How to register in Play Market: Ways to create an account on your phone, computer or tablet

Google Play (until 2012 - Android Market / Play Market) - Digital Licensed Entertainment Store Added by developers, authors and third-party studios specifically for smartphones, tablets and other techniques operating on the Android operating system. The store pages are filled with programs and system instruments, games and television shows, movies and music, and yet books, magazines and even daily updated newspapers, discussing in detail about the events in the world in the world in the last day.

And although the content on Google Play is more than it seems, at first glance, the dynamics of digital products are the same - or community participants will have to pay for the download, or it is necessary to interact free (about the presence of advertising and built-in purchases can be found in advance). However, it is too early to look at the price tags and understand the details - at the start you need to register in the play markete and inspect the available functionality.

Registration on mobile platforms

The chance to create a new account in Play Market on the tablet or on the phone with the Android operating system appears in the first turn on the technique - so the developers from Google offer immediately to join the entertainment content and instantly fill the inner or external memory to books, programs and films. But if the startup registration of the Google account has long been skipped, then why not start familiarizing with the service re-? Make an account in Google Play can and beginner , The main thing is to keep up with the instructions and unmistakably fill each text field appearing on the way:

First of all, you will have to find on the desktop or in the main menu of the smartphone or tablet label leading to the Play Market digital store.

Home screen

And it is worth clicking on the label found, on the screen instead of neat rows with applications and books, a welcoming message from Google will appear, immediately hinting - they say, then the way is closed, for access you have to register in the play market or logged in using the already existing account.


From the proposed options you need to select the "New" item, and then proceed to the methodical filling of the available text fields.

First, you need to specify the "name" and "surname", and in any language - Cyrillic, and Chinese characters are suitable: the information specified is displayed in the profile and does not make any benefit in the future.

Enter the name and surname

Play market

Next - email address. Or rather, the blank for e-mail. Developers offer to choose the nickname to which the @gmail domain will attach, about which it certainly does not have to regret - the Gmail mail is safe, it is individually configured under each user, it easily protects against spam and, if desired, integrates to the Windows operating system and transfers important information to PC In automatic mode - information from the calendar, contacts.


When choosing the nickname, it is important to remember two nuances - only the latin and numbers are allowed (and some special characters), and the size of the selected name must be between 6 to 30 characters, not less. And yet - the specified nickname will be required to check for accessibility, and if there are coincidences in the database, you will have to use tips from the community or manually experiment with combinations (create an account easier with numbers and prefixes, like MR or MRS).


The next step is the choice of password. Use again allowing Latin only (options with Cyrillic are sent to "finalizing"), numbers and special characters. The minimum number of signs is 8.


And it is also important to follow the prompts of the service that help you know in advance - whether the password is relieving or it is worth increasing the level of protection.

Password score

And although formally registering on Google Play on Android has already happened, go to the digital store is still early - after entering the password it is worth considering the account return mechanism.


From the proposed options - mobile phone number for organizing two-factor authentication ( Authorization will pass on login and password, but if some confidential information is lost, a check code for recovery will come to the phone via SMS ), Additional email address or control question. Regardless of the choice, each of the proposed options will perfectly cope with the task and protect the account from the abduction or actions of fraudsters.


The penultimate step of registration in Google Plat is the activation of backup mechanisms, a subscription to a newsletter with existing shares and suggestions, discounts and news of the gaming industry, literary art and world video and movies.

Terms of Use

If the checkboxes are set correctly, the passwords are chosen, and the nickname, to which the mail domain @ is attached, has already achieved perfection, you can click on the "I accept" button and immediately plunge into the world of entertainment. If minor errors are made or it wanted to make tiny adjustments, it is worth choosing "not to create an account", and then return to 2-3 steps back.

Register does not work, and obvious causes of the problem formed not to find? It is worth trying a little later (perhaps, problems with servers), or write a detailed message on Google forum (!forum/play-ru) (there will necessarily help), or Go alternative and open access to the playmarket through the computer.

Registration on PC

Create an account through the browser is easier than on smartphones and tablets - here and steps to the result you need to do less, and the keyboard with the mouse at hand. Therefore, it remains to repeat the simple algorithm of actions:

Go to the official service site (, where you can register Google account.

Creating an account

After the transition, proceed to filling the form that appeared. Text fields are already familiar to the registration described above - the name and surname (available to Cyrillic), nickname and domain @, and the password and security tips (only latice, numbers and allowed symbols are suitable here).

phone number

Next - optional profile protection (as well as during the registration described for smartphones and tablets, it is not recommended to skip a step - problems with recovery may occur), the choice of gender and the introduction of information related to the date of birth.

The last stage is reading the rules and conditions of service, making agreements, receiving a record management point.


So, you can return to the smartphone and tablet, press again on the Play Market label, but already instead of the "new" point (which, as if reading - register urgently), you need to choose an "existing".

Adding Account

In the e-mail text fields that appeared, it remains to enter the already available information that appears when registering through the browser (Created account, by the way, is used and outside the Play Market - in the other Google services), and click "Next".


Authorization will end instantly, and questions "can finally go to the digital store" - no longer need to answer.

Google Play is a multifunctional entertainment tool, to the edges filled with endless amount of content, access to which opens immediately after registration. It is worth specifying some confidential information, read the conditions and rules - and the world of literature, film and the game industry will immediately open from the new page!

How to register in Play Market on your Android phone? Before starting work on the Android device, you need mandatory authorization in Google.

how to register in the play mark on the phone android turn

New smartphone requires installation of applications for work. These applications are downloaded from Play Market - the built-in directory of paid and free apps for Android. The service allows you to choose and download official applications on the device. If there are other android devices, you have the ability to set old settings to a new smartphone.

  1. Open Google Play app.
  2. Select the New Account Create function.
  3. Fill in the fields, click Finish.
  4. Come up with a unique mail name, after each attempt the icon will notify about the employment of the user name.
  5. Comeume your password using numbers and capital letters.
  6. To restore the password if you forget it - enter an additional email address.
  7. At this stage, registration on the Google+ network will be offered, select "Not Now" to skip the steps.
  8. Enter the payment card data if you are going to use paid applications.
  9. Complete registration.

Later you can change the settings, delete the payment card data, connect the "autoload" functions of files and much more.

How to create a Google account on the phone android in the play markete

After registration, the Google Play authorized under your new name will open, in which you need to select and install the applications you need. The service also allows you to read user reviews about the application or leave your.

How to register in Google Play Market on Android, if the account has already been created? With the very first activation of the new device, you must enter older data about Google account. After entering the device, all previous settings will be restored, including the play market will be logged. Restore all previously downloaded applications can be enrolled in the "Loading history".

How to create an account in Play Market Android on the tablet

Creating an account - registration in Google. When you are logged in Google, you will not need an additional registration or creating a new account. If for some reason you need to make a new one:

  1. Open the "Settings" on the phone.
  2. Select "Users and Accounts".
  3. "Add Account".
  4. Pass register anew.

Due to the large number of related accounts, it is easy to confuse that and to which account is tied. The situation is complicated by the presence of several devices based on android. To get rid of the old account you need to delete it.

The process of removing the old account on the example of the Samsung Gelease smartphone:

  1. In the settings, select "Accounts".
  2. Select "Google".
  3. A detailed use of the account associated with it will appear.
  4. Select "Delete Account".

Create an account through a PC for free

Create Google Play Account for Android is possible not only from the phone or tablet, but also from the computer. The installation process is completely free, as on the phone. Google Play on a PC represents a normal site that requires authorization.

  1. Go to the browser on the PC.
  2. Enter Google account or create a new one.
  3. Enter the play-market.

Having a tied account from the Android device, you can add downloads to download remotely, to install the scheduled downloads. Entering data to a new Android device -Shematrhable applications from the market will automatically start uploading to the device.

Video on how to register on Play Market:


By buying a phone or tablet, everyone is thinking about where and how to download applications, programs and games to expand the functionality of your gadget. Each operating system has its own official store. For iPhone is iOS, and for devices on the Android platform, an application of the RLAY MARKET is developed. Thanks to him you can download and install a huge number of applications, most of which work for free. But to access, you need to create an account in the play. Consider in more detail how to do it.

Register via phone or tablet

Playmarket is the official store of Google for devices based on the Android system. It was created in early 2012 and today in this "hypermarket" you can buy music, books, movies, games and other applications. For full-fledged work, you need to register on Google Play. To do this, you need to connect to the Internet (mobile Internet or Wi Fi). Further registration can be divided into several stages:

1. Open the PLAY application application on the device and click "create a new account". Empty fields will appear in which you need to specify the name and surname, date of birth and the floor. By completing the data, click the arrow to the right, which is at the bottom of the page.

2. You must come up with a unique username - nickname. It will be part of the Google mail account.


Important! If the name you want to specify is highlighted in red, it means that it is already busy. The system will suggest hints with free nicks. Choosing one of them or inventing his unique, press the arrow to the right and go to the next step.

3. Invent the password and enter it twice. The number of characters in it should not be less than 8. And it is also important to use the letters of the top register, numbers and symbols. The system checks the reliability of the password, and if it is too light, it will not be possible to go to the next step.

Drawing up a password

4. Add phone number. This stage is not mandatory, but it is necessary to specify the phone number to increase account security control. We choose the country code, enter the numbers of the number and go further.

5. We accept the Company's Privacy Policy. Here will be described the basic principles of the system of the system with account data. Click the "Accept" button and go to the next step.

6. Account Google is created. The screen will display the email address and password.

7. Next, you need to set backup settings to take care of the data safety. Here you need to install the lever near the section with copying data to Google Disc. And you can also specify an additional email address.

8. Binding bank cards. This stage can also be skipped by setting the mark near the line "No, thank you."

Service request

However, if you actively plan to use applications and paid content, you need to set a mark near the "Add credit or debit card" line and enter the data you need.

That's all! As you can see, the Create an account was completely simple. To register in the playing markete on the tablet, you need to repeat the same actions, since the interface is no different.

Lost phone

Registration on computer

Registration in the play markete through the computer is different from the registration through the smartphone. To register with Google Play, you need to register Google account. To do this, in any browser you need to open the official page of Google and find the "Login" button. By clicking on it, the authorization window will appear. Select the link "Other options" under it, click "Create Account".


A questionnaire appears in which you want to specify the name and surname, come up with a unique email address, enter the password twice, specify the date of birth and the floor, phone number and country.

the form

For backup you need to specify an additional email address. If it is not - create. Fill in all the fields, click the "Next" button. A window with privacy policy opens. We view the conditions and click the "Accept" button. After that, a congratulation will appear on the screen with the creation of a new account, where you need to click the "Continue" button. This registration is considered completed.

Account activation on smartphone

By registering in the system through a computer, you need to add an account for Android. Going to the Play Market application on the phone or tablet, select the "Existing" link.


Enter the email address and password that came up with Google, press the arrow to the right. The conditions for privacy policy will appear again, we accept them and click "OK". An application will open where you can start downloading the necessary programs or games.

How to add an account

If the user has an optional account that he would like to use to work in the playing market, you can add it in the settings. What should be done? Everything is very simple. Open the phone or tablet settings, looking for the "Accounts" section. We choose "Add an account" - "Google". The authorization window will appear, in which you want to enter email and password. The new personal account will be activated.

Adding Account

Account management

If the user registed several accounts, then in the playing market you can choose what exactly you want to use. You can do this both through the app, and through the site on a smartphone or computer.

To make a shift in the application on your smartphone, open the Play Market and click on the menu icon. If you do not see it on the screen, you need to click the "Back" button until you return to the main screen. Then at the top of the account will be placed icons of your accounts (email addresses). Click on the icon we want to make the main one. All, now the account is replaced.

To change the account through the Google Play website on the smartphone, you need to follow the link in the browser. Find the menu icon and next to the image of your profile Click the "Change" icon. Choose the desired account and continue to work in it.

To change the account through the computer, you also need to go to the, press the profile in the upper right corner and select the desired account. If it is not displayed in the list, you need to click the "Add Account" button and follow the system prompts.

Thus, the player of the playing market allows all owners of gadgets on the Android platform to set the necessary applications and games. To register with Google Play, you need to follow the instructions described above.

Today, friends, we will show how to register in the Play Market online store (before it was called Google Play). Without this, you will not be able to download applications from the store and synchronize your device with an account. We will show two ways to register. How to use them? It all depends solely on the circumstances in which you are. If you have a phone or tablet at hand, we strongly recommend registering with it, and if there is no touch device, then use the computer or laptop.

Please note that we are talking about Google's account registration, which is used in all company services, including Play Market.

Registration Play Market from Android phone

Let's start with the most common way when registration occurs directly from the user device. An important point - the registration window interface may vary depending on the firmware version, but the difference lies only in design. Therefore, this instruction is suitable for all Android devices.

First of all, we turn on the Internet - without it, registration is impossible. You can mobile, and you can Wi-Fi - as it is more convenient.

Further open Play Market using the icon on the desktop.

We see the "Login" button - click on it.

Tabay on the "Create Account" button.

We choose for whom or a child (for a children's account there is an age limit and the ability to manage it using Family Link).

Next, specify the name and surname. Real or not, to solve you. In fact, it does not affect anything, except that in case of loss of access to an account with real data, this access will be slightly easier to restore.

The next step is to specify the floor and date of birth. Again, these information indicate or not, each decides itself.

Come up with a unique login. The system can also offer you random login. In the event that the login inventing you is busy, the system will indicate that, and you have to come up with a new login. In this case, the login is also an email, so at the output it will have a look *********

If it does not occur with login, you must come up with and specify the password twice. We strongly recommend it to remember, and if you wish, write somewhere, but so that you only have access to the specified password.

Read the privacy conditions and, if everything has arranged, accept them.

The message that Google account was created.

Next, you will be offered to save a backup on Google disk. Do this or not, to solve you.

The start page of Play Market opened, which means that you have successfully registered.

There is another way to create an account - not through the Play Market application, but through the system settings. In fact, the scheme is exactly the same as written above, only to start you need to open the "Settings" application.

Go to the "Accounts" or "Accounts" section.

Press the "Add Account" button.

And select Google account.

Further actions describe does not make sense - the instruction is looking in the first part of the article.

Register Play Market from Computer

To register in the store from a computer, you need to make yourself a mailbox in the service. We go to the site and choose "Create Account".

Fill data. Here, in general, nothing complicated: name and surname, username (nickname), password, date of birth, floor, mobile phone number (optional), spare e-mail (optional), capping and country.

Agree to Google's policies, putting a tick, and click on the "Next" button.

Registration has passed successfully what the message tells you on the screen.

Register on Gmail does not take much time.


Before you know how to register with Google Play Market on Android, you need to create Google email for authorization. As a rule, the application store is installed on the phone, as the standard component of the operating system, so we will not consider its installation, and we will immediately turn to the account of the account of the account.

Register in Google Play: Step by step description from video

If you have already registered an email on the Google service, you only need to add an existing account. Enter the e-mail address and password. Follow the guide of the conductor further. To create a new account, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Step: Click on the Plate Market Icon in the list of phone programs.
  2. Step: Press the "Create a new" account button.
  3. Step: Enter your name and surname (you can use fictional initials).
  4. Step: Come up with a username that will serve as an email address in the Google service. You can use small English letters, numbers, points, dash.
  5. Step: Enter two times Reliable password for at least 8 characters.
  6. Step: agree or refuse to enter additional email or phone number to restore the account password.
  7. Step: Re-refresh data backup and receiving newsletter (optional).
  8. Step: Agree with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Google service.
  9. Step: Enter the characters shown in the image.
  10. Step: Refuse to enter payment data (optionally you can add a bank card).
  11. Step: Select the state, add a phone number with a country code without a "+" sign. Mark the way to send verification code (in our case SMS message).
  12. Step: Enter the activation code sent to the phone.
  13. Step: Select a account and click the "OK" button.
  14. Step: Take the Terms of Use of the Gugl Play App.

How to install a play market on the phone

As a rule, Google Play comes in a standard set of applications on Android smartphones. But on some models of Chinese manufacturers, the store is not installed. Therefore, you will have to do the installation manually. We offer view video guide on this topic:

Watch video >>

If the store has been removed as a consequence of the effects of viruses or malicious software, the .apk installation file can be downloaded on any proven resource. Unfortunately, the official website does not provide free access to the Google Play distribution, and only its update on page:

How to register at Play Market for Android

What is Google Play Market?

How to register at Play Market for Android . Google Play (until March 6, 2012 - Android Market) is a shop of a variety of applications and games, some of which can be installed only on devices with a powerful stuffing and only in certain countries. Also in the hypermarket you can buy books, music and movies of Google and other companies. For full-fledged work with the Google Play online store, you will need a Google account, to which will be further attached to the application devices, whether they are paid or free.

How to register in Play Market?

After the person bought an android device, when you turn on the smartphone or tablet, one of the first it sees a dialog box in which the user is offered to log into your account on the device, or create a new one by creating a unique mailbox. In the first case, you will be offered to enter the address of your mailbox tied to Google Account. However, we are interested in how to register at Play Market.

How to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for Android

First stage - enter your last name and name

You made the first turning on the device and connected it to the nearest available Wi-Fi point. After clicking " Create a new account »You will see empty fields in which you will be prompted to enter your surname and name, as well as your gender. After filling the fields, click on the right arrow, located at the bottom of the page, to go to the next step.

How to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for Android

Stage Second - Choosing Nickname

You need to come up with a unique username that will include the address of your new Google mailbox. In the event that the proposed name is engaged, the system itself will provide you with other options for the unique name of the user.

How to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for Android

Stage Third - Password

After selecting the username, you must come up with a password consisting of at least 8 characters. It is recommended to use the numbers and letters of the upper and lower register for reliability. The system itself will determine how reliable your password is, and will write about it under the input row. After the password was entered in the first field, it needs to be duplicated in the second line to confirm.

How to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for Android

Stage Fourth - Configure Password Recovery Methods

The company takes care of its users, offering ways to restore the password. To do this, you can enter the email address or your mobile phone number. After entering the appropriate data, it will be proposed to familiarize yourself with Google Terms, as well as with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, which describes the principles of user data processing.

How to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for Android

Stage Fifth - Binding payment card (optional)

The system will ask if you really want to create a new account, after which it will offer to tie a billing card to the account to automate purchases. If you do not want to bind your credit card to the account, just click " No thanks "

How to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for Android

How to add an account to the configured device

If you want to create a new account on the configured device, it is enough to go to the settings and in the column " Accounts »Press" Google "What to do next - read above.

How to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for AndroidHow to register at Play Market for Android



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