How to make a girl happy: 6 principles of happy couple

In order for the relationship between a man and a woman to develop and led to the family, a lot of effort and work on them are required from a man. There is no happy couple, where partners are idle and just swim through the circumstances. In fact, the psychology of relations offers simple rules and recommendations, how to make a girl happy to preserve relationships for many years.

If a man wants to become an ideal companion for his chosen, it is not necessary to conquer tops for this, to get a star from the sky or earn millions. In fact, psychologists call 6 principles of happy relationships, which should be basic points in the construction of families. Crossed into reality these items, a man will make his own woman truly happy, receiving reciprocity from it.

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Love and respect - the key to a happy relationship

The main rule of how to make his girlfriend is happy, lies in such behavior and the attitude of a man to her, no matter how he wanted to treat him. The foundation of healthy love relations will always be sincere feelings and respect. These qualities are manifested in the following actions:

  • accepting her part in any situations, support for his girl;
  • respect for her parents and neutrality in quarrels and conflicts of a girl with them;
  • coordination with its point of view;
  • Refusal to public quarrels, which humiliates both a man and his partner.

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Respect for his girlfriend can be exercised by competent and polite speech without obscene and rude phrases, in the gallant behavior with her. It is necessary to show your feelings to be verbally, since all girls love ears, as well as with the help of small surprises and presents. In any undertaking, it needs to be maintained, and it is better to share a burden for two, which is very brings.

Be always honest

In order to make a loved one, a man just needs to be honest and frank with her in any questions.

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Especially if the girl behind the shoulders has a negative experience associated with deception and betrayal, it is doubly more important to avoid lies and underwent. In addition to honest communication, a man should always be ready for an active listening of the interlocutor, which is necessary to periodically every person.

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Sexologist. Family relations expert. Family psychologist.

The most common cause of broken pairs is distrust, even if none of the partners did nothing wrong. Difference is growing due to small deceptions, even if there are still connected with household moments, after which the fear of deception hurts the brain and does not allow a person to think logically. This is especially true for girls who are often rapid decisions on the soil of jealousy.

More often say that you love her

Any girl will feel the happiest, if he regularly hear from his chosen word of love. Not in vain say that girls love ears, they are actually sensitive to said words and emotions. Sometimes a man simply forget to remind a girl about their feelings, believing that this top is already submissive. In fact, recognition in love have their own "validity".

Do you often confess your girlfriend's love?

Yes Not

There are several ways to recognize feelings:

  • Recognition of TET-A-TET directly or with the help of romantic phrases;
  • Writing a love message with simple text or rhyme;
  • Correspondence on the social network in private messages or publicly with beautiful design;
  • presenting colors with a postcard where recognition will be written;
  • talking on the phone;
  • Organization of a romantic date, where words about love will be told.

In fact, it is possible to confess in love not only with the help of three words "I love you," you can gently show the Girl's seriousness of your intentions, to take care and affection, to get closer to it with a tactile way, since the girls are very sensitive to any touch. Showing originality and regularity, a man will be able to make a girl the happiest.

Do nice things

If a man does what his second half awaits him, these relationships are already doomed to success and happiness. And the fair sex is expected from their partners a few moments, for example:

  1. Romantic - Such a guy likes all the girls, even the most rational and landed features. To demonstrate romance, a man can take the following:
  • Write a love letter in the form of a simple text or poem, adding the original design;
  • To issue a photo collage, reuniting in it the most memorable moments in the pictures;
  • Frank conversation in which the guy will tell how happy he is with his chosen.
  1. Attention - It is this parameter that determines the mood and emotional background of any girl, as they all crave attention to themselves. Answer attention can be as follows:
  • open the door in front of it;
  • Serve hand in transport;
  • help wear upper clothes;
  • Caring for her mood and well-being;
  • assistance in any difficult situation;
  • Periodic presents in the form of flowers and sweets.
  1. Knowledge that girl likes - To show how important the man is important, its chosen is, if you know everything that she loves. Namely her favorite dish, flowers, preferences in music and cinema, etc. Thanks to such information, a man will always be armed with ideas for dates. .
  2. Renal dates - It is possible to show your serious attitude, if you remember all the important dates of couples, birthdays, dating date, first date, kiss, etc.

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It is such simple ways to help a man make pleasant surprises for their Girl. To call her emotions from the actions and presents, they can be done in unexpected moments, and not purely on holidays and reasons.

Unexpected surprises

A powerful link in a pair is a pleasant and unexpected surprises that do not lose their significance even after many years of living together. The girl will feel happy in a relationship if her young man will periodically pour pleasant, and most importantly, unplanned and spontaneous surprises. For instance:

  • chocolates under her pillow;
  • coffee in the morning in bed or cooked dinner;
  • Sending a bouquet of flowers to work or study;
  • Order songs on her radio name;
  • Organization of a romantic date;
  • Trips to other cities and countries;
  • Gifts in the form of symbolic souvenirs and much more.

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If a man has no free time for hiking in cinema or restaurants, he can arrange an excellent vacation for his girl, giving her a massage to her, in a spa salon or something else that girls love so much. Such a present will show not only the generosity of a man, but also his concern for the mood and well-being chosen.

Be more often together

Every girl feels the worst and gets huge positive emotions when he spends time alone with his man. Unfortunately, many strong pairs for a long time in relationships are not enough - a joint pastime. Psychologists advise to allocate periodically all day to conduct him with their girlfriend.

On this day, all his attention he needs to concentrate on his chosen, you can just stay at home, watch movies, enjoy delicious food and drinks. To help her relax, a man can make a massage, cook a girl with a bathroom with rose petals. The conversation for souls also brings closer as the joint execution of any cases. If the girl is tired of life, you can lead her to nature, in a cinema or any other entertainment establishment.


To make a girl happy, many men rush to the embodiment of the most banal actions and actions. In fact, the girls appreciate not expensive gifts, huge bouquets of roses and dating in restaurants, they are important to attitude from the man, manifestation of feelings and care. Psychologists call 6 principles of happy relationships, which includes love and respect, honesty, manifestation of love, good deeds and pleasant surprises, as well as a joint pastime.

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Do not hide your emotions. Surround it with your love and kindness, and she will do the same for you.

Top 10 ways to make your woman happy

In fact, for this you need not so much. But why then do we see around so many unfortunate women?

The fact is that many men have no idea what those whom they love, and how to give it to them. Do not commit the same mistake as they. You need to know exactly what you like your beloved - and what she doesn't like at all.

Do you think it's too complicated? Do not worry. Below you will find several tips that will help you make your woman incredibly happy - and you at the same time.

1. Drive it for interesting dates.

Dates are wonderful. In a relationship, this is one of the few opportunities to forget about noise, chaos, adult world commitments and to be alone with each other. It is on a date that you can truly enjoy each other's society. And therefore you need to do everything possible so that every date you have fun and interesting - if, of course, love your partner.

So do not be boring and predictable, do not drive it into the same familiar restaurant. Yes, you like it, maybe you even had a first date, but this does not mean that all subsequent dates should pass there. Try something new. Creating creativity. Let her know that you do not just love her - that you still want to amaze her ... as if you do it for the first time.

2. Communicate. Always, about everything and any themes.

If you want the relationship to be strong, healthy and durable, you need to communicate with each other. Believe me, neither you nor your girlfriend know how to read thoughts. And you will not be able to guess that she is about this or that matter if you do not talk about it.

So communicate with each other - it is worth it. Do not expect from the beloved that she some kind of magical way will just guess your desires and aspirations. Be honest and open. Speak with her about everything important (and even about what is not very important).

Let it in your life, and this will pay off a hundred times.

3. Try that she firmly knew that you will be near when it takes.

Reliability - this is what is distinguished by healthy relationships. It is important for it to know that it can rely on you if necessary. In everything. Yes, yes, your woman should always receive a sense of security and security from the relationship that needs.

You will not be able to make it happy if in a relationship she constantly seems as if you can throw it at any time. Give her to understand that you will always cover her back and you will do it as much as it takes.

4. Let's have so much attention as it takes.

Be careful. Learn not only to listen, but also hear. Stop behaving as if you are the finished egoist.

Your woman has not only material, but also emotional needs, and since you love her, they must take care of them. The meaning of healthy relationship is not to always receive what you want.

5. Try to please her friends and relatives.

After you, her friends and relatives will always be the most important people in her life. And since you firmly decided to become an integral part of your girl's life, it is worth trying to become a part and its social life - the one that has already existed before you met.

It is important to make all possible efforts to enjoy her friends and relatives. Even if you end up with nothing, it will always be remembered that you at least tried.

6. Do not hesitate to tell her that you love her.

Stop playing games. Enough to make an impregnable rock, climbed to the top of which is simply impossible. You have already achieved the desired, you are already in a relationship with the most wonderful woman around the world.

You no longer need to depict indifference and lack of interest. If you love her and want her to love you, let her know about your love.

Do not hide your emotions. Do not restrain them. Surround it with your love and kindness, and she will do the same for you.

7. Satisfy her needs in the intimate sphere.

Sexual proximity for some reason is one of the most neglected aspects of relations. Many couples believe that this is not the most important part of them. But making love is something much more than just part of your relationship. This is a physical manifestation of the emotional intimacy of two people who love each other. This is the highest proof of trust and mutual respect, embodied in the plexus of two bodies.

All she wants from you in fact is that you are generous in the intimate sphere. They laid out as much as it did when it was just trying to get into the bed with your beloved.

8. Trust and resperate.

Never mock her and do not understand her abilities and achievements. Do not treat it as a child. Consider her equal to myself. Respect her as an adult and an independent woman who is voluntary with you in full-fledged relationships.

9. If you feel your guilt - apologize.

Do not allow your pride to stand on the path of happiness. Around you and so complete-fullest relationships that scattered because of someone's overly bloated ego. If the thought comes to your head that, apologizing, you will "lose face", press this idea in the embryo.

If you guessed something in front of your partner or know about some kind of deficiency that affects the relationship, admit it, apologize and try to fix everything. Yes, it may not be easy to earn her forgiveness. But if you want her to be happy with you, you need to try to do it.

10. Be true.

This item must be quite obvious, but nevertheless ... if you change your choices, it is hardly worth expecting that it will be happy. So be faithful to her. Do not make it feel just one of the options. Let it always and in any circumstances know that she is in the first place for you.

Girls go very quickly, if you do not take care of some things. Make a girl happy much easier than it seems at first glance.

The President of the Consulting Company Brandenable Robert Manni (Robert Manni), in his book "Guys' Guide Guide To Love), told about some of the features of female happiness. Make a girl happy much easier than it seems at first glance.

Many beautiful sex representatives love to walk with offended and disgruntled views. This is not the natural state of your girlfriend, and she is unhappy with something. Want to make a girl happy and pleased, and hachers and sex?

If you want a good relationship, then you need to do something. Many men believe that women are the most complex creatures that do not know what they want. This myth of mysteriousness, not logiciness and unpredictability love to support the women themselves, but in reality everything is different. Any woman can be made happy and it's easy. All women are different? Yes. But there are basic basic points, the execution of which guarantees 95% of all female desires.

Robert Manni is confident that girls need from men not so much. How to make a girl happy?

1. Be active

Many poor people did not make efforts or did not show activity in relationships. Where are they all? They sit at home alone. They have no girls who kiss them hugging, fed and fucked. It is sad. Invite her to the cinema, cafe, on the street, to the theater, on the match. Dari flowers, postcards, chocolates, decorations and other attributes of romantic relationships. Without it in any way. Kiss and take sex when she has not yet cooled and wants it. Forcing events. Active men are never alone. The girl is happy when a man does the first step and gradually conquers her. Take the initiative to your hands. "Women's Happiness is when questions" who is to blame "and" what to do "decides for her a man."

2. Be attentive

No need to call a girlfriend and get it every day. But the girl should understand and see that you remember her. It can be sms, calls, postcards, messages in social networks. Breaks between dates fill with short communication sessions. This will create a sense of stability, confidence and female happiness. She's stupid, but what to do with it? It kisses tasty.

How to make a girl happy

3. Support order

Men love to "hang" things on the floor, not to wash the dishes, not to be used in the apartment for weeks and not shave. And women are placed on cleanliness. So they were taught by mom and they saw this in the movies. In the films, men look perfectly, and their apartments look like an apartment from the real estate catalog.

Your berrher does not look like a house in California or Penthouse, but it is not scary. If the girl should come to visit or periodically invigorates you (probably you lure it for sex), then it is better to maintain the minimum order. Particularly paid a bathroom and bed. In the bathroom, it will definitely hold some time as in bed. But for probable sex, you need to wash, shave and look with a needle. The girl will be glad to meet with a neat man, and not with a man.

4. Cut good sex

Sex is one of their most important components of relationships. If a man does not satisfy a woman, it will make someone else. Show stamina, patience, perseverance and ingenuity in pursuit of female orgasm. The lack of a female orgasm with a sexual act is a male challenge. And what man evades from an abandoned call?

5. Let her know about the feelings

You have repeatedly practiced sex, met with your friends, but what's next? The relationship occurs in the relationship when people are confessed in their feelings or part. The missed chance can pour into loneliness. Let her know about emotions, sensations, thoughts and feelings. It is not necessary to be eloquent, sufficiently tie-speaking and stingy male confessions. Too many words about love do not inspire confidence. Let her know about the feelings and calm down her female excitement. The girl will be happy to realize that he loves and loved.

How to make a girl happy? Easily! As a popular actor, artist and TV presenter Yuri Nikulin: "If each of us is able to make a happy other person - at least one, everything will be happy on Earth"

Surprise for a girl

From a female point of view, it is easy to answer the question: how to make a happy. Men are in bewilderment - "Well, what else does she need?".

Why is the occurrence of incompatination? And do I need to look for an answer to this question? Needless it is necessary! Because psychologists have long been proven, the success of a man directly depends on how his lady's lady feels next to him. Written by the inception of a woman, a man cares about himself.

How to make a girl happy according to men i

They are quite sure that for the sake of a woman doing everything - career, material support, status. When there is no special mutual understanding, maeys out at work, trying to prove that it can even make it impossible. As a rule, it leads to the opposite result - it begins to think that they completely forgot about it, which is not needed by anyone. Conflict is obvious.

In fact, the woman is really important what a man gives is Istatus, and money. It helps to feel protected, and this is exactly what women are looking for women in relationships.

But these incomprehensible and emotional creatures are so arranged, that insecrees, they need a superstructure.

How to make a girl happy so she etoperate 2

Strictly speaking, each couple has its own secret, but there are general rules, cost-up if there are exceptions, then small.

Women speak more than men. But this does not mean that he needs to walk beech and think that she will understand everything. I will understand! No matter if hear. And here it is not necessary to bother with complex complies, it is enough to act according to the principle: we are going to the roads - we sing roads. I knew what I ate: "How do you prepare you!". Flap on the borderstundance thought about clothes: "You look great today!" I wanted face: "You're so sexy!" Not the highest mathematics, but acts surely, deplete, happier and younger.

Make a girl happy

Words are good, and actions are better. Moreover, it can be anything. Alone in the severity of the bags that his wife carries from the store. Or (again suddenly) acquired right on the street, and then the flowers gave extra-hourly. Any act, the basis of which will be attention to, will cause a happy smile on his face.

If a man thinks that the touch is needed only in bed, it is deep-eared. Hugs, kisses, lung touch to hand or cheek - all Etto creates a sense of security, so appreciated by an excellent half.

It is not necessary to mention insults, mats in the feminine presence, ornel epitheats. Even said in a gust of anger does not make a man of honor. This is clear. But to undergo when she is waiting for support, laughing at failures, in the presence of other people - also completely extra action. Help, tips - this is what you need. True, do it when she asks, it is unnecessary to show that it is not capable of anything.

Respect relates and listening to the opinion that concerns her self-joint work. Agree in everything is not necessary, but you need to consider.

Happy relationship

Of course, not in the sense that they do not stumble about it. And in the wrong ignoring mode. Wrote SMS, called? You need to answer. Unsubestation now, call back or write later. The same topic is noted that it invests in the creation of comfort. Clean shirts of the nadeils are not growing. And if they grew, there would be someone with someone, and for this, too, more thanking.

To feed your hand when leaving the bus, skip forward, hold the door, move the chair. These and other pleasant little things will make a man feeling the present Macho, and the girl is an extreme princess.

With those people who are important for her. It is unlikely that it will work out that mans with a girl who has vampires in friends. If connected, then some kind of found, and therefore friends are not so strange. But even if wonderful, they are not necessarily mapping with them, but to hold negative expressions.

I sat alone and frightened something, called in hysterics. The man calmly reflected and spoke in the sense that the doors are strong, nothing will be wrong with you. He, of course, is right, logical and, in general, is terribly busy. But the girls' thoughts are bad, and feelings are the same - insecurity of insaneness. Even if there is no real danger, take care does not hurt. Thanks can be pleasant, but the resentment is to grow into parting.

happy couple

With charming smashed girls meet, but not long. For military relations are looking for responsible and serious. Such can also be jokes to arrange jokes, but they learn, they work, do not be late and fulfilling. And if you do not execute, you warn.

In a different way, it is difficult to name if a man in the presence of a woman starts talking about another to an excellent degree. Even if this other is the most recognized actress is still unacceptable little.

Whatever big love does not bind two, everyone should have free suctation. The absence of cells in relationships (golden or not - it does not matter), leads to comfort and feeling of freedom. This allows relations to grant, as they are good and nice.

This means that it means that you do not need to write SMS every 10-60 minutes, call and ask: "Where are you?", Jealous about and without it, to give advice to each purchase, and then ask: "Why did you buy it? Because of money? ". Greed, petty and jealousy - the path to nowhere.

how to become a happy couple

If you buried, and the guy launched, raised the mood, then, at a minimum, the grateful look earns, but most likely more. Because here is the Ivelism, and care, and good mood. Humor helps to get out of the complication and smooth the conflict.

As a happy girl, I will understand only the one who truly loves her. Not suffocating dependence, but a light, warm, sincere feeling.

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For any man, it's not difficult to please your girlfriend, especially when she loves him. As a guy, you can give her more reasons to smile and feel beloved and special. However, it is difficult to understand what a woman wants, then try different strategies to make her happy.

30 things that will make your girlfriend happy

Here are 30 things that fill the heart of your girl with happiness and joy.

Tell her that you love her

Take her hand, look into the eyes and say these three words. This is one of the easiest, but most important rules in any respect. Give her to understand how much you love her, and how special for you is. It will cost you absolutely nothing, but, undoubtedly, she will be glad.

Write a love letter or leave small notes

This is one of the most pleasant things you can do for it. Let it read in a letter or note that you always think about it during the day.

Surprise bouquet of flowers

Any woman is always glad to flowers. And if you still rush to it unexpectedly home or to work with a bouquet - it will bring your girl to puppy delight. So do not be afraid, and give her flowers, even without reason.

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Write her a cute message

Letters from hand are always pleasant, but every day will not work them. Thanks to new technologies and the Internet, we can easily communicate with whom will want. So do not neglect this. Send to her during the day "Sweet" message. Tell her what you think about her and you miss. This message will not leave it indifferent. And be sure it will shine from happiness when you read your message.

Call her

At least, call her once a day to ask how her day goes or what she does. It will force her to feel care.

Respect Her.

Respect her and she will respect you in response. Become for your sweetheart knight, learn how to handle it, like a princess. She will definitely love your politeness and it will always be delight.

Make it feel safe

When your girlfriend will feel that next to you is safe, it will understand that you are the same! She instinctively will feel happier from it.

Speak compliments

Women love compliments, it makes them feel more valuable. Therefore, when you notice something good in it, tell her about it.

Do not be afraid to say:

  • You have a beautiful smile;
  • You look great;
  • This dress perfectly emphasizes your figure;
  • I love how you smell.

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Listen to her

Always pay attention to it when she is talking to you. Sometimes girls need only the one who listens to all their excitement about life.

She needs a listener, not the adviser!

For this she will love you only stronger.

Spend time with it

This is one of the most important things you need to take into account at any relationship. No matter how busy is your schedule, do not forget to free your time for her. Create pleasant moments with her. Make your time unforgettable together, even the easiest ways.

Give her unexpected gifts

You do not need to buy expensive gifts. It is enough to buy her favorite ice cream, or a box of candy. Even a ticket to the cinema is enough to make your beloved to make your beloved.

Polar her

Girls love them to pour them. Buy her food she wishes. Read the romantic poems or spoil the song that she often listens.

Sincerely apologize

Feel free to apologize if you made a mistake. Ask forgiveness even when it seems banal for you. Let her know that you care about her feelings. The main rule, be sincerely. And if you apologize through a text message, then make sure that the girl will understand you correctly.

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Cheer it

Tell her about a fun incident that has happened to you. Or about some funny things that you have read somewhere. It is not difficult as you think. Share with it funny thoughts to make her laugh. If your jokes do not cause her smile, you can try to do something funny.

Hunt it

It is warm by it, feeling the smell of her hair. Your girlfriend will understand that her boyfriend always misses her.

Make her feel special

Make your expensive feel that it is unique and not common. Therefore, if you are trying for other people, make sure you also try for it.

Thank you for doing

Never forget to show your gratitude or appreciation when she does something special for you. The usual "thank you" can definitely decorate her day!

Prepare for it

Do not worry if you are not a chef. Your thoughts, willingness and effort are important. It will not only make your favorite one compete, but will excite. Because you are at the expense of food trying to conquer not only her heart and soul, but also its taste receptors.

Keep her hand in public

It will make her feel a sense of security that it is valuable and revered. She will be glad from awareness that you are pleased to be with her and you are happy that she is in your life.

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Always be near to help her

You do not have to be a superman or Batman. Save it, help in solving simple everyday problems. Get rid of the wearing heavy baggage, or search for some little things - it will turn you into her favorite superhero.

Enable it in the decision-making process

You are in a relationship, so you should also act as a whole. Even if you decide in which direction to go, consider also its ideas. She will see that you are not indifferent to her opinion and it will make it feel more valuable.

Be cute with her

Stay with her cute, no matter how long you are together, proves that you still love each other. Simple "I love you" or a gift to her enough to make it happy.

Show her how romantic you can be for it. Do not give a reason for jealousy, especially if you do not like when it is jealous and upset.

Cut a romantic date

It doesn't matter where you are: in a sophisticated restaurant, cinema, in the park or even at home. What is really important is how romantically serve this day.

Be faithful to it

Faithful men rarely can be found these days. So, if you can prove your loyalty to her, it will definitely make her be happy.

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Be kind to her friends and family

Communication with her friends and family will give your girlfriend peace of mind. After all, this means that it will live without conflict among people who are close to her heart. She will be glad to know that her boyfriend, friends and family harmoniously coexist.

Share with her things

The fact that you have, too, her. Material, like your bike, or intangible as your secrets. She will be glad if you share things with it without any oscillations.

Be open and trustworthy to her.

Go on a trip together

To avoid stress at work and feel better - schedule a joint vacation. It will also help you return to you a former passion and excitement in your relationship.

Some women have certain goals, and a journey is likely to be one of them. So, if you help her achieve its goals in a relationship, it will satisfy it.

Show her that you are interested in her interests

You do not have to actively participate in all its interests and hobbies. Show that you respect her choice, and that you have nothing against. Show some enthusiasm when she talks about them.

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Appreciate her point of view

Always allow your girlfriend to speak, whatever decision she meant. Respect her point of view as much as you would like her to respect your.

Be faithful to his words and action

Never lie to her, whether you are your words or actions. Always make it happy because it says to you your loving and cheerful heart. And not only because this girl wants ...

Or not because this article says about it.

I hope that it will help all men make their beloved happy. Always remember that every woman deserves a man who will fill their heart, mind and life with joy and love.

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Connell Barrett is a specialist in the field of relationship, founder and leading coach Dating Transformation, his own advisory company in the field of relations near the city of New York, founded in 2017. Advises customers based on their dating system A.c.e: authenticity (authenticity), clarity (Clarity) and expressiveness (Expressiveness). Also is a coaching on the families of the mobile online service The League. It was written about his work in Cosmopolitan, The Oprah Magazine and Today.

Connell Barrett.

Connell Barrett. Coach by acquaintances

Apply the effort to make the girl felt special . Each of us is experiencing a deep need to feel a special person. Many relationships begin to buck if one or both partners do not try to show in every way how special is the second half for them. Think about how you can demonstrate your love, appreciation and care. For example, tell the girl that it is beautiful, write playful messages and show that you constantly think about her.

How to make a girl happy? Consider in the article!

It is not difficult to please the girl, especially if she loves you. But as a man, you must give her more reasons to smile and feel beloved and special.

Yes, it is sometimes difficult to understand the emotions of the girl, but you can try different strategies to be happy.

Ways to make a girl happy

Here are 30 things you can do so that your woman is filled with joy and happiness.

Tell her that you love her

How to make a woman or a girl happy? Take her hand, look into her eyes and say these three. This is one of the easiest, but most important rules in any respect.

If you give her to understand how much you love her, and how important it is for you, you will undoubtedly please her. And do not even have to shake your wallet!

Write a love letter

Give your girlfriend to read what you think about her. This is one of the most pleasant things you can do for her.

The girl lies in the colors

Surprise her flowers

Women and girls are easy to please. You can pop up to her home or office unexpectedly and give a bouquet of flowers. Also give her flowers without reason - this is one of the best ways to bring the woman to delight.

Send her a cute text message

Send her sweet messages, let her understand that you miss her. Your message is not just a piece of text, it is her happiness.

Call it

At least, call her once a day to ask how her day passes. She will appreciate it and feel your care.

Respect it

Be a knight for your girl, please contact her with a princess. She will definitely love your politeness.

Make it feel safe

Your masculinity will help you make a girl happy.

When a girl feels safe next to you, she will understand that you are the one from whom it can depend. She will instinctively feel happier next to you.

Praise her

Women and girls love compliments, it makes them feel more valuable.

How to make a girl happy? When you notice something pleasant in it, praise her, she deserves it. Appreciate her smiles, admire her tastes and say that you love her!

Listen to her

Pay attention to her when she talks to you. Girls need to sometimes express their excitement and experiences.

Spend time with it

This is one of the most important things you need to take into account in any respect.

No matter how busy are you, do not forget to pay attention to your girlfriend. Do things that make your collaborative life unforgettable.

Make an unexpected gift

You do not have to buy expensive gifts. Beloved ice cream, candy boxes or tickets in the cinema is sometimes enough to make a girl happy.

Try it

Girls love when they indulge. Buy her something that she wants, read the romantic poems or spoil her favorite song.

Make her laugh

It is not difficult, you just have to share funny thoughts. If your jokes do not enter, you can just try to throw funny faces.

Apologize to her sincere

Feel free to apologize if you made a mistake. Let her know that you care about her feelings. Of course, do it sincerely.

Hug it

How to make any girl or a woman happy in relationships? Hug it more often. She will feel that you always miss her.

Let her feel a special

Give her to feel that it is unique and unusual. Show her that make efforts to be happy.

Thank it

Show your appreciation when she does something special for you. Simple "thank you" can brighten her day.

Prepare for her

Do not worry if you are not a chef. Prepare something simple. It will make her happy, she will appreciate your concern.

Keep her hand in public places

She will feel protected. The idea that you are proud of her will make her happy.

Help it

You do not need to be a superman. Just save it from solving ordinary everyday problems, from carrying heavy baggage to install the refrigerator. Believe me, these actions will make a superhero from you in her eyes.

Include it in the decision-making process

You are in a relationship, so you must act as a single mechanism. Although you decide in which direction to move, also consider her ideas.

She will see you appreciate her opinion, and this will allow her to feel more significant and happy.

Be careful to her

Be kind to her, no matter how long you are together. It will be every day to prove, how much you love her.

Spend a romantic date

What do you need to make a woman happy? Arrange a date!

No matter where you are in the restaurant, in the cinema, in the park or at home. It is important that it was romantic.

Be faithful to it

Faithful men rarely can be found these days. If you can prove your devotion to her, then it will definitely make it happy.

Be kind to her friends and family

Your communication with her friends and family will give your girlfriend peace of mind. She will live without conflict among people who are close to her heart. She will be glad to know that her boyfriend, friends and family harmoniously coexist.

Girl and apples

Share with Ne.

It can be something material as your bike, or intangible as your secrets. She will be happy if you share with her with something without any oscillations.

Go on a trip together

This will accurately make a girl happy, and besides, will help return the passion and excitement in your relationship.

Girls have some goals in relationships, and a joint journey is probably one of them.

Show her that you are interested in her life

You probably still on the TV show, which she is obsessed. You do not need to actively support all its interests. However, you must show her what you recognize them.

Appreciate her point of view

Respect her point of view just as you expect that she will respect your.

Be true to your words and action

Never lie to her. Make her happy because you tell you your loving and cheerful heart, and not just because it wants your girlfriend.

These ways will help any man make any girl happy. Have you add? Write comments!

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