How to find out the motherboard model in Windows 10

How to find out the motherboard modelThe motherboard is the kernel of each computer. It connects most of the necessary components and you should learn its model before installing drivers or replace components.

It is not recommended to start setting


or replacing components, if the motherboard model is not known, as this may lead to incompatibility or malfunction. Definition of the model


Give information about the manufacturer and the chipset on which it is based.

There are different ways to find out the model of the motherboard in

Windows 10.


Command line

The easiest way to see the motherboard model is through

Command line



. Find

Command line

Through Windows search and open it.


. Enter the following code:

WMic Baseboard Get Product, Manufacturer, Version, SerialNumber



And you will see basic information.

Find out the motherboard model via the command line

Third-party utilities

If you need additional information or an alternative way to access it, you can download one of the many available applications. Most of them will provide a detailed overview of the hardware components and may be very useful.

For instance,


Displays all the details about the most important components of the system. Analyzing your processor, motherboard, memory and graphics adapter.

Go to the site

Click "

Setup - English.

"To download and install the application. By running the utility, you will see several different tabs.

Click "


"To view information about your motherboard. Here you can see everything you need from the model to the BIOS version.


How to determine the motherboard model without using software

If you need to know the model of the motherboard, and you cannot use utilities (for example, because of the breakdown), there are ways to check it yourself.

Usually buying a device, you get documentation that has information about your motherboard, so be sure to check it.

If there is no documentation

Most motherboards are the model or number of the series. You may have to open your computer or laptop and see. It is usually located near the PCI Express slot.


Find the motherboard model on the manufacturer's website through another device and read the information.

How to find out the computer motherboard model

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How to find out the computer motherboard modelSometimes it may be necessary to find out the model of the computer's motherboard, for example, after reinstalling Windows for the subsequent installation of the drivers from the manufacturer's official website. You can make it as built-in system tools, including using the command line and using third-party programs (or looking at the motherboard itself).

In this instruction - simple ways to see the model of the motherboard on the computer with which even a beginner user will cope. In this context, it can also be useful: how to find out the motherboard socket.

We learn the model of the motherboard with Windows tools.

Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7 system tools allow you to relatively easily obtain the necessary information about the manufacturer and model of the motherboard, i.e. In most cases, if the system is installed on a computer, to resort to any additional methods do not have to.

View in MSINFO32 (system information)

The first and, perhaps, the easiest way is to use the built-in system utility "System Information". The option is suitable for both Windows 10 and 8.1 and for Windows 7.

  1. Press the Win + R keys on the keyboard (where Win is a key with Windows emblem), enter MSInfo32. And press ENTER.
  2. In the window that opens, in the section "System Information" section, view the items "Manufacturer" (this is the manufacturer of the motherboard) and the "model" (respectively, what we were looking for). Motherboard model in MSINFO32

As you can see, nothing complicated and the necessary information is immediately obtained.

How to find out the motherboard model at the Windows command prompt

Second way to see the model of the motherboard without using third-party programs - the command line:

  1. Run the command prompt (see how to run the command line).
  2. Enter the following command and press ENTER
  3. WMic Baseboard Get Product
  4. As a result, in the window you will see the model of your motherboard. Motherboard model at the command prompt

If you want to know not only the motherboard model using the command line, but also its manufacturer, use the command WMic Baseboard Get Manufacturer in the same way. Manufacturer of motherboard on the command line

View motherboard model using free programs

You can also use third-party programs to view information about the manufacturer and model of your motherboard. There are quite a lot of such programs (see programs to see the characteristics of the computer), and the most simple in my opinion will be SPECCY and AIDA64 (the latter - paid, but also in the free version allows you to get the necessary information).


The free CPU-Z program is designed to determine the detailed characteristics of the system, including the motherboard model. All that will be needed is to open the Motehrboard tab in the program.

Motherboard model in CPU-Z

Here, in Manufacturer, the manufacturer of the motherboard will be indicated, in the model model - its model. According to some users, the utility can produce more accurate information about the MP of the computer in cases where other methods are not triggered. You can download CPU-Z from the official site


When using Speccy information about the motherboard, you will see already in the main program window in the General Information section, the corresponding data will be located in the "System Board" paragraph.

Information about the model of the motherboard in Speccy

More detailed data on the motherboard can be viewed in the corresponding subsection "System Board".

Detailed information about the motherboard in Speccy

You can download the Speccy program from the official site (at the same time on the download page, below, you can go to Builds Page, where the portable version of the program that does not require installation on the computer is available).


A popular program for viewing a computer characteristics and AIDA64 system is not free, but even a limited trial allows you to view the manufacturer and model of the computer's motherboard.

You can see all the necessary information immediately after starting the program in the "System Board" section.

Motherboard model in AIDA64

You can download the trial version of AIDA64 on the official download page

Visual inspection of motherboard and search for its model

And finally, another way in case your computer does not turn on, which does not allow to find out the motherboard model as one of the methods described above. You can just look at the motherboard by opening the system block of the computer, and pay attention to the largest marking, for example, the model on my motherboard is indicated as in the photo below.

Note model motherboard on the motherboard

If some clear, easily identifiable as a model, labeling on the motherboard is not, try searching in Google those labeling, which managed to detect: with a lot of likely you will be able to find what this motherboard is.

Video instruction

I hope the management turned out to be helpful. I note that in the case of a laptop motherboard, the model can be determined specifically and the search for it will not give anything, the optimal way, if it is about installing on this MP - to find the official support for the device's support.

And what if it will be interesting:

Many users believe that the model of one or another hardware component of its computer is not necessarily, since this information is not so important. This is not quite so. Not knowing, let's say, the name of the motherboard, it will be difficult for you to find the driver for it, update the BIOS and, in general, to produce a PC upgrade. In general, to face the need to determine the technical characteristics of the "iron" sooner or later it will be almost every one. Let's figure out how to find out the model of the motherboard - the main component of the PC to which all other elements are connected.

Reading labeling

There are several ways to see the motherboard model, and most of them are software, however, no one has canceled visual inspection. True, this is not the best way, because it requires the extraction of a motherboard, well, or at least partial disassembly of the system unit. In addition, the manufacturer's labeling on different models is located in different places. Most often it is over the PCI-E slot or next to the CPU, but as already mentioned, other options are also possible.

Motherboard model on the motherboard itself

Via bios.

Find out which motherboard is on the computer, allows BIOS. There are two options here. At the time of downloading the computer, as soon as the first text information appears on the screen, click on the Pause keyboard and look for the name of the motherboard among other data. Or go to the BIOS itself, switch to the "Advanced Bios Features" section and again find the name of the motherboard among the available data.

Title of motherboard in bios

The above methods for obtaining information by visual inspection or via bios are good because they can apply on computers with a non-working operating system. If you have everything in order with Windows, it makes sense to use simpler and more convenient software methods.

Windows Command Line

First, let's see how to find out the name of the motherboard on Windows 10 using the command line. Opening with increased rights, follow these commands in the screenshot.

Using command line

The first team displays the name of the manufacturer of the motherboard, the second is actually the device model itself. For information you can also use the team SystemInfo. - At the same time, you will receive a complete set of technical characteristics, among which you need to find a manufacturer and system model. Under the system here is meant the motherboard.

The outcome of the execution of the SystemInfo command

"System Information" and DirectX

Find out which motherboard is on Windows 10, you can use two more staff tools. Their names are easy to determine by looking at the screenshots attached below.

First open the "Run" window, VBE MSInfo32. and press Enter. In the list of characteristics, find the "model" - this will be the name of your motherboard.

Motherboard model in the System Information window

The same information is easy to extend from the DIRECTX utility caused by the command dxdiag . We open it and find items marked on the screenshots. The first will correspond to the name of the company, the second - the board model.

Motherboard in the DiaptX Diagnostic Tools window

Third-party utilities

Obtain any technical information about PCs allow specialized third-party applications. There is no shortage of those, and the most popular programs are presented below.


Perhaps the most popular tool for viewing the "iron" and OC parameters. You can find out the name "Moms" Here you can switch to the "System Board" section, there is also a lot of other useful information. AIDA64 is not free, but the program has a test period during which it works without any functionality limitations.

AIDA64 program


The SPECCY app is not so universally like AIDA64, but it is free. View model of the motherboard in Windows 10 through Speccy in the General Information section, the "System Board" section. If you click on the specified row, then in addition to the name and manufacturer, get data about bridges, version, bios, and so on.

View motherboard model through the Speccy utility


Another well-known utility that can collect computer information. The program is used mainly to withdraw information about the processor, but to learn the motherboard on the computer with its help will not be difficult. Run the application, switch to the Mainboard tab and check the data in the Motherboard block. The MANUFACTURER item will correspond to the manufacturer's name, the item "Model" - model of the motherboard.

CPU-Z application


This article can be completed. We hope that after reading it, the question "How to see what motherboard is on the computer" will no longer stand before you.

Viewing information about the motherboard in Windows 10

Sometimes users have to face the fact that it is necessary to determine the model of the motherboard installed on a personal computer. This information may be required by both hardware (for example, a video card replacement) and software tasks (setting some drivers). Based on this, consider in more detail how you can learn this information.

View the motherboard information

View information about the motherboard model in Windows Windows 10, you can both with third-party programs and full-time tools of the operating system itself.

Method 1: CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a small application that needs to be additionally installed on the PC. Its main advantages are easy to use and free license. To find out the motherboard model in this way, it is enough to perform only a few action.

  1. Download CPU-Z and install it on PC.
  2. In the main menu of the application, go to the tab "Payment (Mainboard)" .
  3. Check out the model information.
  4. View model motherboard using CPU-Z

Method 2: Specy

Speccy is another pretty popular program to view information about PCs, including the motherboard. In contrast to the previous application, it has a more pleasant and convenient interface, which allows you to find the necessary information about the model of the motherboard even faster.

  1. Install the program and open it.
  2. In the main application window, go to the section "Motherboard" .
  3. Enjoy watching your motherboard data.
  4. Additional Windows Speccy

Method 3: Aida64

A rather popular program for viewing the status and resources of the PC is AIDA64. Despite the more complex interface, the application is worthy of attention, as it provides the user with all the necessary information. Unlike previously reviewed programs, AIDA64 applies to a fee basis. In order to find out the motherboard model using this application, you need to perform such actions.

  1. Install AIDA64 and open this program.
  2. Expand section "A computer" and click on it "Total Information" .
  3. In the list, find a group of elements "DMI" .
  4. Check the maternal data.
  5. Просмотр модели материнки с помощью AIDA64

Method 4: Command Line

All the necessary information about the motherboard can also be found without installing additional software. To do this, you can use the command line. This method is quite simple and does not require special knowledge.

  1. Open the command prompt ( "Start-Command Line" ).
  2. Enter the command:

    WMic Baseboard Get Manufacturer, Product, Version

  3. Просмотр модели материнки через командную строку

Obviously, there are many different software methods to view information about the model of the motherboard, so if you need to learn this data, use the program methods, and do not disassemble your PC physically.

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There are situations in which you need to know the model installed in the desktop or laptop of the motherboard. There are several ways to make it. In some cases, you can find the necessary information, not including a computer.

What is the "motherboard"

Motherboard (hereinafter simply "fee") is an electrical board that provides the interaction of various components of the computer. Thanks to it, it can work together, complementing each other and the processor, and a video card, and the peripherals (mouse, keyboard, flash drives, etc.).

The board is one of the main components, because without her, the computer will not be able to work. She regulates who should receive and what to give to whom.

Why find out the model

Knowing the board model, you can find the instructions for setting up and use. Also with the help of the model, you can find the board characteristic to learn its maximum features. By number you can determine which drivers should be installed so that the motherboard began to correctly perform their functions.

Learning the model number

There are three basic ways to find out the model of any motherboard: physical inspection, use of standard Windows tools and additional programs from third-party developers. It doesn't matter what of which you use - as a result, get accurate information about the model of the installed board.

Physical study

Almost every fee there is drawn inscription containing the model number. If you have a desktop computer with a block, you can easily remove the top cover, find the fee and read the model. Most likely, the fee will be immediately visible and not fallen by anything.

Номер модели на плате
The board shows the model number and the name of the manufacturer.

If you have a laptop, you can also disassemble it and explore the insides. But remove the necessary parts of the laptop is more difficult than opening the cover of the desktop block. Do this only if you have sufficient experience with appliances. Otherwise, you can physically damage the components of the computer, which will lead to its breakdown.

Using built-in WinODWS 10

In Windows 10 there are several built-in tools that allow you to find out the board model. You can resort to both the command line and special utilities providing information about the components of the computer.

Through the command line

Perform the following steps to find out the board model:

  1. Using the system search string or "Run" window, which opens with the Win + R keys, find and open the CMD file (command line) with administrator rights.
    Запуск командной строки
    Reveal the command line
  2. Push and execute one of the following requests.
    Получение информации через командную строку
    Request WMIC Baseboard Get Product

There are two options for the team, letting the information:

  • WMIC Baseboard Get Product - to display the model;
  • WMIC Baseboard Get Manufacturer - to display the company name of the firm manufactured by the device.

With the help of the information utility

There is a built-in application that contains different information about the system and computer. To take advantage of them, go through the following steps:

  1. Hold the Win + R keys, will open the "Run" window. Push the MSInfo32 value and execute the request.
    Переход к информации о системе
    Request MSInfo32
  2. A new window will unfold, which contains all the information. You are interested in two lines: model and manufacturer. After reviewing them, you will learn the necessary information about the board.
    Данные о компьютере
    We learn information about the board

Through special utilities

There are several third-party programs. All of them provide not only information about the board, but also many other data on system and computer component.

AIDA 64.

The official website of the program from which you can download the free trial version.

To find the desired item, use the sections in the left part of the window. Go to the "System Board" block, and in it to subbock "System fee". Here you will see the model name.

AIDA64 program
In Aida64 you can find information about the board


The SPECCY application is developed by the creators of a well-known CCleaner memory program. The official website from which you can download the trial version.

  1. Opening the program, on the main page you will see the board model.
    Приложение Speccy
    On the main page Speccy there is information about the board
  2. If you need more detailed information, go to the "System Board" item. It contains all the constant characteristics and the current state of the board: temperature and voltage at different parts.
    Дополнительное окна Speccy
    Additional information about the board


The official website of the program with a free version.

To find the information about the board in the program, deploy the Mainboard tab. It has both the model name, and information about the manufacturer, and the remaining fees.

CPU-Z application
On the Mainboard tab indicated information about the board

Video: We learn the model of the motherboard

There are several ways to find out the board model. You can learn the insides of the computer, open the case, you can open the default application installed in the default system or resort to third-party help.

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