How to increase the speed of loading torrents

torrentGood all day.

Almost every user connected to the Internet downloads any files on the network (otherwise, why do you need access to the network?!). And very often, especially large files are transmitted through torrents ...

It is not surprising that questions, relatively slow load of torrent files, quite a lot. Part of the most popular problems due to which the files are loaded at low speed, I decided to collect in this article. Information will be useful to anyone who uses torrents. So…

СWashers to increase torrent loading speed

Important remark! Many are dissatisfied with the speed of downloading files, believing that if the contract for the service provider is indicated for the connection to the Internet up to 50 Mbps - That and in the torrent program, when downloading files, the same speed should be displayed.

In fact, many confused Mbps with MB / s - And these are completely different things! If briefly: then when connected at a speed of 50 Mbps, the torrent program will download files (maximum!) At a speed of 5-5.5 MB / s - this speed it will show you (If you do not go into mathematical calculations, then just 50 Mbit / s divide on 8 is the real speed of download (also take interest from this number 10 per different service information, etc. Tech. Moments)).

1) Changing Internet Access Speed ​​Limit in Windows

I think many users do not even realize that Windows partially Limits The speed of the Internet connection. But, making some non-cunning settings, you can remove this restriction!

one. You must first open a group policy editor. It is just done, in Windows 8, 10 - click simultaneously buttons Win + R. And enter the command gpedit.msc. , click ENTER (in Windows 7 - use the Start menu and enter the same command in the string. Perform ).

Fig. 1. Local Group Policy Editor.

Fig. 1. Local Group Policy Editor.

If you do not open this editor - you may not have it and you need to install it. You can read in more detail here:

2. Next you need to open the following tab:

- Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Network / QoS Packs Scheduler.

On the right you will see the link: " Limit redundant bandwidth «- It must be discovered .

Fig. 2. Limit backup bandwidth (clickable).

Fig. 2. Limit backup bandwidth (clickable).

3. The next step is simply turning on this limit parameter and enter 0% in the string below. Next, save the settings (see Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Turn on a 0% limit!

Fig. 3. Turn on a 0% limit!

four. Last bar - need to be checked, and whether " QoS package schedule "In the settings of the Internet connection.

To do this, first go to the network management center (for this, right-click on the network icon on the taskbar, see Fig. 4)

Fig. 4. Network management center.

Fig. 4. Network management center.

Next, click on the link " Change adapter settings "(Left, see Fig. 5).

Fig. 5. Adapter parameters.

Fig. 5. Adapter parameters.

Then open the connection properties through which you get access to the Internet (see Fig. 6).

Fig. 6. Properties of the Internet connection.

Fig. 6. Properties of the Internet connection.

And just put a tick opposite the item " QoS package schedule » (By the way, this tick, by default, is always enabled!) .

Fig. 7. QoS package schedule included!

Fig. 7. QoS package schedule included!

2) Frequent reason: download speed is cut due to slow disk operation

Many do not pay attention, but when loading a large number of torrents (or if there are many small files in a particular torrent) - the disk can become overloaded and the download speed will automatically drop (an example of such an error in Fig. 8).

Fig. 8. UTORRENT - disc is overloaded 100%.

Here I will give a simple advice - pay attention to the bottom line (in UTorrent, in other torrent applications, perhaps elsewhere) When there is a slow download speed. If you see a problem with the load on the disk - then it is necessary to solve it first, and then carry out the remaining tips on acceleration ...

How to reduce the load on the hard drive:

  1. limit the number of torrents downloaded at the same time to 1-2;
  2. limit the number of distributed torrents to 1;
  3. limit the speed of downloading and returning;
  4. Close all resource-intensive applications: video editors, download managers, P2P clients, etc.;
  5. Close and disable different disk defragments, cleaners, etc.

In general, this topic is a separate big article (which I have already written), with which I recommend that you familiarize yourself:

3) Tip 3 - What is the network loaded at all?

In Windows 8 (10), the task manager shows the load on the disk and the network (last - very valuable). Thus, to find out if there are any programs that download on the Internet in parallel with torrents some files and thereby slow down the job - it is enough to start the task manager and sort the applications depending on their network load.

Launch Task Manager - Simultaneous pressing buttons Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC .

Fig. 9. Network loading.

Fig. 9. Network loading.

If you see that there are applications in the list that do something hard download without your knowledge - close them! In this method, you not only unload the network, but also reduce the load on the disk (as a result - the download speed should grow).

4) Replacing torrent program

As practice shows, the banal change of torrent program helps very often. One of the most popular is uTorrent, but besides her there are dozens of excellent customers who download the files no worse. (Sometimes it is easier to install a new application than to dig for hours in the settings of the old and understand, where the same cherished tick ...) .

For example, there is a mediaget - a very interesting program. After running it - you will immediately be able to enter the search string what you are looking for. Found files can be sorted by name, size and access speeds (This is what we need - it is recommended to download files where there are several stars, see fig. 10).

Fig. 10. MediaGet - Alternative to UTorrent!

Fig. 10. MediaGet - Alternative to UTorrent!

For more information about MediaGet and other analogues of UTorrent - see here:

5) Network problems, equipment ...

If all of the above has done, and the speed has not grown - maybe a problem with the network (or equipment or something else?!). For a start, I recommend to do the speed test of the Internet connection:

Test Internet - test access speeds

You can check, of course, in different ways, but the essence of what : If you have a low download speed not only in UTorrent, but also in other programs, then most likely, UTorrent is not to be revealed and deal with the reason before optimizing torrent program settings ...

On the sim i I finish, successful work and high speed 🙂


Question from the user

Good day.

Help with one problem. So that I do not download in the UTorrent program - the speed of download is just 1 MB / s. Moreover, it sometimes drops to several KB / s (i.e., very small speed - one film can be downloaded all day ...).


Immediately I note that very few users are satisfied with the speed of downloading files. The higher the speed - the higher you want ...

In this article, I will give the main causes of problems with torrents, walking on which you can speed up the download, and if you do not solve the problem, then at least reduce it to a minimum ... 👌

To help!

If you have a problem on a PC, I will succeed, I recommend trying to load torrents using a phone (which is not temporary output?!)


How to increase the speed of loading torrents

Likbez about MB / s and Mbit / s

Probably the first and most important thing that should be said in this article - this is about the difference between Mbit / s and MB / s (then what is measured by the speed of the Internet). I will give a very simple explanation below.

In the tariffs of your Internet provider by 99.9%, the speed is indicated in Mbit / S. !

Download speed in the torrent program (let's say, in utorrent) is shown in MB / C. (MB / s)!

To translate Mbps to MB / s - you need to divide the value to 8.

Example: If your provider promises you a speed of 40 Mbps - then the speed of downloading in UTorrent, at the best case, there will be about 5 MB / s. And if we consider that 10-15% will take the transfer of service information - then less, about 4.5-4.8 MB / s.

Because of this confusion, a lot of disputes are born and misunderstandings. Therefore, it brought it here. ☝

👉 To help!

By the way, I recommend to get acquainted with the article on this topic - i.e. about the speed of the Internet in Mbit / s and MB / s: what's there the difference and where the trick


The number of swing and distributing people

And one more thing that I would like to specify immediately. Many users do not pay attention to how much person distributes the file and how much it shakes.

The fact is that if we are distributing very little (1-2 people) - then the speed of download will, as a rule, are lower than that of the torrent, which is distributed by 97 people.

This data (how much distributes / shakes) is always shown on torrent tracker: most often, the number of distributing is shown in green with the arrow up .

The number of distributing and loading

The number of distributing and loading


We check the real speed of the Internet

Most often, the problem of slow download lies in the fact that the real speed of the Internet differs from your tariff value.

For example, you are connected to a tariff of 100 Mbps, but because of the large channel loading - the real speed of only 50 Mbps.

Unfortunately, it happens completely and beside (however, the Internet provider does not deceive you - if you look at the contract, then there is a prefix "to", and the speed, in itself, the value is dynamic and constantly changing).

To begin with, I recommend to see in Properties of your network connection In Windows. For this you need:

  1. Press the combination of buttons Win + R. Enter the command NCPA.cpl and press ENTER (So ​​we will open all network connections - the method works in all Windows: XP / 7/8/10) . Example on the screen below; NCPA.CPL - View all network connections

    NCPA.CPL - View all network connections

  2. Next, you must select the active current network connection and go to it. state . By the way, no red crosses should burn on it, and it usually has a name "Wireless Connection" or "Network connection" ;View network status

    View network status

    👉 Note : Not always the connection speed reflects the real speed of access to the Internet. For example, if you have a wireless network, it reflects the speed between your router (router) and a computer / laptop. But naturally, the actual speed of your Internet will not jump above this value (even if the provider sets you the speed above)!

  3. Then look at the string "Speed" - Opposite it reflects the desired value. Speed ​​72 Mbps // Wireless Status

    Speed ​​72 Mbps / Wireless Connection Status

What services to check speed use:

Results check

Results of checking on

👉 Important!

If on the above links you can not start to run testing, most likely you have simply not set (not updated) Adobe Flash Player. Try updating it!

By the way, if Real speed Internet has proven significantly less The one that supposedly should provide an Internet provider at the rate is to pay attention to the work of Wi-Fi router (if you are used 👀).

If the information proposed is not enough, I also recommend reading the article on checking the connection speed, reference below.

👉 To help!

Slow internet speed

How to find out the real speed of the Internet on your computer.


UTorrent Settings: What to pay attention to

1. Are there any restrictions

To get started right-click on the UTorrent icon in the tray (next to the clock) and check if there are no download speed limits (In my example, it is set to 4 MB / s 👇).

Download Limit in UTorrent

Download Limit in UTorrent

2. Assistant setup

Next, run the UTorrent setting assistant. It will help properly set the basic parameters for specifically your network and system.

To open it - go to the tab "Settings" and select "Assistant Settings" (see screen below) or just press the button combination Ctrl + G. .

Setup Assistant in UTorrent

Setup Assistant in UTorrent

Next, click the button "Test" And wait for the end of the test. Then save the settings that the assistant recommended you.

Automatic Setup UTorrent

Automatic Setup UTorrent

3. Tab "Speed"

Next also recommend opening the program settings directly. (from the menu "Settings" and you can just combine buttons Ctrl + P. ). Example on the screen below.

Settings of the UTorrent program

Settings of the UTorrent program

When problems with slow loading torrents, first of all pay attention to the tab "Speed" . It is in it that limitations are set to the maximum speed of recuits and download. (On the screen below, these restrictions are worth - i.e., for example, the speed of download will not be higher than 3750 kb / s!) .

Approx. : Set speed limit is needed in certain situations: if you create a large load on the hard disk, with high speed, the connection is torn if your online channel is "sharing" into several PCs, etc.

Check the speed limit

Check the speed limit

4. Limit of the speed of local peters

In the program settings in the "BitTorrent" tab, there is one important setting that significantly affects (in some cases) to the download speed. I recommend in this tab to remove a tick with "Limit of the speed of local peters" .

Turn off the limit of the speed of local peters

Turn off the limit of the speed of local peters

5. Traffic Limit

In general, by default, the traffic limit in UTorrent is disabled. But when problems with speed, check if the limitation of the band is not included. If you have unlimited connection - it is recommended to remove all restrictions (as on the screen below).

Remove traffic limit

Remove traffic limit

6. Priority

A very important parameter affecting directly on the speed of downloading torrents. The fact is that in Utorrent, in my opinion, the default large number of active torrents are included. I would have lost this number up to 3-4, and the number of loaded torrents changed to 1-2 (example on the screen below) .

Thus, all the speed of your Internet channel will be directed to load a specific torrent, and not spray at a tette immediately ...

Maximum active torrents

Maximum active torrents


Are there any speed restrictions in a Wi-Fi router

If you use a Wi-Fi router ("Travel", which creates a Wi-Fi network in the house 😊) - Please note that specials can be set in its settings. Restrictions. We are talking about LED download speeds (by English. "Download Limit" 👇).

Limit speed loading

Download speed limit (TENDA router)

Of course, to remove such a limit - you need to go to the web interface of your Wi-Fi router, find the Wi-Fi settings section ("Bandwidth Control", "Wi-Fi Settings" and Ave. derivatives) And remove the limit (for example, putting "0").

In more detail about how to do it - told in my previous instructions ... 👇

👉 To help!

1) as Open Wi-Fi Routher Settings (Login to the web interface). What to do if the page with the settings does not open.

2) Setting the router on the example of TENDA FH456 (N301, F3): Connecting to the Internet and Wi-Fi network. Router covering the whole apartment and the whole house!


Attempt to change UTorrent on analogues

I think it's not a secret for anyone that autorrent is not truth in the last instance, and he has many analogues / competitors. Yes, and the same files can be found on different resources, with different speeds ...

For example, there is a very popular MediaGet program that allows you to search for files right in your window! Moreover, the files found can be sorted by access speed (i.e., select the file that runs faster).

👉 To help!

1) Best programs analogumes utorrent (and describing them).

2) How to download torrents through a browser (without third-party programs).


Add that mediaget shows the same type of file, its size, cover, description (i.e., all the necessary information). Example on the screen below.

MediaGet Sort by Speed

MediaGet Sort by Speed

Utorrent analogs You can choose to replace: MediaGet, BitTorrent, Bitspirit, Transmission, Qbittorrent, Vuze, etc.

By the way, in addition to torrents, many files can be found alternatively: for example, using private FTP, StrongDC ++ and Emule programs, etc. in more detail - I have in one last note.

👉 To help!

Replacing torrents: What can be used instead of utorrent , Mediaget, etc.


The network loaded: there are no third-party applications loading the network

Often it happens that the download speed is very small not because of problems with UTorrent (or with Network, PC, Provider) , but simply because other programs also actively use the network. Those. Simpar the channel is not enough for everyone: 1 MB / s took the torrents, another 2-3 MB / s browser, games, etc.

To find out what the network is loaded, open Task Manager (combination of buttons Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC ). Next in the tab "Processes" Sort the applications by network load (see screen below, relevant for Windows 10 👇).

Network Loading // Windows 10

Network load / Windows 10

If you have Windows 7, you need to open the tab in the Task Manager "Speed" , then open out of it "Resource Monitor" , and in the section " Network" View network activity (see Screen below).

Network Activity // Windows 7

Network Activity / Windows 7

In addition to the task manager, you can install specials. Utility Netlimiter (👉 I wrote about her here) and look at the activity of applications there. By the way, Netlimiter allows you to immediately limit the speed of any of the applications!

We sort the boot speed - Netlimiter

We sort the boot speed - Netlimiter

Also evaluate the load on the network using special utilities to determine the characteristics of the computer.

For instance, Speccy. , It easily shows the current load on the network: you can turn off the UTorrent and compare whether the load has disappeared - if it is also significant, then some other applications use it.

👉 To help!

The best utilities for viewing the characteristics of the computer (Speccy, Aida 64, etc.).

Network Load // Speccy Program

Network load // Speccy program // Network tab


There is no high load on the hard drive

If you periodically drop the download speed (then restored again, and then drops again) , I recommend paying attention to the load created by the UTorrent (or its analogues) on the hard disk.

In particular, UTorrent in cases where the disc is overloaded - shows the information about 100% -load in the lower part of the window (example below).

Most often, this happens when loading a large number of torrents (or torrent with a lot of small files: archives, pictures, etc.) .

Disc is overloaded 44%

Disc is overloaded 44% // bottom of the window in UTorrent

👉 To help!

HDD. disc is overloaded 100% when downloading files (torrents) in UTorrent

How to reduce the load on the disk:

  1. Close all games, video editors, download managers, etc., i.e. Leave only, say, UTorrent;
  2. limit the maximum number of loaded torrents up to 1-2 pieces;
  3. Put the limit on the download speed and return torrents (if the load does not fall asleep - reduce the speed on some other bar);
  4. limit the number of drown torrents to 1-2;
  5. Close all utilities to optimize the system and disk (for example, defragmenters can heat the disk strongly in the process) .

In addition, I recommend to get acquainted with another one of my article that will help reduce the load on the disk. Link below.

To help!

Hard inhibits

Hard disk slows down: loaded 100%, everything hangs and slowly works .


Changing Internet Access speed limit in Windows

For some users there will be a surprise one fact - in the Windows settings, the default limit on the Internet bandwidth is set. Those. Roughly speaking, you do not use the maximum possible speed ...

To remove this restriction, you must open Group Policy Editor . To do this, press the button combination Win + R. , and enter the command gpedit.msc. - click ENTER . Example below.

gpedit.msc - Run the group policy editor

gpedit.msc - Run the group policy editor

👉 Important!

Not in all versions of Windows, you can open editing group policies. If you, let's say, the home version - such settings will not be available.

Next, you must open the following tab:

"Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Network / Scheduler QoS Packages"

This tab has a link to "Restricted bandwidth restriction" - It must be opened (see Screen below, right side).

QoS Package Planner // Group Policy Editor

QoS Package Planner // Group Policy Editor

Next you need to switch the slider on "Enable" And put the limit in "0", save the settings.

Limit redundant bandwidth

Limit redundant bandwidth

Now Windows will not limit your channel and the network will work slightly faster.


I still have everything on this ...

For additions on the topic - a separate MERSI.

Good luck!

The article is adjusted: 15.12.2020

First Publishing: 10/24/2017


Useful software:

  • Video editing
  • Video installation
  • Excellent software to start creating their own videos (all actions go down the steps!). Video will make even newcomer!
  • Utility for optimization
  • Computer accelerator
  • The program for cleaning Windows from garbage (speeds up the system, deletes the garbage, optimizes the registry).

Today, torrent trackers are the most popular Internet resources that allow them to exchange the most different files between users around the world even contrary to the current copyright protection legislation. Torrent in a wide understanding of this word is not a program and not even a network, torrent is a method of access to files in a peer-to-peer network, in which each computer is simultaneously the client and the server.

In addition to the free exchange of files and the ability to suspend and resume the download, the important advantage of torrents is the high speed of downloading content, but it does not always happen. There is quite a lot of reasons for which μTorrent or other torrent client swings slowly, although the Internet channel bandwidth remains at a high level. Let's figure it out, what can be the reason.

Why torrent slowly pumps though the Internet is fast

Few distributing users

If you download one file and, at the same time, see that it is slowly loaded, check the number of cides, that is, distributing. If the file is distributed two or three people, there is nothing surprising in that the download is slow.

Switch to your torrent client to the " Information "And in the section" Transmission parameters »Look at the number of sides. The more distributing, the better.

The number of distributing users in Torrent

Secondly, it may be so that there will be 10 people distributing, but someone has a limit on the rate of distribution, someone is distributed from a mobile device with a 3G network, someone has a VPN, and someone at all Connected to the Internet on the ancient ADSL. The solution may be loading the same file, but from another torrent tracker.

Number of simultaneous downloads

Here is the situation reverse: if you become simultaneously downloading a dozen movies, then when the client's default settings, traffic will be distributed uniformly. If the speed of your tariff is limited to say, 50 MB / s, and you download 10 films immediately, then all of them can not be downloaded on the stated speed provider, because it will already be 500 MB / s. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the speed declared by the provider often does not correspond to reality.

How to measure the speed of the Internet

Measuring the speed of the Internet is not directly related to the topic we are considered, however, the data obtained can be useful when diagnosing. Use for this service

  1. Go to the specified resource, scroll down the page slightly, find and click " Speed ​​Internet Connection ";

    How to measure the speed of the Internet on

  2. Usually automatically defines the provider if the service suddenly be mistaken, press the point on the map, the closest of the corresponding to your location and click " Test ";

    How to measure the speed of the Internet on

  3. After about a minute, will give you your incoming and outgoing speed in Mbps.

    How to measure the speed of the Internet on

How much can you download torrents at the same time

In μTorrent, by default, you can simultaneously download up to 5 files, the maximum number of active torrents is limited to eight. You can increase or reduce the number of threads in the settings section " Priority "Or leave everything as it is. Just remember the main thing - the more streams, with less speeds will download files. The best solution here is to suspend all the downloads, except for one and limit the rate of return, what will be said below.

Number of simultaneous downloads in Torrent

Customer settings

If the torrent is slowly pumping, although the Internet is fast and distributing many, you should look at the customer's program settings. Tab parameters " Priority "We have already considered, go further.

  1. On the tab " Speed »Ensure that you are 0. The default return speed is also set to 0, but you can limit it, thereby raising the download speed if the boot process and return is simultaneous. As an additional measure, you can fill in the fields in the block " Connections ", Focusing on the data from this table.

    Settings μTorrent

    Recommended number of torrent connections

  2. On the tab " BitTorrent »Disconnect if it is turned on, the limit of the speed of local peters and see the setting status" Encryption protocol " Try to enable it and disable, checking if the download speed has changed.

    Settings μTorrent

  3. Next, switch to the " Traffic limit "And see if you have a bird in Chekbox" Limit the band "

    Settings μTorrent

  4. On the tab " Compound »Check if the torrent client has been added to the exceptions of the firewall. At the same time you can try to change the port for incoming connections by clicking the " To generate "

    Settings μTorrent

  5. If you have a slow, old hard disk, on the " Are common »Turn on the setting" Distribute all files "This reserves the corresponding amount of disk space for the downloadable data.

    Settings μTorrent

Arrange priorities

Ideally, it is best to download one torrent at a time, if you want to download several torrents at once, decide which one is more priority for you. To do this, in torrent clients there is such an option as " Priority speed "

Click in the client window using the loaded torrent with the right mouse button and select Speed ​​priority → high .

UTorrent priority republicanovka

Automatic setting

Settings for optimal performance μTorrent can be automatically using the built-in assistant.

  1. In the app settings, select " Assistant setup "And click in the window that opens" Test ";
  2. If the test passed successfully, click the " Save / Close "

Automatic Setup UTorrent

Automatic Setup UTorrent

The test will be considered successful if both marks are green. The red color will mean an error, for example, due to the unavailability of the server; Yellow will mean the presence of a non-critical problem. As you can see from the applied screenshot, the full-fledged network test could not be completed because of the closed port, which, however, does not prevent the download.

Automatic Setup UTorrent

Torrent on a corporate computer

If you download content from torrent on a corporate computer, the low speed can be due to the location of the local network and the restriction of the network bandwidth installed by the system administrator. Check if there is such a limit as follows.

  1. Team gpedit.msc. Open the Local Group Policy Editor;
  2. Follow the settings chain on the screenshot;

    Politics "limit the redundant bandwidth"

  3. To the right you will have a policy " Reserved bandwidth restriction ", She must have the status" Not specified " or " Disabled " If its status is different, open its properties and select one of the two options above.

    The policy "limit the redundant bandwidth" - setting

After downloading content Torrent, be sure to return the policy set by the Administrator.

Alternative torrent clients

As for other clients of peering networks, all that was said relative to μTorrent applies to them. If you are watching a low download speed from the MEDIAGET torrent, we consistently check the number of distributing and simultaneously downloaded files, the network load, client settings, etc.. In particular, in the same MediaGet, you can set the rate of return on 1000 b / s and increase the maximum number of connections.

Setting up MediaGet.

Why torrent slowly shakes on a smartphone

Causes of low boot speed of content through mobile torrent clients are generally similar to those described above, in addition, many mobile operators often cut the P2P traffic speed. By solving the problem in such cases, the use of a proxy or VPN clients can be, but before registering an account and establish a client, to explore the rates of VPN providers, since the latter may also have speed limits. Compare for example an incoming and outgoing speed of the VPN provider from the Eventure developer.

Speed ​​of the paid tariff VPN

Speed ​​of the Free Tariff VPN

To start using VPN, you need to do only a few steps.

  1. Select the provider you like;
  2. Create an account on its website;
  3. Choose a tariff plan and make a payment;
  4. Download and install a VPN client on a mobile device and logged in;
  5. Enable VPN and use torrent.

Setting up VPN on smartphone

Setting up VPN on smartphone

Setting up VPN on smartphone

Mobile torrent customer settings

Thirdly, mobile torrent clients are an order of magnitude less settings than desktop, however, it is still possible to squeeze some of them. If you slowly shakes torrent on android, while you use the same μTorrent, go to its settings and set:

  • Receipt limit is the maximum KB / C.
  • Distribution limit - 1 kb / c.
  • Limit of active torrents - 1.

Mobile torrent customer settings

General recommendations

So, the low speed of downloading from torrent via Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and Ethernet may depend on various factors, but most often it is associated with the low activity of the distributing, less often - with restrictions of providers on P2P traffic and network loads (the latter is more characteristic of the festive days). Using the optimal torrent customer settings, some progress can be achieved, but if these key conditions are not met, the download speed will continue to remain relatively low.

There are several ways to increase the speed of loading torrent. Most of them are related to changing the program settings or making changes to the computer parameters. But it should be borne in mind that in some cases the desired increase is not available. This concerns situations where the current Internet tariff restricts the capabilities of users or the provider poorly fulfills its own responsibilities. In such situations, you first need to think about improving the quality of communication. Otherwise, the process will not work.

Why low speed in torrent

In addition to the actions of the provider on the effectiveness of the torrent client affect:

  • Incorrect online service settings;
  • viruses and malicious programs affecting the state of the computer;
  • Programs, widgets and applications using traffic;
  • Windows update, which takes part of the traffic;
  • Antiviruses and firewall, limiting the work of the service;
  • A large number of additional devices connected to the common Wi-Fi network.

The remaining causes are not common or their influence is minimal, therefore it makes no sense to consider them separately.

Check the Internet speed on

To proceed to change the settings and speed up the download in the torrent, you need to make sure that the provider's capabilities allow you to count more.

To do this, check the quality of the connection:

  1. Open site;
  2. Press the button starting testing;
  3. wait for the result.

If the quality of traffic is inferior to the claimed in the tariff, it is necessary to call the representatives of the provider and declare problems. In this case, the type of Internet will not affect the user actions. You can declare complaints as mobile companies (megaphone, MTS and others) and operators connecting the home Internet.

Increase torrent speed in client settings

If the quality of the connection allows you to count on fast loading, you can switch to the reconfiguration of the program and computer. At the same time, the actions to be performed in Windows 7, Windows 10 and other operating systems coincide or extremely similar.

No variety and change parameters in UTorrent. In various versions of the service, only the names of sections and points are changing, the procedure and changes remain unchanged.

how to increase the speed of downloading in torrent

Additional customer settings

The simplest way to increase the speed of downloading in torrent is to change customer settings.

This is recommended for this:

  1. Enable the program and open the settings menu;
  2. Install in the section with the mention of the encryption protocol option "Enabled" and resolve incoming connections;
  3. The next step is to specify the maximum number of compounds and peters (2500 and 500, respectively);
  4. Save selected parameters.

Additionally, it is recommended to start the port test by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the torrent client and take advantage of the proposed conditions.

how to speed up download from torrent

Check the number of sids

The next step will be the verification of the number of available seeds - people who continue to distribute the file after it is received. What they are more, the faster the process will end.

To check, you should visit the site where the file has downloaded, and see the number of active sides. If there are few them, it is recommended to see other similar offers with a large number of distributing. Additionally, you can take into account Peters - people who did not have time to download the entire file, but have already begun the distribution of the existing part. They are also able to speed up the download.

Turn off unnecessary programs

If the cities for torrent to increase the speed are already at the maximum, it is worth checking if active processes connecting to the Internet do not affect traffic. This is especially true for smartphones (for android, iOS, Windows - no values). If any applications, widgets, services use traffic to work and update, will have to temporarily disable them. Otherwise, it will not be possible to reduce the time, and users will need more time to receive a film, games or music.

Connect a direct connection to the modem

It has already been mentioned above that the quality of Internet traffic is affected by the number of devices connected to the modem.

To speed up the download time, it is recommended to disable:

  1. Disable third-party phones, laptops and computers from the router through the Wi-Fi settings menu;
  2. Set a direct connection to the modem with a cable.

In each case, the quality of communication will increase.

Separate attention deserve the actions of mobile operators, which indicate that the use of torrent clients limits communication up to 128 kbps. To bypass such restrictions requires an activation of additional options.

Check the torrent download queue

In situations where the user is interested in the download of a specific file, it is necessary:

  • accelerate download from torrent, changing the priority of the file to high;
  • Change the sequence number in the queue on downloading;
  • Start forcibly by selecting the appropriate item in the menu of available actions (clicking the right mouse button by file name);
  • Disable other downloads.

It is important to emphasize that the last step is particularly recommended, since the remaining actions do not take into account the number of cides in the selected distribution and other active downloads. As a result, the efficiency of the tracker will be higher where their number is greater.

how to increase download speed in torrent

Check and update torrent

Peers for torrent to increase speed will be useless if the user has an outdated version of the service.

To check and establish the current version of the client, you need:

  1. Open the settings menu;
  2. find an item related to the update;
  3. Allow update check;
  4. Restart the service and wait proposals to install updates.

If the check did not lend to the proposal to install updates, you will have to look at the other listed reasons for the low connection level. Probably the matter is in them.

Customize speed priority

In addition to self-selecting priority in UTorrent, users are able to establish the priority of the various processes and services on the computer.

To raise the status of the client, you will have to:

  1. Open Device Manager (not to be confused with program dispatcher);
  2. switch to the service tab;
  3. Find in the proposed list of UTorrent;
  4. Click on it right mouse button;
  5. Change priority to high.

As a result, the computer resources at high load will be redirected to maintain the service, which instantly affects its performance and efficiency.

how to increase the speed of loading torrent

Improve the rating in torrents

Sometimes restrictions are associated with user actions. Most trackers require downloading distributions. If only download, without distributing files, the rating of a person falls that negatively affects torrent tracker.

To increase the speed of downloading in Torrene, you need to read the rules of the selected service (site, tracker) and do not forget to distribute the downloaded to other people. As a result, the rating will increase to an acceptable level, and the restrictions will be removed. If you do not follow these conditions, it is useless to count on stable, quickly obtaining files is useless.

Turn off antivirus programs

The last nuance that needs to be taken into account is the work of antiviruses and firewall. They are able to limit the work of the torrent client. Those who wish to increase the download speed in the torrent should open the anti-virus menu (firewall) and click the button offering adding the process to the exception list. After that, it remains to make a tracker in the mentioned list and check whether the desired result is obtained.

Not all torrents that you add to your torrent client are loaded at the maximum speed. Completion of some of them, have to wait quite a long time.

I suggest you understand what the low loading speed of the torrent can be connected with, and how it can be enlarged.

Basic restrictions: Provider tariff and number of peers

The bandwidth, on which the speed of unloading and loading data on your computer depends depends on the Internet Tariff. Pay attention to the speed indicators that the provider states. If you have an inexpensive rate, then the possibilities are limited.

Also do not forget that the network may have temporary problems that impose certain restrictions on the load speed indicator .

As for Pirov (see who are such cides and peers), there must be enough of them on the distribution. I remind you that the principle of downloading data through the torrent client is that you are in parallel to receive parts of files, from all available sources. And if these sources are not enough, or not at all, the speed will be zero.

From this we conclude that you need to choose those distributions where a sufficiently large number of participants. Fortunately on all popular trackers, there are relevant counters.

Distribution on torrent tracker

Exceptions are rare distributions. I had to wait a few days while the person who distributes the data was connected to the network, and I was able to complete the download. But these were specific files, and had to wait.

Turn off IP filter

Speed ​​can decrease due to the fact that the program blocks connecting to some peirs. This is due to using the IP filter. It is recommended to disable it.

Run UTorrent, click on the menu "Settings" , then "Program Settings" .

Programs settings

Go to the Advanced tab, and in the field "Filter" , Drive the value IP. . In the list of results we find the option "Ipfilter.enable" and set the value for it FALSE . Make it can be double-clicking on the list. Either highlight it and in the block "Value" install switch to position "Not" .

Turn off IP filter

Do not forget to save changes.

Encrypt the protocol

Some Internet providers intentionally impose blocking on torrent traffic. So that this restriction does not affect us, it is necessary to encrypt the protocol for which the program works.

In the settings, go to the tab "BitTorrent" and in the section "Protocol Encryption" , Install the value "Forced" .

Turn on protocol encryption

We also do not forget to familiarize yourself with the manual how to increase the speed of loading the torrent, and we try to perform the recommendations described there.

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Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

Hello everyone! In this article, try to give an answer to such a seemingly simple question about why torrent does not pump or does it very slowly. Familiar problem, isn't it?

So, in fact, nothing in this is not terrible. This problem is solved quite simply, without a strong tension of the brainstorm. So let's go to the case.

The content of the article:

The main reasons why torrent does not pump at all The main reasons why torrent slowly shakes

So, my friends, first of all, you need to make sure that the torrent distribution you are trying to download, there are active participants in general. To do this, pay attention to the technical information section in the description:

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

As can be seen in the picture above, this distribution is completely dead, which means it is simply impossible to download it. So, we figured out, go further. The second reason can serve as an anti-virus program installed on the PC.

But in the very Torrent client You can set the appropriate setting that can help in solving this trouble. To do this, go along the path "Program Settings" path:

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

Next, select the section "Connection" and put in it in front of the option "Firewall Exceptions":

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

To make changes, do not forget to click on the "Apply" button, which is located at the bottom of the application dialog box.

If after this torrent does not download anyway, then it is possible that you are trying to simultaneously put too much files to download.

For example, if in the settings UTorrent `A choose a column" Priority ", you can see the maximum number of downloads by default:

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

As can be seen in the picture above, there are only five of them. Now count how much you are in the queue. Can ten?

Well, here we are with you and disassemble the main reasons when the distribution may not swing at all. And now let's look at such a nuance why the torrent slows down slowly.

And here, again, a banal reason may be a small number of distributing:

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

Consider if this single distributor is connected to the Internet for outdated ADSL technology with an outgoing speed of 512 kbps. So what fast loading in this case can we talk about? I think that the meaning is clear.

If the distribution is very live, and the speed is still slow, then it is necessary again Check Settings programs. First, we go into the section "Speed" and we look at the first two columns stood nruli:

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

Secondly, we definitely look at the "BitTorrent" section, the item "Limit of the speed of local peters" and disabled "Protocol Encryption":

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

A manual reception restriction may also be set. To check this, click right-click on the file downloaded from the torrent and go along the path "Priority Speed-Limit Reception":

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

As can be seen in the screenshot, the value "unlimited" is chosen in the third column. The same should be standing with you. You can also try Open Port. where the program works:

Why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly pumps. In search of speed

The program port opening procedure will be varied depending on the model of your home router. But you can take as a basis the example of the author of the article that is sensible in This publication

Well, friends, we are together and figured out why torrent does not pump at all, or very slowly shakes. On this all until the new meetings.

Respectfully, Komarovsky Vitalik


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