How to find the connected services on the megaphone and turn off the paid

It is not always possible to keep control of cellular costs under control. The most common situation is periodic write-offs from the balance of the phone number account. The best way out in this situation is to check the connected megaphone services for your phone number, as well as their cost and whether they are needed at all. You can do this by coming to the subscriber service salon or independently.

It is not necessary to go to the "MegaFon" office to learn about the connected services in your number. Information about the available options can be found without media consultants while at home. Noticing a suspicious reduction in money in the account or deciding to check which megaphone services are on the room, it is useful to use self-service services that MegaFon provides.

How to learn connected services megaphone

Main ways to check connected services for megaphone

Get all the necessary information is quite simple with the help of a telephone or via the Internet, you can check the connected services in three simple ways (except for hikes to the communication salon and standing in the queue) without leaving the house or from anywhere where you are.

Personal Area

It is not worth going to go, on the official website of MegaFon there is a very convenient way to check the connected services by self-service in the Personal Account of the Subscriber. All that is needed for this is to set the password: dial the USSD command on the keyboard * 105 * 00 # And click on the challenge. In the response SMS will receive a six-digit digital code - this is the password from the LC. Next, go to the entrance page to the Personal Cabinet MegaFon at the address: Megafon. RU, As a login, specify your number and enter the password. All sections of the service are signed and intuitively understood.

  1. In the appropriate section, click on the "button" Services and options ". A complete list of all options connected on the room will open.
  2. In the first part of the list you can view the basic options Without subscription fees that is, free. Most of them are necessary for uninterrupted communication and non-disconnects do not require.
  3. Under the vulture " With subscription fee »Based batch options and paid services, such as" Internet M "," Favorite Number "," Be at home ". Next to the title shows its value. If the options have lost relevance, not used, they can be disabled. Disconnection buttons for each option are separately on the right side of the list.
  4. The lowest part of the list is assigned to Mobile subscriptions With payment. Pressing the shutdown buttons alternately and confirming the action, you can easily get rid of all subscriptions.

By the way, for an inadvertently connected mobile subscription, you can demand a refund if you manage to establish fraud: failure to provide information about the paid use of the resource. To do this, contact the subscriber support directly from the personal account or call the hotline by number. 0500. With a claim for illegal debiting of funds. Great probability that money will be able to return

Mobile Service Guide

You can view the connected services and disable unnecessary with USSD commands - combinations of numbers, asterisks and lattices. This method is convenient for owners of conventional keyboards, for those who do not have access to the Internet in various urgent situations.

Using a key query * 105 # You can open the general menu, select the item " Services "-" My services "-" Get the entire list by SMS ". The message will be a list of available options, with a separate indication of paid and free services.

How to find out which services are connected and disable them

With direct lines USSD requests You can not only check what you are connected, but also to disconnect directly from the telephone. Here you have several USSD teams to disconnect popular paid services - you can get rid of them if you do not plan to use more.

USSD requests for disconnecting paid services:

  1. * 105 * 248 * 0 # - "Favorite Number"
  2. * 105 * 0082 * 0 # - "Unlimited Communication"
  3. * 105 * 0081 * 0 # - "Call in all countries"
  4. * 105 * 0080 * 0 # - "Call in Russia"
  5. * 548 * 0 # - "All Russia"
  6. * 570 * 0 # - "Fell yourself like at your own home"
  7. * 770 * 12 # - "Replace the beep"
  8. * 236 * 00 # - Disable Internet options

Similarly, you can not only watch, but also disconnect everything you think about, in your Personal Cabinet , at least at the office. Site, at least in the application on the phone. In the same place, where you checked that it was there that you are paid and for free, you can press "disable" for each option - and you will stop writing off your extra money.

Important : If the subscription fee written forward in a month, even if you have disabled the option before, the cash balance is not returned.

Plus all paid subscriptions and other options you can turn off through Voice service - How to check and get rid of unwanted - read below.

Turn off through voice service

The method is suitable for whose phone does not have the support of USSD commands. You need to call a short number 0505. And then just follow the instructions of the voice tip - by pressing the proposed keys, you can listen to the oral or SMS- description of all connected services, disable unnecessary online.

First, the mechanical voice will tell you for a long time, how much money do you have on the account and what is your tariff plan, as well as about the fact that all conversations are written and better go to your personal account and check everything there. The most stubborn listened to the end and fall into the voice menu with the choice of options for what exactly you want to know.

Important : This voice service speaks only about connected paid options and allows you to instantly disable them. To quickly get into the shutdown menu, press the "key" 2"Mobile, as soon as a list of options goes.

As you can see from all outlined, it is not so difficult to find out information about the connected services yourself. And then you can decide what to disconnect, and which is not.

How to find out which services are connected to "MegaFon"

In addition to the tariff plans, the Mobile Mobile Operator "MegaFon" provides its subscribers a lot of additional options, for the use of which an additional charge may be charged. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the connection of paid services is made by the subscriber itself. But sometimes the operator connects the packet services "by default", without prior consent of the user. To find out which paid services are connected to the "Megaphone", and unnecessary options can be disconnected in several ways.

Personal Area

To enter your personal account through the browser on any device, you need to go to the official website of the MegaFon operator, located at Then the algorithm of action is as follows:

1. Select your region if it has not been determined automatically.

2. Click on the "Personal Account" key located in the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen. Subdomen opens . Click on the "SMS SMS" tab.

3. In the cursor field, enter your phone number in an arbitrary format, starting with 8, +7 or just 10 digits without spaces. Press "Next".

4. Enter the 6-digit code from SMS to the appropriate field. Click "Log in."

5. In the window that opens, find the "Services" subsection, click on the "Services and Options" tab.

6. A page with two tabs will open. In the "My" tab, you can see which services are connected to the MegaFon. Here are all valid options with their subscription fee and detailed description. If you want to give up a paid service or subscription, click on the "Disable" button.

Mobile app

If you use your smartphone, download the Mobile Application "MegaFon":

  • - for owners of gadgets on the IOS operating system - here ;
  • - For Android users - here .

The application interface may have minor visual differences depending on the operating system.

1. Enter the phone number in any format, confirm the input code from the SMS message.

2. The application will propose to create a 4-digit security code to subsequently do not undergo SMS identification.

3. After this stage, the main online service page opens. Locate the menu, it is located at the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Services" tab.

4. On the page that opens, select My "My" tab. It contains services, services and subscriptions both without subscription fees and options, for the use of which money is written off.

5. Check the connected options, disconnect unnecessary.

Service Guide

If there is no possibility to go to your personal account or MegaFon application, find out which services are connected, you can with the help of a "service guide":

  • - in the phone, type the combination * 105 #, then click the "Call" button;
  • - A menu will appear on the screen, where the "2" will be "Services".
  • - Click Reply, enter "2", and then "Submit";
  • - A new menu will open, where you need to select the "1" button - "My Services";
  • - Next, the guide will offer to choose which services show: 1 - with a subscription fee, 2 - without a monthly fee;
  • - Send a "1" digit, the system will offer two options: send a list of valid services in SMS or disable all paid options.

Support service

This is another way, how to learn the services on the MegaFon, connected to the number without going into your personal account. For this you need:

  • - dial a short number 0505, click on the phone "Call" button;
  • - Robot will answer, which will report on the state of the subscriber's account at the moment, will tell about the latest write-offs, asks if the user wants to learn more about what funds were spent;
  • - Tell me "Yes," if you want to learn about the write-offs;
  • - After informing, the voice assistant will ask the Subscriber to ask the question of interest, tell me "connected paid services and options".

In the MegaFon Support Service, users meet the intellectual assistant, can not only learn about the paid and free options connected to the number, but also to turn off unnecessary services. Despite the artificial intelligence, Elena, voice assistant, also has the right to an error. Therefore, if possible, use the MegaFon application for managing subscriptions, services and overall account of the subscriber number.

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High mobile service provision technologies enable communication operators to connect different subscriptions. Often, cellular users are wondering where money disappears from the account. If you use the connection not more than usual, but you have not enough money and the balance is quickly approaching zero, then it is worth thinking, and whether paid subscriptions are connected to your number. Fortunately, check the paid subscriptions that can be available from the subscriber from any operator, not an exception to MegaFon.

How to find out connected services on megaphone

Subscriptions on the room

MegaFon company for the convenience of its customers offers several ways to find out which connections are available to the number:

  • through a personal account;
  • through a mobile application;
  • via USSD command;
  • through support service.

Consider each of the presented options.

Cabinet subscriber

Cabinet subscriber

View all additional paid connections can be in the Personal Account of the Subscriber. To go to it, you need to see the subscriptions:

  • enter the company's official website;
  • Press the "Personal Account" tab;
  • Instead of login, enter your phone number;
  • There will be an SMS tolerance with a password for the entrance, you must enter it into the appropriate field;
  • Find and click the "Services and Options" tab;
  • A page will open, where all subscriptions are visible to the left of which the subscription fee is specified.

Mobile app

mobile app

Another way to see the connected options is to download the application on your mobile device. By installing it on the phone, you can go to your personal account and manage and check your subscriptions. To do this, click on the "Services and Options" tab.

USSD team

Check which services are connected using USSD request.

  1. Dial * 105 * 11 # or * 505 #.
  2. Click Call.
  3. Wait for the SMS messages where all options connected to the phone will be indicated next to the name of the subscription will be code for shutdown.

Support service

Tech support

You can call a consultant to the company at any time and find out what paid options are available from the subscriber.
  1. Dial a short number 0500. In this case, the call must be made exclusively from that number about which wake is interested.
  2. Wait for the operator's response.
  3. Consultant may require your passport data, so keep the document at hand.
  4. After you can tell the essence of the problem, the operator will provide you with information about connected services.

Options for disconnection of paid services

If you find that you have paid options that you do not need absolutely, you need to disable them as soon as possible to save your money. Disconnection can be made by the same ways:

  • using the USSD command;
  • through a personal account or application for a mobile phone;
  • Through a specialist of the company MegaFon.

In the Personal Account, disable unnecessary connections is very simple:

  • Go to the Cabinet of the Subscriber;
  • Click on the Options and Services tab;
  • Select the connection from which you want to refuse;
  • Click the "Disable" button;
  • Update the page, check if there is a failure.

Through the USSD command, disable them is also simple:

  • After receiving an SMS notification with the name of additional connections, select the code of the service that you want to disable;
  • Send it by message by typing the following combination * 105 * 11 # or * 505 #;
  • You will come to the phone about the execution of the query.

Services in the room

Through the consultant, disable subscriptions at any time by calling the contact number. After answering a consultant, tell him about my intentions. Give him your passport data to identify the personality. Wait for the operator to disable the services. Check out shutdowns in your personal account or mobile application.

Through the mobile application, shutdown is made similar to the actions as in the Personal Account of the Subscriber. You need to choose a service and click the failure button.

Ban on the connection of paid subscriptions

To make money again not to disappear and various paid services appeared on your room, you can use the prohibition service. You are very simple to connect it, it's a pity, but many do not even know about her:

  • Dial the combination * 526 #;
  • Click Call;
  • Wait for the message "Stop content is activated."

This service is connected absolutely free and has no subscriber payments.

Attention! This useful feature that makes it possible to abandon additional services of the cellular operator has its drawbacks. The subscriber will not be able to send messages (SMS) to short numbers. For example, it is impossible to pay parking, participate in shares and draws or use some mobile banks. Therefore, before connecting the prohibition option, think about everything well. Maybe just more often interested in connections?!

MegaFon support service

For all questions, contact the Technical Support Service by the MegaFon Subscriber to contact a specialist. Use contact telephones 8/800 / 550-05-55 or 0500.

Also for communication you can use the online chat with the operator in the Personal Account.

Watch your balance and connections!

We continue to discuss information about those services that the megaphone operator is offered for additional connection to their subscribers. But today we will consider not information about certain proposals, but directly the data on how to find out the connected paid services on the megaphone, because this question is very relevant for most subscribers.

How to find out connected paid services on megaphone

Service "My Paid Services" from MegaFon

To find out if there is a connected paid service on a specific phone number, any subscriber of this cellular operator has the ability to use a special service designed specifically with the given purpose.

You can use such information support in several ways. For example, it can be a call to a short number. In this situation, the action required for fulfilling current information should look like this:

  1. Dial the number on the phone 0505. .
  2. Wait for connections with automatic voice service.
  3. Click on the "1" button, which will lead you to the information data section of your subscriber number.
  4. Next, click "3", which will lead you to the section of the connected services and options.
  5. Click "2" to go to the subdirectory in which you can find out only about paid services MegaFon.

It is important to note that within the framework of this service there are other ways to find out the list of paid Megafon services, for example, this is sending messages. To get topical information, you must send a text message to the number 000105 With any text to choose from:

In response message to your phone number will receive information with connected services.

Video instructions How to get rid of paid subscriptions on megaphone

How to find out if paid services from megaphone are connected via USSD combinations

It is also necessary to emphasize that there are special combinations of a USSD format through which you can get topical information about specific services and options that were additionally connected to the subscriber or automatically operator to your phone number.

The use of codes is also provided as part of the service discussed by us above:

  • If you get the code * 105 * 503 # , in response, you will be displayed information about the list of paid options connected at the given time to your number;
  • Rapid code * 105 * 5032 # In response, information on other services will be displayed.

Using the Subscriber's Personal Cabinet

Another faithful way to obtain relevant information is the use of a personal account, which is a universal means of self-controlling cellular expenditure, accessible to absolutely all MegaFon users.

In the Personal Account, you can not only find out information about current payments on the megaphone, but also to engage in connecting or disabling. However, in order to access the use of the service, it is necessary to register.

Fortunately, this procedure is extremely simple and is performed literally in minutes. You only need:

  1. Visit the official website of and follow the link "Personal Account", located in the upper right of the resource. You can also immediately go to a direct link LK.MEGAFON.RU.
  2. Once on the next page, enter your phone number to the appropriate field.
  3. Next, take the phone and type a combination of a USSD format on it, which looks like this: * 105 * 00 # .
  4. Having received a password in the message, enter it into the appropriate field.
  5. Click on the "Login" button.

Once in the personal account interface, you will not be difficult to find the appropriate section allotted for additional options and operator services. There you will be able to identify, as well as, if necessary, deactivate unnecessary services to you, both paid and free.

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In this article, we will look at how to check the connected services on the megaphone and we will analyze all existing methods. We will give detailed instructions that will help to figure out how to check the list of connected megaphone options. This information is useful to each user who wants to rationally spend the means to communicate and save money by refusing unnecessary proposals.

With each subscriber, it may happen that impressive sums are written off the account. Upon closer examination, it turns out that the fault of this is a subscription for which you need to pay. You could choose them yourself or by chance, some options could be free to become paid. We will tell you how to find out which services are tied to your mobile. After receiving a detailed list, you can understand the need to have these options. Let's start our article with a personal account where you can check the connected paid services MegaFon.

Personal Area

This is a convenient service that is always at hand of users and is available from both a computer and through a mobile application. To find out the connected paid megaphone options, you need to do the following:

  • Open your personal account under your password and login;
  • Go to the tab with proposals;

  • You will see all the options installed on your room.

Now you know how to find the connected services through the LC on the megaphone. Consider other existing ways. We remind you that the Action Algorithm for PC and Mobile is similar, the main thing is to log in to their data to get into the LC. Do not remember the login password - find out how to restore the password in the Personal Cabinet MegaFon here.


Check the connected paid services MegaFon is available via SMS service, which can be called using a short command. That's what you need to do:

  • Open your mobile keyboard;
  • Dial code * 583 # ;
  • Press the call key.

You will receive an SMS message to a mobile phone where the list of proposals operating on your phone number will be specified. The second option is similar to the first, you need to produce such manipulations:

  • Create a new SMS message;
  • In the text box, write "Info";
  • Send a message to the room 5051. .

These services are very convenient, since the user does not need to open additional applications - just press the multiple buttons on the keyboard and wait for the answer. We'll figure out how else to see what paid services are connected to Megafon.

Note! And you knew that the megaphone had an anti-priest number - a service that allows you to hide your phone number when calling.

Service team

To find out the necessary information without resorting to third-party services, you can use a short code. These two teams are introduced on a mobile phone and have an equivalent action - choose the one you like. You need:

  • Open the smartphone keyboard;
  • Enter a code * 105 * 11 # or * 505 # ;
  • Press the call key;
  • The screen displays a complete list of functions that are tied to your number.

Support services

You can learn about the connected paid services MegaFon using a contact center specialist at the megaphone operator number. It is very simple and accessible to each user:

  • Open the mobile phone keyboard;
  • Dial the number 0500. ;
  • Wait for a specialist response;
  • Ask a question and get an answer as a voice message or SMS. You can also ask an employee to disable unnecessary features online or do it yourself.

Please note that all these ways are free. Each user can take advantage of them - no restrictions are provided.

Now you know what needs to be done to watch connected services on Megaphone. Use any of the available ways at a convenient time to optimize communication costs. Stop the action of unnecessary options (disable paid megaphone services yourself very easily and does not take much time) and use only those functions that are really necessary.


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