and the beginning of hair growth. The neck contour is repelled from the central line.
  6. The turn is the outline of the hands and boots. The sketches of the mouth and nose are immediately made. The ears are also depicted, pushing out the central line of the eyes and the body.
  7. Although the guy's hands are in his pockets, you need to draw a thumb, exhibited outwards. We draw folds, belt, collar and shoe sole. The folds are applied to jeans and upper clothes on the place of bending elbows.
  8. Fully erased auxiliary lines. The edges of the trousers, pockets complement the double seam. Add buttons shirts and other details of jeans.
  9. According to the previously conducted parallel lines of the face draw the nose of lips and eyes. Smile can be done, applying strokes from the tip of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Add eyebrows and create an interesting hairstyle using curved stripes.

In such a simple way, it is easy to draw a realistic picture. Adhering to such instructions, you can also depict other people in different clothes.

Drawing boy

As a basis, you can take the previous human lesson in full growth.

  1. Not strongly pressing the pencil is drawn by headed heads. Two short lines for the neck are added. Next, a rectangle protrudes as a sketch of the body.
  2. With the help of an additional rectangle, the contour of the body is drawn. Hands are displayed on the sides below the shared feature.
  3. The shoulders line are slightly rounded. In the lower rectangle, a vertical trailer is carried out. The upper part of the trousers is detailed, and the neck is added to the switch.
  4. We depict your hands and draw thumbs up.
  5. Head divide into four parts. In the two top compartments there are eyes, in the center of the nose, and at the bottom of the lips. Ears are at the level of the eye. Sharching pupils, black eyebrows and bangs in the form of ordinary triangles. At the very end we ereate thin lines on the face and add folds to clothing.

Baby with a dog

In the following figure, depict a child with its four-legged friend. The process itself is simple and does not take much time.

  1. We draw a straight and axial line. It is necessary to indicate the direction of the body of the kid. Slightly above the black circle. Small segments will indicate the position of the hands. Determine the head of the head covered with hair.
  2. The child will be depicted in the profile, and the features of the face are directed to the right. You need to outline neat nose and chin. Draw near hair ushko.
  3. Go to the face. The lips should be slightly stretched, the eyes are squeezed with thin lines. The hair on the head is absolutely in chaotic order, then they will get slightly disheveled. The shadows under hair are being worked out, the cheek is highlighted with an arcuate eyeliner.
  4. Next, the body is drawn, the back and tummy is depicted. T-shirt sleeves are displayed, from which hands are going raised up.
  5. In the hands of a boy draws a puppy body contour. It is not necessary to put pressure on a pencil. If the result of the outline suits you, then the face, wool and other details are drawn.

The drawing can be considered complete, but for contrast, you can add dark strokes to the clothes with a soft pencil. In order to draw well, you need to stop your choice on a specific subject. The main thing is to follow the recommendations and think about how everything will look in the final version. Using various techniques, you will definitely find the most convenient method for yourself.

Stock Foto Ideas and examples for man drawing with pencil

The image of a person is considered the most difficult in visual art - except for postures and positions need to be taken into account anatomy, be able to transmit the dynamics of movement and emotions. With sketches, everything is easier - it is enough to understand the drawing technique.

The first thing to be done is to deal with the proportions. To do this, draw a line on a sheet and scatter it for seven or eight equal parts if you draw a person standing, or five to six if the figure sits.

Now fill the drawn scale from top to bottom as in the picture. First draw your head - it should take one division, then the chest - two divisions, the pelvis at about the fourth division, knees on the fifth and foot. Do not forget that the person should have a neck and hands, and also provide a place for transitions from one nodal point to another, for example, from the chest to the pelvis.

The basis of a person is ready. You can erase the scale with numbers, it will no longer need it. Little Lifehak: If you don't want to draw the scale every time, you can create it in Photoshop or other editor, print and put under the work sheet of the paper.

In order not to get confused with the proportions inside the figure itself, do not draw a body line immediately. Look muscles with ovals, highlight the joints. This step is missing, considering it primitive, but it is he who helps beginners to make the figure correctly.

The easiest sketch of muscles will help prevent a mistake in proportions.

At this stage, all parts of the figure must be combined with a smooth line, add the foundation of clothing, if necessary, hairstyle and other parts.

4 simple ways to draw a person figure

The most basic did, the detailing remained, the degree of which depends on the original idea.

How to draw a person figure in an unusual pose

So that the sketches become better than the day from day, you need to constantly develop the skill. Purchase several books on sketching and drawing, anatomy for artists. If you are interested in extremely sketches of people, we recommend the book of the Italian artist Giovanni Chivardi "Drawing a person's figure."

Make drawings more interesting will help work on details. Pay attention to the parts of the body - the artists do so to find the best angle.

How to draw brush hands

To give its drawings a dynamism, experiment with the poses - an unusual posture always attracts attention and makes the sketch more memorable.

Unusual postures make your drawings more alive. A source

Dedote one evening to deal with pencils that vary according to the degree of softness. There are several rigidity designation systems, but the European scale is most often found.

B- Soft.

H- solid.

HB. - firmly soft.

F- Middle tone between H and HB.

Figures that often stand in front of the letter denotes the degree of softness or hardness. For example, 4b is four times softer than b, and 2H twice twice the usual H.

Most often, the HB pencil is used to create an outline, it is convenient to draw the basis and create shadows. To create accents, darning darkeys and shadows use soft pencils - 2B and softer.

How the pencils differ according to the degree of softness

Develop observation - mark how people stand, sit or go. The main secret of the success of sketchs - naturalness and realism. Watch the work of professional artists, especially since the era of the Internet is easy to find guides and lessons.

How to draw a beautiful portrait

If you do not have any detail, for example, hands - with them there are always many problems, read how others paint them. Find photos and finished hand drawings, and best - the process of creating an outline.

Look for your style - it is not necessary to draw photo-realistic. There are a lot of successful illustrators who have developed their technique for creating outline. One example is Jae Suk Kim, in the portfolio of which you can find collaborations with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia, Michael Kors, Dior and other famous brands.

Skitsch illustrator Jae Suk Kim

Use each free minute to practice - by drawing countless not very successful sketches, you will sooner or later see your mistakes and you can become better. The main thing is self-confidence and the desire for a dream.

Learn to draw yourself and guess how to draw a person's sketch or the foundation for visualization is very difficult. If you have gotten on this path, you have to get through our own errors, but there is a way simpler: sign up for the course "Sketching for designers", where in four months you will learn to draw excellent sketches.

Course "Sketching for Designers"

On the course you will learn the techniques and get the skills necessary to create a sketch.

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