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Hello site visitors! What is the warm-up? Many players who want to turn on the warm-up in the game, do it for training a grenade spreading, train straps, learn how to fully fulfill the spurla technique.

Just in this article, it is about this that this will be discussed here: the topic is considered: How to make an endless workout in CS: GO? It would seem an easy question, but sometimes even experienced players, forget the teams for this. After reading this article, you once and forever remember how to do it. The workout can be included only on your local server in the game with bots or with friends.

How to enable workout in CS: GO?

  1. Before turning on the warm-up, you need to enable CS: GO and in the game to go along the way: Play CS: Go / Workout with bots / Competitive / Select the map I have it dust 2 / Press start.
  2. Open the console letter E (or `) and write the following commands:
  3. Bot_Kick. - First of all, you need to nourish the bots team.
  4. SV_CHEATS 1. - Include cheats.
  5. MP_WARMUPTIME 999999999. - Choose the desired time workout team (instead of nine, we put the time you need).
  6. MP_DO_WARMUP_OFFINE - turn on the warm-up itself.
  7. mp_warmup_end. - Switch off the workout.

Here is a video movie from the Internet about turning on the warm-up in the game:


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The warm-up is that little that can help well in training. In essence, this is an endless DM with the ability to buy a weapon to infinity, and anywhere. And all this makes it easier to workout stretching and training shooting. Yes, and the player himself in case of death instantly resurrect and can go into battle again. If you call several friends, you can arrange a good game, if you know how to make a warm-up in the COP: th is infinite.

What is a warm-up mode

How to enable / disable workout in CS: go

As already mentioned, this is a kind of DM, in which the player, in the event of death, instantly appears on its respaun and can immediately be purchased by various cannons or equipment. Applications This mode is much more than might think. With proper fantasy, it can be used for intense workouts, especially with real people. This will allow not to waste time on the wage of extra rounds, because the warm-up is one big and inextricable match that provides many opportunities for those who are able to use them.

How to turn on the workout in the COP: go

First, the activated console will be required. It turns on during the match, by default on Tilda (~). You can find it in the upper left side of the keyboard. Now you just need to enter the team:


This is necessary to activate the whole of a variety of teams and cheats, which includes the warm-up management. Now we need to start it:


This team will make the workout almost eternal. However, it will not be automatically started, you need another team:


This is a folding workout start, after which it will automatically be launched and the players can be trained or engaged in their interesting things with its help. But in terms of the workout, it is best to use a series of narrowered teams, which will generally give much more.

How to remove the workout in the CS: go

Upon completion of all workouts, it may be desired to turn off the workout. And so how to turn off the workout in the COP: go:


The command instantly turns off the mode and return the match to the standard condition. This is how you can finish the workout in the COP: go.

How to enable and disable workout in CS: go

The warm-up is one of the coolest and useful modes in CS: GO. The fact is that it is not only those 5 minutes that we expect teamages before the game in MM, as many people suggest. The warm-up will allow you to do that much that you will not be available in other modes. In this article - we will analyze all these moments, and also show you how to enable and turn off the workout, if necessary.

What is a warm-up mode in CS: go

In essence, the warm-up is like an endless Deathmatch with the difference only that every time you break on your respaun. You will have an unlimited time to buy devices, you will get up immediately, after death, you can train in scarecrops, snacks, movements, you can learn timings. In general, the warm-up is one big round, with an unlimited time for buying weapons.

how to turn on the workout in the COP

How to enable / disable workout in CS: go

Now we want to immediately answer the excitement, our readers, the question, how to turn on and turn off the workout in the game. And everything is simple. To do this, you will need a console. If you have not had time to activate it - see how it is done.

Come in the settings, then in the game settings, find the "Game" section, and in it - enable the developer console and choose Yes.

how to remove the workout in the cop

Now on Tilda (ё | ``) - you can open the console. Do it and prescribe the first team:

SV_CHEATS 1 - This is you activate some commands.

Now prescribe:

MP_DO_WARMUP_OFFINE 1 - you activate the warm-up itself.

Now you need to increase the time, because By default, the workout last 5 minutes. We prescribe:

MP_WARMUPTIME 9999 - And the time of your warm-up - it will become almost limitless.

And the last barcode - if you do all this, when the warm-up has already ended - we prescribe:


If you have already trained everything you wanted, and are ready to start more serious game modes - we register:


There are still many useful teams that will help you on the warm-up. This is the release of bots, and legal WH, and the trajectory of the grenade, but with their full list - you'd better get acquainted in a separate article, which you can find on our website. There are detailed all the cheat commands for the console in CS: GO.

How to turn off the workout in the COP

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