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Subject and predicate. We learn to emphasize correctly and no longer get confused. The many of you from school remembers what the main members of the sentence are. We emphasized them with one or two devils. But how to remember what the subject is one trait, and the fault is two?

Let's figure out. We write offer:

Petya reads a book.

We ask the first question:

"Who?" - Peter. How many words in question? One ("Who?") Means one will be one.

We ask the second question:

Petya "What does?" - is reading How many words in the question "What does?" 2 words, which means there will also be two!

Tell your child about this helper, and it will not be confused! I hope this note was useful for you.

The analysis of the memberships for members is one of the most unpleasant topics in elementary school. In this article, let's talk about how to teach the child to correctly disassemble proposals for members.

How to quickly teach a child to disassemble the offer for members

Main members sentences

We, adult, it seems that everything is quite simple. Substant - this is the name noun. The verb is a failed. And we sincerely do not understand what is the complexity.

It happens that mom says that he is engaged in a child, she suggests him, and the child can still not be found in the proposal to be. I ask how my mother suggests. She says: "Where is the noun in the sentence?".
Therefore, the child does not understand. The proposal may have several nouns names.

When we are looking for the subject, we ask the question: "What is the offer?"

And from the subject to ask the question to the lean.

Sometimes children first find the lean. As a rule, it is easier to find it. But this is wrong. First you need to find the subject.

for instance ,We need to disassemble the memberships Cat sleeps in the chair .

We ask the child, the commemorated in this sentence. About a cat. We ask the question to the word cat. Who! Cat. This is subject to. Emphasize one feature. Cat what does? Sleep. Sleeps - this is a lean. We emphasize two features.

How to quickly teach a child to disassemble the offer for members

The main members of the sentence, the grammatical basis of the proposal to be both faithful. How to figure it out?

Subject to and led - the main members of the sentence. Why? Because without them there will be no suggestions. Take the proposal. Cat sleeps in a chair.

If we remove all the words from the offer, except to be tamed, then the cat's offer will be offered. Is this an offer? Yes. Because it is a complete thought. It is clear to us that we are talking about a cat and that she sleeps.

If we remove from this proposal to be both faithful, it will work out "in the chair." Are these words offer? Not.

Subject to and be surely called the main members of the proposal because they contain the main idea. Without them, the suggestions will not work. Therefore, they are also called The grammatical basis of the sentence. Well, when a child understands all 3 wording and knows how to work with them.

How to explain secondary members of the sentence

If the main members of the proposal of problems to grade 3, as a rule, does not happen, then with secondary members is increasingly harder.

How to quickly teach a child to disassemble the offer for members

Nevertheless, they are not so difficult to remember. See. Definition is expressed by the name of the adjective or pronoun.

Supplement answers questions of all indirect cases. Those. Issues of all cases, except for the very nominative. If the child knows the case, he knows and add-on questions.

Thus, it remains to learn only the issues of circumstances.

Procedure Selling Offer for Members

We will analyze the members of the sentence Yellow roses bloomed in the garden .

1. The proposal speaks of roses. What? Roses. Roses - subject . Emphasize one feature.

2. Roses what did you do? Dismissed. Dismissed - the fault .We emphasize two features.

How to quickly teach a child to disassemble the offer for members

We write out phrases.

3. What are the roses? Yellow. Yellow is a definition . We emphasize the wavy line.

4. Disamed where? In the garden. In the garden, this circumstance . We emphasize the point and dotted line.

How to quickly teach a child to disassemble the offer for members
How to quickly teach a child to disassemble the offer for members

Probably, many may have a question. How to ask how to ask: blurred (where?) In the garden or blossomed (in what?) In the garden?

When you can ask two questions to the Word (the issue of supplement and the question of circumstances), the word is a circumstance. Therefore, in our offer, the word "in the garden" is a circumstance.

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