How to understand that the girl changed you: the main signs

What if there is no confidence in loyalty of the second half? How to understand that the girl changed you, relying on the deductive method and its own observation? Let's try to deal with this published article on our website. !

Table of contents:

  1. Basic signs
  2. Relationships at a distance
  3. How to recognize treason in vkontakte
  4. How to understand that the girl has changed with the former
  5. Basic changes
  6. After a business trip
  7. Where to start an investigation
  8. How to talk about treason

Basic signs

Any betrayal suggests a lie partner. And false, according to psychologists, give the following main signs:

  • Unwillingness to enter into personal contact. If a person is afraid that he will give himself, he will avoid communicating, for example, instead of meetings offering to communicate online or referring to his increased employment;
  • A person becomes more attentive and affectionate. Oddly enough, this sign can also talk about treason. Feeling your guilt, the girl can try to show more tenderness and attention. It can start cooking exquisite dishes or laid out in bed at 100%. Naturally, sudden changes in behavior should alert. More often this happens if the girl changed once and tormented because of this;
  • Careful care of appearance. If a woman has a relationship on the side, she can begin to take care of its appearance: buy new dresses, more often to visit beauty salons, make a refined makeup, going to work or "for a walk with a friend";
  • Attempts to hide your correspondence. If, entering the room to the girl, you notice that she quickly turns the dialog box on the social network, it is possible that she communicates with her lover;
  • Refusal of sex. Women are often able to "keep loyalty" only to one partner. And long rejection of sexual jellows says that she satisfies his needs with another man;
  • New sex skills. The emergence of new skills can say that she has learned to them on the side. By the way, understand the vagina that the woman has changed, it is impossible. This is just a myth. Vagina fabrics are distinguished by high elasticity and even if the "dignity" of the girl's lover is much larger than yours, it will not affect the properties of female genitals;
  • Permanent talk about another man. If the girl often began to remember his "best friend" or a colleague, it is possible that it is much closer for her than you;
  • Sudden appearance of expensive things. It is possible that new decorations, the last model of a mobile phone or a fur coat presented another man, even if the girl claims that he acquired them by receiving a premium;
  • Frequently abdes. This feature can be seen if you live together. When the girl begins to get involved in evening walks or he spends all Sunday for shopping, while trying not to take you with me, it can be assumed that she spends time with another man.

It is necessary to analyze all the behavior as a whole. Separate "symptoms" do not talk about infidelity. After all, to begin to take care of yourself, a woman can on the advice of girlfriend or stylist, and frequent letters may well be explained by the sincere desire to spend time alone with themselves. But if there are many signs and the behavior has changed dramatically, it is worth thinking.

Relationships at a distance

It is especially difficult to recognize treason, if a man and a woman are forced to be in separation. For example, often the guys have a bad suspicion: the girl changes you while you are in the army. The easiest way to confirm your guesses is to talk with common familiar. Perhaps they will tell that the relationship is time to finish. Common friends can "cover" a grant. What if the intuition screams about the fact of treason?

Determine that it changes and linges, such signs help:

  • She more often communicates with you, quickly stops the conversation, stopped sharing the details of his life. There are two options: either she is angry with you, or her has a more interesting interlocutor;
  • On the social network page, likes from the same man appear on the social network. Of course, it may be, it is just a good friend or colleague. But it is worth alert;
  • She does not take the phone when you call her. From your beloved man girls waiting for a call with impatience. If the interest is lost, it can ignore calls;
  • She says very quickly. Acceleration of the tempo speech often issues lgunov. Trying to pour a lot of information on the interlocutor, a person literally does not let him insert a word. So, you will not have the opportunity to ask questions you are interested in;
  • Photos on social networks, testifying to visiting various events. Of course, in these photos, the girl will be alone. But the question arises who is the author of the photo, because if she went to have fun with his friends, one could expect joint selfie. If you show ingenuity and try, you can find the Likes left from men to find the page of the new cavaller. After all, it can be posted photos from the same events.

How to understand, did you change the girl at a distance? Follow the photo, monitor the changes in the emotional mood in the process of communication, ask questions with a common acquaintance. Having accumulated enough "evidence", it is worth asking a question directly. If a woman is not a professional actress, she will give himself to his reaction.

How to recognize treason in vkontakte

On social networks, modern people find not only friends and love, but also lovers. How to understand that the girl changes, getting acquainted by VKontakte? Here are some signs:

  • She began to conduct VKontakte more time than before;
  • The page appears on her page from new male friends;
  • She changed the password. Often, couples that are long in relations, use common passwords or do not hide them from each other. If the password suddenly changed, perhaps she hides its correspondence;
  • She started the fake page. Of course, it is often impossible to calculate it. But if, entering the room or edge, looks into her smartphone, you often see the same page, it is different from the one that you know may be a fake profile;
  • She is rewritten to someone for a long time. Correspondence can be kept at night: in this case you may notice that the woman is online, but does not respond to your messages for a long time. This can be explained by a variety of reasons, but frequent delays talk about the presence of other, more important interlocutors. If you live together, notice the long correspondence easier.

How to understand that the girl changes according to the correspondence? Make it difficult. After all, many people spend a lot of time on social networks, communicating with friends or considering funny pictures. But the signs listed above, combined with the general "symptoms" of treason, should be suspicious.

How to understand that the girl has changed with the former

Often, people cannot completely delete from their lives of those who once consisted in a romantic relationship. Former lovers can save proximity to years, and often it pushes to the treason partner.

It is possible to understand that the girl has changed with the former, it is possible by the following signs:

  • It periodically mentions the former in conversations. These mentions may be negative, that is, the girl says, as worse than you, was the man with whom she met before. It may be due to a sense of guilt or in that it managed to make sure your superiority is experimental;
  • She often began to leave home. This feature is common to all changing: to meet with a lover, you need solitude;
  • Joint photos in the social network. Many men say: in the photo I realized that my favorite girl changed me. Photos in an embrace with the former - a very disturbing sign;
  • On her page on the social network began to appear like from the former or she added him as a friend after a break in communication.

Basic changes

Many worries how you can learn from the body that your girlfriend changes you. There are no direct signs, but there are several indirect:

  • She lost weight or recovered. This may be due to both nervous experiences associated with the need to constantly lie, and with the desire more like a new cavalier; she hides the neck with a choke or handkerchief. On the neck after passionate sex, the "material evidence" of treason may remain;
  • It smells like a male perfume. People who have a lot of experience "campaigns to the left" often ask for partners not to use toilet water. After all, someone else's smell can cause suspicions. But if treason was spontaneous or lovers are not prudent enough, this evidence may appear;
  • It often takes "closed" postures. This is a general sign of lies. Credit legs and hands say about the closedness, slightly lowered head and raised shoulders. A person seems to try to hide, experiencing a feeling of shame or not wanting to disclose its secrets.

After a business trip

How to understand that the second half has changed while you were on a business trip? It is worth looking at the apartment for "evidence":

  • someone else's smell. At the instinctive level, men are often able to feel the smell of "other male" on their territory;
  • The remains of a luxurious pyr. A hardened bottle of champagne can stay from girlfriends with girlfriends, but can talk about the fact that the girl arranged a romantic date with her lover. Of particular alertness can cause remnants of exquisite dishes prepared by a girl. As a rule, remaining alone, women prepare only the simplest food (if they are not fond of cooking);
  • Guilty view. If the betrayal was one-time, the girl may feel the feeling of guilt. If, at the meeting, it hides his eyes, trying to avoid your touch and behaves closed and closed, it is worth thinking.

How to understand what girl changed and hides? You can carefully ask the neighbors than the second half did during your abdomen. Of course, it is worth it only if you have a good relationship with your neighbors.

Where to start an investigation

If the guy realized that the girl changes, he had a need to confirm or refute his guesses. Do it best on the following algorithm:

  • Watch behavior. Liar always gives out itself. The tempo of his speech is changed, the direction of the view during the conversation, the posture, Mimica. Therefore, people feel false at an intuitive level;
  • Trace the activity in the social network;
  • To seek help to a common acquaintance. They can issue the necessary information;
  • Ask a question directly. If it will reject treason, you can present the existing facts. Or just break the relationship, because the person who went to betrayal once will do it in the future.

How to talk about treason

The easiest way to determine what is changing and lying in favor, in the process of open conversation about it. Online test "On treason of a girl" or hiking to extrasens will not allow so accurate information. Speak on such topics is not easy. It is important to comply with such recommendations:

  • keeping calm. Otherwise, the frank conversation will not work;
  • Suggest discuss problems in relationships. People who survived treason are difficult to recognize that the "goal of left" is almost always a consequence of problems in relations. And both partners are always to blame for them;
  • Justify your suspicions. If you are sure that the girl has a lover, it is important to show evidence;
  • Specify direct issues involving unambiguous answers. It is not necessary to allow the interlocutor to go into extensive arguments, otherwise the conversation will not lead to anything.

If you want to save relationships, accelerate for the reasons that led to treason. Often to another man of girls pushes a lack of attention from the partner, his unwillingness to communicate, closeness and coldness. It is not easy to survive treason, but if it happened only once, you can try to save the relationship.

The main sign of treason is a sharp change in human behavior. Increased coldness or excess attention, a sudden desire to change its appearance for the better, frequent beams ... All this in the complex causes unpleasant suspicion. It is worth openingly talking to his second half and try to find out the truth instead of tormenting yourself with bitter thoughts. This will help or quickly solve the problem, or not to continue the relationship that has long been outlined.

Treasies very negatively affect the relationship between two people. However, they can be prevented. People should always talk and understand their problems so that the relationship does not exhaust themselves. But if you still talk about female treason, it is pretty easy to recognize. You just need to pay attention to the behavior of your girl.

Why is the thought of infidelity of the second half?

It is absolutely impossible to build a normal relationship without trust. As soon as the feeling of love is born, then the thought does not come to mind that someone can change someone. But over time, a wonderful feeling can change the household and serious problems in relationships.

Thoughts about the infidelity of the girl are beginning to visit a young man when the behavior of the beloved is very changing. But you should not immediately blame her in betrayal if she just did not answer a few calls.

First you need to figure out what kind of treason can be and whether there is such a problem.

Change may be:

  • physical;
  • emotional.

In the case of physical treason, the only reason for which it occurred is hormones. If we talk about emotional, then everything is more complicated here. It can occur at completely different reasons.

In most cases, men change physically. In other words, they are tied to the sexual partner with which they changed their woman. Meet the action of hormones is wrong, but still many people can forgive such treason. Because even though the person betrayed his soul mate, but this does not mean that his feelings are disappeared.

Quite often, such treason says goodbye, and the relationship of the pair is only strengthened. But everyone has its own. And there are a lot of opinions on this matter.

The girls most often change in the emotional plan. They begin to feel feelings for the man with whom they changed their young man. This kind of betrayal is much more dangerous, since after it cannot be retained. In addition, if the girl is emotionally attached to another guy, then you should not even try to save them.

The relationship will never be former, and if they continue, they will deteriorate every day. That betrayal suggests that the woman fell in love His current man.

First signs

To think about what the girl changes after the first signs of treason have been seen. Among them:

  • Password on a computer and smartphone. You need to pay attention to this if it did not have any Password anywhere. After all, their appearance says that she wants to hide the information that no one needs to know.
  • Woman resumed communication with ex-beloved. Many guys do not relate to the fact that their girls communicate with former young people, which is quite logical. Very often, such communication ends with something more significant. If the guy noticed that his girl communicates with his former, then he needs to carefully monitor the development of these events.
  • Partner closes smartphone screen When it receives a new message or immediately reject the call. It is indecent to read other people's correspondence, but if she constantly tries to hide them from her young man, then most likely she writes a lover.
  • Beloved began to avoid friends of his young man. If she used to communicate well with them, but now does not do it, then it is necessary to learn from her reason for such a change behavior.
  • She changed the password on the social network. Quite often, people in relationships exchange their passwords from pages on various web resources. Therefore, if before the guy knew the password from the account of his girl, but now she for some reason changed it, then it is worth thinking. If it is talking about a personal space on questions about the password change, then this is a lie.
  • Rest with girlfriends in nightclubs. Each person needs to be periodically resting in this way. But if night meetings girls with girlfriends became too frequent, then you need to talk to her. After all, one beautiful morning after the fun night, she can wake up next to her boyfriend, but with a friend from the club.
  • The girl does not speak the phone in the presence of his young man. This suggests that her companion is unlikely to love her guy, so she wants to hide him.
  • Attacks of tenderness and care. It would seem that in this bad. But if the girl is completely unfortunately starting to surround his boyfriend with overwork and tenderness, then most likely she wants to block his guilt thus.
  • It is difficult to get through to her, as her phone is constantly busy. In this case, you need to learn from her with whom she often says. If the girl claims he is talking to his friends, then most likely it is a lie.

Physiological signs

If the girl changes, it will definitely affect the intimate life of the couple.

If we talk about men who change, their behavior changes in the fact that they become more active in sexual terms. Girls behave differently.

If a woman loved another man, she will avoid closeness with her boyfriend, as he experiences guilt before him or he became no longer interesting. Therefore, if before there were no problems from sex in relationships, but then they appeared, it is possible that it satisfies another man.

Still The girl will try to cover her nude body So that the partner does not see it. Will be wrapped in a blanket.

Naturally, dissatisfaction with the relationship or their lives in general may be the cause of refusal in sex. But if she flirts with others, and his boyfriend refuses to take care of attention, most likely there are big problems in relationships.

How to understand the behavior with an accuracy of 100%?

The changing girl is trying to limit his personal space to Maxim. Of course, any girl can behave in this way. But if at the beginning of the relationship everything was different, and then she began to crush sharply from the partner, then this is a disturbing bell.

A woman begins to more diligently follow their appearance. Changes the wardrobe, image, often paint. Sometime she did so for her current young man, but with the development of relationships and everyday life came with the development of relations, so long fees on a date stopped.

If the beloved again began to wrap up for a long time in front of the mirror, then it also appeared a new worker.

Still Woman begins to notice the shortcomings of her young man. She criticizes his lifestyle, behavior and even how he eats. If she once called it with cute trifles, now it is very annoying it. Therefore, this indicates possible treason. In this method, the woman compares its elects, and is clearly use not towards the current man.

She also starts to ignore calls and messages. He said that he did not hear or did not have time to answer. But most likely, that at this time she is next to his lover.

It is possible to understand that the sweetheart can change because it is no longer interested in where and with whom her boyfriend. She rarely communicates with him and does not pay attention to what he says. Gradually, the chosen is distinguished.

We recommend watching a video about 5 explicit signs of obvious treason:

How to check the fact of infidelity?

If the guy noticed in the behavior of his girl, some features testifying to her treason, then you need to immediately check it. On the one hand, such an act is not very correct, but on the other hand, doubts can be justified.

Check the girl as follows:

  1. View its messages in the phone or in a laptop.
  2. Track out the beloved. If she said that she was going to meet with her friend, then you should go after her to make sure that she is.
  3. Call for help for the best friend. He should write a girlfriend a message by type "I am everything you know!". If she really has something to worry about, she can ask a friend nothing to tell her boyfriend. Well, if not, such a message can always be translated into a joke.
  4. To come home earlier than negotiated. Perhaps it will be possible to make the choices with the lover.
  5. Cut it on inaccuracies in her words. If she is confused in what tells, then most likely it is a lie.
  6. Suddenly, come to meet it from work or study. Perhaps it will make it another guy.
  7. You can lie about your schedule. And when she will think that her guy at work, come to her home without warning.
  8. Just directly ask her about treason. But you need to know that it can lie.

Treason is an unpleasant situation with which couples are faced. But she always has its own reason. You do not need to relax and stop working on your relationship, because there are no indispensable people.

Sarah Chevitz, PSYD - a clinical psychologist with more than 10 years of experience certified by the California Council on Psychology. Received a degree in psychology at the Florida Institute of Technology in 2011. It is the founder of Couples Learn, the services of psychological advice, which helps couples and individual clients improve and change their behavior in love and relationships.

Sarah Schewitz, Psyd

Sarah Schewitz, Psyd Licensed psychologist

Perhaps your girlfriend is distinguished, but does not change. Perhaps it unconsciously seeks to avoid deep attachment, and it makes it giving away when she sees you get closer. She will try to keep you at some distance, because she is uncomfortable from rapprochement. You will probably have to discuss this question.

Girl meets with two

So far, the couple lives separately, it is quite difficult to learn about the infidelity of the partner. You see rarely, there is no access to personal belongings of the suspect. You will have to really try to remove the grant to clean water, as it is easy to understand that the girl changes, much more difficult than to get a wife.

Want to know the truth

To begin with, why do you want to know if the girl changes you? And most importantly - what will you be done with information if suspicions are confirmed?

Usually a man begins to doubt the loyalty of the partner in three cases:

  1. Itself is not vernay And waits for a similar from others. Usually, we appreciate other people in their behavior. And when they are having fun on the side, it begins to seem that your girl changes too. After all, if you get to hide the novel on the side, then she will cope with it. And so unpleasant when you are cheating.
  2. Survey Causes for Parting . Relationships are out of themselves. Feelings pass. But it is so difficult to completely destroy everything, especially if nothing to complain about. It is much easier to decide on the gap, having learned that the girl changed you. If you understand that the matter is in this, you can just part, and do not spoil pleasant memories of the break, adding dirt and quarrels in them.
  3. Suspicious girl behavior . You notice changes in her character, habits, routine of the day, conversation. There was no reason for this: you did not offend, did not change, did not insult, did not disappear. But for some reason, incomprehensible changes occur in relationships. Then there are suspicions in treason.

In the first two cases, there is no point in looking for signs of treason girls. After all, the cause of spiritual torments in its own behavior. Just break down with her if something does not suit - it will be honest.

And those who really suspect treason, you need to think about future plans. Imagine that it is known that the girl changed you. How will you act?

  • Immediately break the relationship, because you do not want to be with a traitor.
  • Will pretend, as if nothing was.
  • You will seriously speak with a girl, find out the reasons, you will work on relationships to keep them.

It is impossible to predict their real behavior, because a person does not control himself in a stressful situation. But you can assume. And if your choice is the second option, then it makes no sense to dig through all this. Live in ignorance, because it will be easier.

How to recognize treason girl: signs

Immediately a short warning is indirect signs. By themselves, they do not confirm anything. But noticing a few calls, you can easily approach the test of the girl. Specific checks are written at the end of the article.

Remember: Women's behavior varies depending on the day of the cycle. Single episodes are not talking about anything, watch the minimum month.

Carefully watching your woman to reveal suspicious behavior.

No time for you

Previously, you had a certain schedule of meetings. For example, spend every weekend together, and in the evening they go to visit to each other on Wednesday.

But recently, its schedule has changed dramatically, and it has become too busy for your joint meetings. Cancels a date, transfers them to another day or goes early.

Constantly looks at the clock.

It's very bad if she says that he stuck at work or sits on a circle, and at this time you see her walking on the street. It's not a fact that the girl changed you, but this is a very bad sign - your relationship crumbs and it is moving away.

Refusal of proximity

When a girl changes with someone, she loses interest in his permanent partner. After all, female treason is different from male - it is impossible without sympathy. And if her feelings appear to another, its attraction decreases to you.

Often it is not limited to only a bed. They avoid kisses, hugs and other physical contact. Does not want to show nude in your presence. It can suddenly cry or provoke a quarrel during the foreplay.

Refers to pairs in which there have never been intimate problems, and then it stopped in a flat place.

Confused in "testimony"

You began to notice that she was lying or her stories are constantly changing. She said that he would go with her friend in the cinema, and because of this you could not meet. The next day you ask if I liked the film, and she asleep asking "what movie?".

Or you suggest stroll after study / work, and she says that is busy and can not. For questions about what exactly she will be busy, nothing says or leaves the answer.

Maybe, of course, she just prepares a surprise with girlfriends. But the likelihood that the girl changed you is very large.

Learns about your location

During conversations, she is constantly trying to vote your routine. Constantly trying to determine how you move, where and how much will you. To avoid a random meeting.

Instead of a simple question "What plans for tomorrow", she tries to draw up a detailed route of your movement.

During the next question, it will be useful to ask her several opposite:

  • Why are you interested in?
  • And where will you be at this time?
  • Do not want with me?

According to answers and its behavior, it will be possible to understand, the girl changes or just wondered by your plans.

She more "does not endure the brain"

Men is very annoying when the favorite "saw":

  • jealous on the level place;
  • Sail Million Messages and Calls;
  • requires gifts and attention;
  • offended due to failure to meet;
  • reports for computer games or smoking, etc.

But much worse if the girl stops doing it. So, she is still on you and your shortcomings. After all, all these annoying actions she did with one goal - to make you perfect.

And now she has a new man, who is completely consistent with her expectations, or she tries to do it better.

Girl drinks a cocktail with a phone in his hands

If she does not try to change you, then it changes you.

More critics

Instead of jealousy and attention requirements, it is increasingly criticized. It seems that it is annoyed literally every one of your action and word. And often there is no reason - it starts up and starts to quarrel.

Very often during a quarrel, she begins to compare you with other men. They earn more, give gifts, not selfish in bed, talk to souls, make compliments, strive for self-development and so on.

But it is possible that the comparison is not with different men, but with certain. And she just breaks between you two, not deciding to break past relations.

Irritability and criticism - quite serious signs of treason girls. Or harbingers gap. It is advisable to talk to her and find out what actually does not suit her in your relationship. Perhaps there is still a chance to save them.

More attention of your appearance

In prolonged relationship, many girls cease to monitor so carefully. Focus on practical things: hair in tail or bundle, light makeup, comfortable ballet shoes or sneakers, comfortable jeans and t-shirts. Appearance goes to the background, because she no longer needs to conquer anyone.

And as soon as another man appears, it seems to wake up from the hibernation and comes to life. So the girl changes its "comfortable" style to 180 degrees. Heels, short skirts, deep cuts, seductive linen, bright makeup, romantic hairstyles, etc.

Just remember how she led himself and dressed at the very beginning of your relationship. Looks like her behavior?

Turns off the phone

In addition to the fact that she began to transfer your meetings, it became impossible to reach it. She either does not take up the phone, or the phone is turned off at all. Every time finds a new justification:

  • discharged batteries;
  • The phone on silent lying in the bag;
  • Forgot at home;
  • Disabled the phone, because It was in a place where they can not use (cinema, hospital or circle).

And everything seems to be logical, but still a suspicion arises that it changes you.

At your meetings, she also hurries to disable the phone. It is argued by what does not want someone to prevent. But perhaps her motive is a little different, and she is simply afraid that someone calls or write during your meeting.

Strange phone relationship

With a joint stay, you can notice the strangeness - a password appeared on her phone. Yes, and you noticed it quite by chance, because she tries not to leave him unattended.

Constantly keeps him in his hands. Even during a hike in a shower or a toilet takes it with him. On the night turns off or turns down the screen so that no notifications can be seen.

You can find her reading messages or actively rewriting with someone, but if you approach instantly remove the phone. Never indicates that there is a girlfriend that the girlfriend is sent for funny memes, which constantly giggles.

She behaves differently

Starting to communicate with a new person, we take the habits, habits, words, interests. And the more we like a new acquaintance, the more active in our behavior they show his echoes.

Watch for your girlfriend and try to understand, there is no something unusual in behavior and speech.

  1. New words. In her lexicon, unfamiliar words began to slip: specific terms, "smart" phrases, quotes from books.
  2. New habits. Looking for a certain sauce to meat, began to drink coffee without milk or short cut your nails.
  3. New techniques in bed. Suddenly asks for something new: to bite her for a lobe or kiss the neck. It offers a specific posture, and it moves very confident in it.
  4. New topics for conversations. Suddenly caught fire by recycling. Corrects you in computer terminology. Or began to understand the players.

This sign of treason is too ambiguous, as to find out that she grabbed new habits from the lover, it is impossible. Do not perceive him seriously. But in the presence of others, it will be possible to determine who it changes with.

Delays at work

She did not change the job and did not receive an increase, but suddenly she began to linger in the office of late. Or emerged extracurricular activities at the university, additional couples, consultations and so on.

Roman at work between colleagues

It is delayed on studies / work longer than usual.

Therefore, it cancels meetings, does not respond to calls, can not correspond and in other ways to contact. All your attempts to spend time together are rejected, even if this meeting is on a lunch break or offer to spend from work to home.

Of course, its delays may be associated with another: a session, an important event, quarterly reporting, an unscheduled test or inventory. All can occur in the chart. But at the same time still seeking meetings with loved ones, and do not reject all offers.

New acquaintances

She speaks directly - new people appeared in her life with whom she prefers to spend time to the detriment of your meetings. This is her girlfriends. After all, it has the right to girlfriends? You never saw them, you hear only the blurry phrases "I will meet with girls", but she is not in a hurry to acquaint you with them.

Check the reality of these girls are quite simple. And without scandals. Just show interest in their personalities:

  • where and when they got acquainted;
  • the name of;
  • Where will go;
  • who else will be;
  • Is it possible with you;
  • What are you talking about;
  • what is engaged;
  • Which color hair and eyes;
  • In which area lives.

The conversation should proceed as if with just everyday curiosity. You are not against their meetings and believe in their existence, only you want to learn more about those who are so many lovers.

You can offer them to pass the car to the meeting or pick up and dilute home. In ordinary circumstances, the girl rarely refuses such courtesy.

And after a week, it is not enough. Set some control question from the list above. If the information does not come out, it means that the girlfriend is fictional.

She talks about a friend

Typically, information across randomly. Simple reservation. "And Ilya said that nothing terrible," Ilya had this last year, "" Ilya was in Thailand and he did not like. " And for the first time you hear about Ilya.

It may be her colleague, friend friends, brother friend or familiar from the Internet. It is quite normal to communicate with other men. It should be alert that she never told about him. So, there is something to hide.

Especially if, with clarifying matters, it will begin to be nervous, blushing, confused in the testimony or will arrange a scandal. In addition, pay attention to the fault - embarrassment, irritation, wine, fear or imperative expression?

Girl covers his eyes

She is embarrassed if you ask clarifying questions.

In addition, it may be so that the girl with admiration talks about a new acquaintance. Most likely, they had nothing, but she could be passionate about them. Show that you hurt her elevated delight from another man. This can sober it, and it will refrain from the temptation.

Signs of treason at a distance

Most of the described features will be able to notice only with personal communications, living in the same city. But the whole thing is, if kilometers are separated. There is no need to be sure of anything, as you can learn about treason only on indirect signs and guessings.

  1. Does not communicate. You agreed to phoned at 19 o'clock, and she ignored this time. Apparently, it was passionate about something else.
  2. Late returns home. You ask her to call her as soon as she is at home, and the call is distributed around midnight. Or calls at six evenings, and in the back background you can hear music in the club.
  3. Does not talk about last day. Or in her story there are gaps, during which it is not known what she was doing.
  4. Men's things in the background. You are making a video, and on her beds can be seen or jacket on a chair.
  5. Too pretty. You call her video of communication late in the evening on Friday, and she responds with a full parade. What is the purpose of it so dressed up before bedtime? Or does she have other plans for this evening?
  6. Does not respond to sudden calls. Or drops, or annoyance answers, trying to finish the conversation faster.
  7. On its pages in social networks, the status of "actively searching" or "everything is difficult" appears. Instead of a joint snapshot, her personal picture appears on the avatar, where she seductively looks.

But sometimes it is signs that the man forbids his beloved too much. He does not allow her to meet with girlfriends, go to the club to dance or just get out somewhere after work.

The girl is forced to lie to relax a little, and on the outside it looks like treason. Although in fact it is really breaking exclusively with girlfriends.

A completely different thing, if you are not against her walks and do not forbid anything, but she still behaves suspiciously. Then you can make her a sudden visit or ask a friend from her city to watch her a couple of days.

How to check the girl on treason

Suspicions can destroy your nervous system or your relationship. So it is better not to suffer in guesses, but to collect evidence of treason or loyalty to a girlfriend. If you drop ambiguous items, you can allocate the main signs:

  1. Lack of proximity.
  2. Refusal to meetings.
  3. Confused in the testimony.

Even these items can be somehow explained, because in life there are different situations. But if jealousy burns, you can take the situation in your own hands and learn the truth with an accuracy of 100%. For this there are tools.

Check phone

To do this, you will need a password, because the traitors most often put it on their device. If it is not, most likely, she has the second mobile.

Getting access to the phone:

  • look in incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Check the correspondence in messengers;
  • read messages;
  • Look at the story of the browser;
  • Check the photos;
  • Include GPS and look at Google maps the history of movements;
  • Put applications for wiretapping, surveillance or records of all dialed signs.

These actions - the invasion of the privacy of the girl. A terrible deed that she will never forgive. The evidence obtained can be used only for personal dispute or decision. It is better for her to show them.


Alone or ask a friend whom she does not know. Watching its movements and meetings.

  1. Take a job on a lunch break. Who is she going to the cafe to dine?
  2. Meet after work when it does not wait. It can shout from surprise, roast, or start quickly call / dial SMS. These actions are very suspicious.
  3. Come to the place where she plans to meet with girlfriends. You are unnoticed - whether she will appear with whom. If it is not, call back and clarify where she. If you say that in the very place, it means that someone else.

The surveillance can tell a lot about a person, as it is quite difficult to understand what you are followed. Especially if you do it carefully or trust a professional - a private detective. It will provide photo-proof treason, so it does not have to suffer more from the unknown.

Signs of women's treason: 15 points that all men agree agree to

Signs of treason: Wife changes her husband - how to find out?

Any guy can understand what the girl's treason occurred. Checking your favorite on some signs of treason, which I will give below. If you find in the behavior of your beloved some of these signs - know, treason, the guy has already happened, or is close, almost not today, this will happen tomorrow.

Disarms, right? Yes I know. Before the last, you want to believe that such fairy tales, as a wife cheating up her husband, treason, a guy's girl, is not with you, with someone else that signs of treason only seem. But warned - it means armed. Read these 15 signs of treason, and at the end of the article will understand how to charge from this situation without loss.

These signs in their totality, or just some of them, may indicate that your girl with which you have a long relationship, or wife has a permanent lover. If you know another sign of treason, do not hold it knowledge in yourself. Strip in the comments. After all, for one thing we fight!

So, signs of treason!

In case the treason of the girl was one of the drunk, for example, then you never know this if only she herself accidentally tighten. Special signs of treason, according to which one can calculate one-time treason, practically does not exist. For example, a wife changes her husband, how to calculate it in advance? Read the signs of treason that I led below. Thoughtfully learned these signs of treason girls. Perhaps some of the following signs of treason will seem familiar to you.

1. The first sign of treason, which rushes into the eye is a sudden restriction of access to your personal space. Those. Previously, you could calmly climb on her computer or a mobile phone, and now, when treason is close, she will not let you go there under any pretext. And it will still be squealing if it remarks that it is possible.

2. You suddenly notice that ready to change the girl begins to close much more carefully, tries to throw several points. Well, remember how it was when you met? What are you not a sign of treason? It is perfectly painted, you will smooth smooth ... try to make an impression on each other. So now she is trying. Just not for you. In general, I noticed that she wears stockings instead of tights, painted as a parade, and when it goes somewhere without you - you can merge the water, horned - you changed the girl. If you did not notice, it was the second sign of betrayal, which the anxious bell rings to you in the ear ...

3. You noticed that your wife or girl suddenly appeared a new girlfriend, or the company of friends, in which she does not invite you, or she suddenly begins to spend all his free time with his old friends. She walks with them, goes to some events, returns late. And all this without you! Catch meaning? After such walks, the girl is usually in a great mood, which, however, instantly flies in your presence. This is another sign, indirectly indicating that you changed the girl.

4. The next sign of treason: after you so much to walk away from the night, unusually affectionately with you, without silent talks about how cool you are and how she loves you, although before she was silent. And it can happen that the girl or wife will avoid contact with you in a bodily level, right up to reluctance to kiss.

5. Probably the most nasty and unpleasant sign of treason is cooling in sex. He directly suggests that his wife changed her husband. You became uninteresting to her in bed. She is now trying to go to bed before you and immediately fall asleep, or, on the contrary, later, when you sing to avoid sex with you. Maybe in the process of foreplay, in response to some caress of your side, irritably push your hand or you, although before she was nice ... a very unpleasant sign of betrayal.

6. If you notice that your wife or girl begins to respond sharply to those of your shortcomings that did not notice before, trying to raise you on laughter and generally ceases to respect you as a man - Know, she has lost interest and respect because I found All this in the other. This is not even a sign of treason, this wife has already changed!

7. Seven - happy number? Whatever! I already describe the seventh sign of treason! - She misses your calls, although this before you did not notice. Or in general, pretends that "I forgot" the phone at home, or suddenly her battery began to live no more than a day, and the phone was therefore began to turn off. And at this time it changes you somewhere.

8. She begins to talk often about some new fellow students, a colleague from work, a business negotiation partner, which you used to know before. And every time it emphasizes that they have a purely friendly relationship, but at the same time it constantly flies about his class qualities of character who likes and which you do not have, is a sign of treason, perhaps still far away.

9. overtime work suddenly covered it with his head. Or on consultation remains constantly, or in the library is being disturbed, comes home late, is a sign of betrayal, perhaps there was already sex, and maybe now happens in every such "late". Very respectful sign of treason, isn't it?

10. The tenth sign of the treason of his wife. As a result, from the previous point - prohibits meeting it from such events, work, study. Naturally! She will already hold or bring for you. Wife changes her husband most often this way, "delaying" after work.

11. Your delay is becoming indifferent, your late parishes from work. She did not care, the head of your girl or wife is clogged with another guy. By the way, feeling that you are not allowed from her sex? It can offer you to go to have fun. Maybe you will shoot anyone, and its conscience will not be so nibble, or, even more right, afraid of the side, you will not demand sex from her. The rupture is close. The girl changed, this is a fact, not a sign of treason.

12. If earlier your disputes were like tank battles, now it's like her ... she agrees with everything, just not to talk and not communicate with you. This is the twelfth sign of treason.

13. The thirteenth sign of treason. You notice that she is constantly looking at you, perhaps now she overestimates you and compares in all positions with another. And thinks, but, maybe to put you in the game "Rival"? I'll write about it soon ...

14. Heat and smile with her face disappear. Poses are usually closed, it tries not to look into the eyes, with a random contact of the eyes - immediately takes a look. Communicatives without interest, as with a stranger, which you are probably already. It was the penultimate sign of treason.

15. The thoughtfulness on her face is due to heavy thoughts on how and when to tear relationships with you will accept her other how to leave, leaving the possibility of returning ... the latter, leading to the alarming thoughts sign of treason is voiced.

Dear friend! If you read these lines, then in your relationship with your girlfriend is not so smooth. Most likely, you have already started thinking about, and doesn't she change you? Of course, starting a relationship, all people plan to live long and happily. This in love, exciting hearts, these wonderful moments of the first timid dates, recognition, long conversations, for which you forget about all matters and care ... And it seems that these happy moments will last forever, and you are waiting for a long and happy life together.

But, unfortunately, very often reality is far from our ideas. And so, at one not very wonderful moment, suspicions are beginning to custody that the beloved girl is most likely changing. But there are general signs at all to make sure or disprove these doubts? Of course there are! Take about it and talk.

How to find out if the girl changes?

In fact, girls are distinguished by very high emotionality not only in domestic issues, but also in personal relationships. First of all, it is important to keep your own calm and composure. If at the first suspicion to arrange a scandal, and also to start aggressively to get out of your female a detailed description of all its actions - this will quickly lead the relationship to the rupture than anything else.

Try to reflect the situation. Try to decide for yourself - really have any reasons for suspicion, and perhaps this is a ground jealousy based on the feeling of owner?

Just over the behavior of the girlfriend, but do not hurry with the conclusions! Calculate, exists, in general, at least one of the signs below:

  • The girl suddenly set the password to his phone, the tablet, and perhaps replaced it to a new one.

At your meetings, she does not pay attention to the phone? Or maybe it does not let him out of the hands for a second?

With the development of modern technologies, situations are very often occurring when you use one telephone together - when watching a funny video, or for a successful photo, and you may want to share some news with each other. And if you used to quickly enjoyed her smartphone, and now he became inviolable - there is a reason to think.

  • If the girl is responsible for any calls in your presence and calmly communicates, and some hard drops, responds short and monosyllant - a dangerous sign. Perhaps she seeks to move away from you as far as possible ... What are the secrets, if there were no before? This can also be logical and harmless explanations.
  • Strange reactions to messages and alerts arriving on the phone also a reason for attentive observation - it is unlikely that someone will mysteriously smile, blush, glow from happiness from the next alert from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.
  • To suspect your choices in the treason, you can simply assess its appearance: if without any reasons she began to change the style, it is more likely to be combined, more or less to paint - look more closely. Try not enough to ask for the causes of such changes and carefully observe the reaction. First, some girls do not know how to lie, and secondly, the Mimic, the eyes, a blush - all this will give a girl with his head.
  • There is no more dangerous sign than the sudden appearance of cases that do not end. If you used to meet every day or at least several times a week, and now instead of your meetings, continuous urgent classes - it's time to urgently find out what is the reason for such a sudden change.
  • The attitude of the girl. If, without visible reasons, she suddenly became aggressive, negligible, cold and in every way avoid any communication or responds to one-way, annoyed this is a bright signal that everything is not smooth in a relationship.
  • Pay attention to physical signs - some new bruises, abrasions, marks on the girl's body. Perhaps she puts on unnatural clothes to disguise something? Of course, a single case is not an indicator, but if it starts to repeat with enviable regularity, then think about it.
  • If an intimate relationship has already been between you, then an important indicator will change your sensations and a changed natural smell. You can also pay attention to its desire for sexual intimacy - if sex has become less likely, or, on the contrary, much more often - perhaps something hide from you. In the same list, you can add a sudden change in sex preferences, some new skills. True, this information is more relevant for those who have already learned their partner well.
  • Pay attention to speech and interests - if there were still some words in the conversation, which you had never heard before, and something absolutely unknown was added to the list of interests - it seems you have an opponent.

Girls lovers strive to become as close as possible to the object of frills. They begin to unconsciously copy the behavior and style of speech of the beloved, seek to know the guy closer through his interests ... In short, you have a wonderful hook for a mini investigation.

  • A very important point: if the girl suddenly stopped picking you up with the messages, "I love me" 50 times on the day, describe each of your action and in general it became much less sociable, that is, only two options. Perhaps the girlfriend had some kind of passion (not a love plan), and perhaps you just left the center of her interests.
  • Perhaps she just tries to make you jealous. This is not the smartest and logical approach, but when the girl feels a threat to relationship, it uses all the methods to change something. Sometimes, even absolutely stupid and aggravating the situation.

What to do?

The easiest and most logical way, which first comes to mind will simply talk to his girlfriend. Of course, it is not necessary to make drama from this conversation - you just feel calmly, what is the reason for such unusual changes. As already mentioned, not everyone can lie, everything will become immediately clear. But many are perfectly pretending, so special attention was paid to facial expressions, a look, some external reactions. This is more than enough to make conclusions about the fact of treason.

But, it can happen that the conversation will pass calmly and your jealousy will be groundless. How much can you believe this outcome? After all, few people admit to the side.

If nevertheless, many of the listed features are, and there is no recognition - it is possible to resort to not very ethical methods. It is time to play a detective and imperceptibly to investigate: where does a girl walk when talking about important matters? What is the reason for her behavior? You can ask between her friends or parents if you communicate well with them. But be careful! Such conversations quickly give rise to rumors, and they quickly embellish and scatter around the world.

But in general it is worth thinking - what can cause the reason? There are rare cases when today everything is simply amazing, and tomorrow the relationship has already been destroyed and love passed. Most often, girls are not prone to treason if there are sincere feelings. Of course, much depends on the upbringing, laid at an early age, but at the present time about free glances they say even at the beginning of relations.

Remember that the basis of strong relationships is trust in each other. Now you will hurry, and the real reason will be far from treason. Think if you can save your relationship in this case?

Think, did you give me a reason?

Or maybe it's about you?

Few people wondered what could be the reason to change, but even fewer people are ready to assume that it was not only in the girl. Yes, good relationship is the result of both partners.

I suspect your girlfriend in treason, it's time to think about it - perhaps your behavior and attitude pushed her for such a step.

  • You give her little time. Remember how many times you transferred your meetings because of friends, their hobbies. Yes, perhaps your half reacts calmly, but you just imagine how much it's a shame that you put your preferences above it!
  • You have become cooler to treat it. Any girl instantly feels any change in your relationship, chill and distance.
  • You gave her a reason for jealousy. Remember, girlfriend wants to see only himself. All other female individuals cause suspicion, and if you are hugging or walking with someone - consider that an explosion happened inside your beloved in your beloved.
  • You do not listen to it. This is one of the biggest catastrophes when you miss your ears all of her words, do not share her interests and criticize the actions. Such an attitude is a reason for treason, especially if you don't want to change something hard.

In general, if you do not listen to what the girl says, treat her without respect and think that she will not go anywhere - it goes. Maybe just to cause pain, movie. And maybe we will go away.

Is it possible to know if a girl change the distance?

To accurately determine treason at a distance, it may be needed except extrasens. If a series of signs, there are a number of signs, on the basis of which it is possible to suspect the wrong girl, but went to the side of the girl, and maybe she has temporary difficulties, you will most likely not be.

So, signs of treason at a distance:

  • Changed the style of communication. In the age of high technologies and social networks, communication can be almost round the clock and in real time. And if there was dry answers to the replacement of the hearts and round-the-clock cute messages, there was a dry response and essentially - either you really offended our choices, or she simply do not have things before you.
  • If the girl avoids telephone calls and other ways to communicate in every way, it becomes constantly busy, and it goes on weeks - this is a clear sign that someone became interested in it.
  • Suddenly emerged new hobbies in which it shows non-cubized knowledge - the reason to ask them the source.
  • The inverse situation - the lady began to arrange scandals, accusing you in favor of the side. She invents the most ridiculous reasons, inflates the elephant from the fly and fell off the chain. This may be a sign of infidelity, since the changing party begins to project its guilt on a partner.

It is worth being very careful, plunging into the puchin of suspicion. The main reason for suspected suspectedness to the side is such, it would seem good feelings, as a strong in love, a sense of attachment, the fear of losses. If the stress occurs - the Pandora drawer opens with jealousy, insults and misunderstandings.

But what if the woman still changed? There is no definite answer to this question. Having learned about this, the best idea and first priority will calm down. Then think if you really had a girl attention, did not offend her? Remember, you noticed before some basic signs? Check if your informant information is credited?

Only after these actions it is worth talking to the chosen. Remember: no need to scream, intimidate, behave aggressively. Discuss the situation. Find out what served as a reason to change. Listen calmly and do not interrupt. Only after that you can make decisions.

They say that a woman who has changed one day will change all his life. It is impossible to argue about the truthfulness of saying. It is always worth remembering that two people participate in any respect, and blame for anything else. For someone, it will be unacceptable to continue the relationship with the changed girl, and someone, having learned the reasons, will be able to forgive, and thanks to mutual work on themselves the Union will be concluded.

The main thing, take the right decision and do not curvate the soul.

Test: Does your second half do not change?

Do you suspect your partner deceives you? Pass the test and learn whether you can drive your afternoon.


How to understand that the girl changes?

How to understand that the girl changes?

Regardless of how much the relationship is like, as they add up, it has come to marriage or not yet, every man thinks sooner or later over the fact that it changes his lady of the heart or not. With the relevant issues, men usually do not go to friends or relatives - the topic is too delicate. They appeal to information on the Internet, and here they are waiting for this test, because most of the councils are compiled so that even a jealous man by the end of her finishing turns into Othello. Not all recommendations are equally useful. Let's look at the question from different points of view.

Basic signs of treason

Nature facilitated men to the task - if the girl changes, it usually becomes quite quickly obvious, because the ladies are less accompanied into the conspiracy of their treason and are more inclined to emotionality, which can give them with their heads, and the changes will certainly find them in behavior.

Before talking about signs, let's figure it out with a psychotic girl. Psychologists allocate several types of fair sex representatives who are prone to treason.

  • Bored ladies - Girls and women who have plenty of free and no busy time. If the chosen one works, learns and cannot spend all the time nearby, then the missing young lady may well go to search for adventures and new emotions.
  • Inheritance odders. The concept of loyalty is given almost from a kindergarten. Any girl subconsciously takes the type and style of relationships with partners in his own mother. If the mother often changed partners or a divorce with his father took place because of the female infidelity, the girl has all the prerequisites, too, become a change.
  • Sexy and experienced. A girl who has a rich personal story, which justifies the girlfriends, changing his husbands and grooms, has a rather easy attitude towards ADUULTER, and therefore he himself is not excluded.
  • Disappointed ladies. If the girl is disappointed in his partner, if the relationship has recently become much worse, it is possible that from resentment on the blamed dreams, she will go in search of the one who can replace the failed prince.
  • Women of another social layer, another level of education. If the ladies lie between your interests and interests, if it has a prestigious and highly paid job, and on weekends goes to the courses of self-knowledge and studies Sanskrit, and you are working with your 8 classes and technical school, not to quit hands, dreaming in the weekend just sleep, then early Or late the collision of interest inevitably. Most likely, it is her who will find someone who will also study Sanskrit and do a self-knowledge with her, because she will be just more interesting with him.

  • Also do not need to write off in love . There are so in love and fond of nature that it is difficult to catch their interests and sympathy. In addition, there is a real love - leave for a woman the right to an error (an error in this case is you).

There are many signs of female treason, but finding one in the list, you should not make a spelling conclusions. Only the complex of "symptoms" of infidelity will help with a more or less real probability suspect an adulter. In itself, individual signs may not talk about anything.

Changes behavior

If you are together for a long time, the habits and reactions of your partner know quite well. The lady, which decided on treason, becomes another - suddenly changes the image, losing weight, makes another makeup. And all these changes are clearly not for you, since your compliments are either ignored, or cause easy irritation. A woman begins to enjoy themselves longer before you go to your girlfriend, although I used to run in a sports suit and a light jacket, longer consider ourselves in the mirror before work or study. The meeting with the girlfriend themselves will become more frequent, and more and more often she will be a reason to leave the house somewhere without you.

The most important thing is to change her mood and look. Women are poorly masked their own emotions, carefully looked into her eyes, much you can understand - the modest will turn his eyes, avoid direct contact of the eye into the eyes, at the same time it will be hidden and a bit dreamable. If the treason was one-time and a woman regrets it, she will be in a bad mood, will avoid communication.

Meetings become more rare

Meetings are becoming more rare, intimate life comes down to a minimum or disappears at all. If you do not live together, then the dates will become rare. Increasingly, on your suggestions, it will meet with a refusal under a faithful pretext - there are works at work, a lot of loads at the university, tired, someone from relatives got sick, leaving for a business trip, etc.

If your relationship is already built under the same roof, then you will notice that she began to linger more often, she often "headache", which gives her all the grounds to refuse sex.

The fact is that women are not polygamas like men. Immediately several partners are not a female style. If she appears a lover who fully suits it both in communication and sex, then sexual relations with a man living with her with her husband or a civilian spouse, it will try to reduce it.

Calls and communications have become less likely.

The changing woman emotionally does not belong to you. It is not clear what reasons she stays with you, because there are usually women if there are no joint children and dependencies in financial security from the spouse, prefer to leave for lovers or simply leave if feelings are completed.

But if you have a special case, and you suspect that the woman still has a relationship on the side, staying with you, it is worth paying attention to the frequency of its calls and messages. If we have recently been to the top ten per day, and now there are no them and you are not responsible at once, then this is a reason to think about it. But note that the faithful woman behaves similarly to itself, who simply lost interest to you, disappointed. If you are not interested, it will call it solely in the case. Phrases in both cases are single-strokes, a voltage is felt in the voice, a woman seeks to finish the conversation faster and hang up.

Enhanced conflict

Some people start provoking your care. They seem to be the best option. If you do not stand the scandals and go away, she does not have to be explained and asking for forgiveness. In this case, conflicts flas out from scratch, about and without, a woman becomes picky, demanding, capricious. She is impossible to please whatever you do. Even what she loved before, he causes irritation.

The reason for such behavior is a strong sense of guilt that she is experiencing. And the conflicts themselves start even by her goodwill, but on the subconscious level. Please note that some ladies behave in a period of pregnancy in the early deadlines and during premenstrual syndrome, and therefore observe or ask her the corresponding question.

Secrets appear

Begins to speak riddles and mystery appear. Previously, her phone could lie on the shelf in the hallway or on the table in the kitchen. There were no secrets, she always told who and why called. Now increasingly the phone will stand in the "without sound" or "vibrating sign" in order not to attract your attention. Messages will be deleted, new passwords will appear on the computer and the smartphone, which will not communicate anything to you.

She will leave to talk on the phone "With Masha from work" or "With Lena from a manicure salon" on the balcony or in the entrance, and on the question, why it is impossible to discuss manicure or working moments with a colleague right in the apartment, in the kitchen, it will flare up the righteous Anger and blame you with worn, psychological illiteracy and attempt on her personal space.

Change attitude to you

Women who have already theoretically designated a replacement for you, begin to critically treat everything you do. Her annoying your manner is eating, it is unpleasant that you again threw socks not to the basket for clothes in the bathroom, she criticizes your appearance, work, friends, character, hobby.

The most important thing is - she begins to lie. Women can lie, but only about trifles, hide the truth and lie "on the little things" - two big differences. Here to hide the hard truth, they usually have the most difficult. Be careful, watch.

How to check?

A lot in this matter depends on how much your companion can lie well. There are women who do not know how to do this at all, and the truth comes out. Therefore, it is worth it with an honest conversation. If you start shouting and imposing signs you identified, the normal conversation will not work. The aggression gives rise to a deaf defense - it closes and will not say anything, it can just get away from the conversation, and then she changed it or not, to find out with accuracy it will be problematic.

Speak calmly, peacefully, choose for this suitable time when it and you are not inherent in anywhere, for example, in the weekend. Do not listen to what exactly she will answer, much more important as she will do it. Women who know how to lie without blinking with the eye, very little, and therefore there are very few representatives of the fine sex in exploration. A person who is lying, takes away his eyes, avoids direct visual contact, scratches or rubs on the neck, the wings of the nose, shakes. If you notice signs of lies, tell me again calmly and support the words you found signs. Many under such pressure are surrendered and recognized in everything.

The second way is for patient men. It implies observation and evidence collection. In this case, the decisive conversation with the mass of the assembled evidence is postponed at a later time.

The surveillance is not entirely ethical from the point of view of moral principles, and if you find yourself wrong, it will be very difficult to restore the lost trust. The useful source of information can be common friends and her friends, but here it should be borne in mind that girlfriends can be biased or weakly informed, and then truth can reach you in a strongly distorted form, and sometimes the above versions will be far from reality. In addition, quite dubious is the question of whether there are friends to devote into your doubts.

What method of collecting information choose, solve only you. It all depends on the fact that you are due to personal culture and upbringing consider it permissible for yourself - some reading her messages in the phone, others are following her to work and after, and the third hire a private detective to make all the dirty work to make strangers. There are also large originals that lead a favorite polygraph, however, after that, the couple often part and not always because the betrayal becomes proven.

How to recognize treason at a distance?

If long-term separation of service for your pair is a matter of usual, then the question arises, and is it possible to learn about the infidelity of a woman at a distance. Yes, you are deprived of the opportunity to see her eyes and watch her, But you can pay attention to how the woman remains attentive to you. If she does not call for a long time, does not write, and the calls are responsible for your calls, which do not imply a long and sincere talk, if your calls are annoyed, and more and more often you do not donate in time, it is possible to determine only to communicate with you That reason the woman is not configured. What exactly there are reasons for this, it is difficult to determine at a distance.

According to the correspondence, it is inappropriate, because you will not see the eyes and the reactions of a woman in response to your questions. Although, if the girl seriously fell in love, with a lot of probability she will report it and in correspondence, will write a touching letter, which will end with traditional in this case, "sorry" and "goodbye". If the parting in its plans is not included, and that guy is just an accident, then it will be impossible to learn about treason at a distance or only during a personal meeting when the opportunity to talk personally will appear.

Tips for psychologist

Jealousy is a destructive feeling that a person often creates himself with his fears and understated self-esteem, fearful to stay alone, be a loser and losers in the eyes of others. Before deploying large-scale search for evidence of treason partners, psychologists advise men to think well - and if it is not guilty of anything? After all, this is one way or another will negatively affect the further relations of the couple.

If treason is obvious, then a man should try to calm down, take himself in hand and decide for yourself - what's next. Or he is ready to stay with this girl further and forgive, or he now does not see a joint future and insists on parting.

In any case, experts recommend trying to understand the motives of the ladies, it will help forgive and let go with the world. Forgiveness is important for everyone: the girl will not experience a painful feeling of guilt, and the man himself will be easier to experience what happened and start a new life. Release reasons is also important in order to eliminate the likelihood of the development of psychogenic diseases.

Treason - a heavy adherence test. Only adults, psychologically and emotionally mature people are capable of forgiveness. If you decide to stay with this woman further, never remind you of what happened and follow your own state - quite severe personality disorders develop on the basis of one-time betrayal, including pathological paranoid jealousy.

If your chosen one does not want to continue the relationship with you, release it as much as possible, with respect. Anyone deserves respect and no one must comply with your expectations.

Scandals, the desire to take revenge, attempts by manual, insults are not the best behavior option for a man in such a situation. The event itself will not change from this, its experience will not change, but a sense of shame will be added to the range, which is later, when anger leaves, will definitely arise on a low-off place in the shower.

A man to answer all these questions may need time. In order not to block the firewood, it is better to take a pause - to leave somewhere under a faithful pretext, to be in privacy, think, to decompose everything around the shelves. Once in the morning you will feel clarity and complete understanding of the further path. If it has a woman who caused the wound, try to adjust the relationship with her. If the path is different, start living with new forces.

Women are excellent actresses. They know how to hide the insult, joy, and even treason. However, it is possible to catch a favorite in infidelity in psychological, physiological and behavioral signs. For this you do not need to be a professional psychologist. How to understand what the girl changes you and make sure that 100%, we will tell in our article.

Excellent if the girl herself admitted to treason and broke up with a guy after a difficult conversation. But most often women diligently hide the lover, deceive partners, husbands, until they definitely define with the choice. It is humiliating and unpleasant for any of the men. It is for this reason that the guys try to figure out themselves in everything and are interested in the forums, friends, how to find out that the girl changes. Tips from experienced loving, psychologists and even gynecologists come to the rescue.

Girl with two guys


Among the large list, we can single out, several groups of characteristic signs of infidelity can be distinguished. It is for these indicators to pay attention to the first suspicions of deception from the beloved person:

  1. Psychological
  2. Physiological
  3. Behavioral

Evaluate the emotional and bodily state of a woman easier if you see every day, spend the night and live together. But even when the relationship only originates, take note of several tips and take advantage of them will not hurt.

Girl smiling boyfriend


Infidelity will definitely postpone the imprint on the character of a woman. Watch it for several days. The cheater will be nervous, irritable, secretive. Stick every little thing, and the truth will come out.

To suspect the presence of a lover in a friend can be in the following psychological signs:

  • Favorite less often agrees on dates. They are postponed to the most different pretexts: illness, fatigue, lack of mood.
  • The girl purposefully provokes a quarrel. Conflict flashes from scratch, a woman refuses to communicate with a partner, long does not force offense for a long time.
  • Favorite more often talks about parting. This phrase ends any small tapping.
  • The view of the woman became dismissive. Muck feels cold from her beloved, detachment.
  • The girl began to agree on long business trips for work. In this case, look for a lover among the colleagues partners.
  • Favorite late returns from study, work. Right to a strong workload: Session, Avral. Try to ask her about things in more detail. Surely, she will not answer anything intelligible.
  • The girl meets a lot with his friends, goes to corporate parties without you. He agrees to take her husband and a guy with me, because "all girlfriends without men." Check if it is.
  • Avoids intimate proximity to the permanent partner. This is the most important sign of treason. The coldness of a woman in bed is explained by the emotional rejection of the man. The desire of intimacy is directed to another.
  • No longer admits that it misses, loves, loves you. Now for a woman there is only one perfect man - this is her lover. The feelings for the former are gradually cooled.

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The guy says with a girl

Important! If you were convinced that the girls would change you, try to bring the fader to the frank conversation. But do not use strength, intimidation, so you will not achieve anything. If she is the road to you, then you need to understand why my favorite went to this step, try to change the situation, or just part forever.

By correspondence

It is difficult to understand that the girl changes, if you are at a big distance from each other, difficult. The partner cannot see the eyes of his beloved, evaluate changes in behavior. It remains to analyze the correspondence.

The main signs of treason in this case will be:

  • Girlfriend writes and calls much less frequently than before.
  • Answers to messages are short, single-staples.
  • If the guy calls without warning, the girl is annoyed, trying to finish the conversation faster.
  • The woman stopped using affectionate nicknames when referring to the lover.
  • Less often appears on the network.
  • Constantly talks about employment, invitations to visit or business meetings. Explains this shortage of time for communication with his beloved.
  • Hints at the desire to part or openly writes a letter about what was blown away.
  • I removed the photo from the profile where you are captured together.

Important! SMS in social networks and talks on the phone are not an accurate method of exposing treason. If suspicions still crept, take time for a personal meeting and talk to your beloved, looking into her eyes.

Quarrel guy and girls


To find out exactly whether the girl changes easily by some physiological features, but only if you have an intimate relationship. To check, you need to see the body of your beloved, breathe his smell and have sex. The girl will not pass a check if:

  • It smells of male spirits from it.
  • The vagina is wider and deeper.
  • On the body there are scratches, bruises, redness, which was not at the time of the last intimate proximity to you.
  • She does not feel pleasure from sex, can't cum, not relaxing.
  • The genitals smelled tarto, not as pleasant as before.

The girl turned away in bed

Important! Remember that closer in monthly women also change the smell, the size of the vagina, therefore, at these items during the PMS, do not sharpen attention.

The behavior of the girl after treason

Immediately after the treason, the girls change in behavior, habits, if infidelity, of course, is not an ordinary thing for them. The sign of "ripped on the side" can be the following facts:

  • Immediately after the arrival home, the girl runs in the shower. It will try to wash off the smell of another man, lead an appearance in order.
  • In the evenings and the mornings, she comes strange messages from unfamiliar to you, "Kati, Sveti". This can wishes good night, good day with emoticons, kisses. Woman quickly removes them, and when reading mysteriously smiles.
  • Talking on the phone with a closed door. If the calls with an unfamiliar room goes to another room, a bath or toilet, includes water so that no one has heard conversations.
  • The manifestations of tenderness and love are sharply replaced by irritability, rejection. So the feeling of guilt is manifested. According to many wrong wives, they are very ashamed of treason, the desire appears to hug a husband, to climb, but at the same time there is a feeling of disgust to his body.
  • The woman diligently avoids contact with his eyes with a partner. If the girl has not yet learned to lie guy, it is afraid that the eyes will give her mystery.
  • I began to notice the shortcomings in your loved one, to make a claim to appearance, social status. Criticism reaches the absurdity, and you feel that I am very annoying a partner. Such behavior is explained by the fact that the woman compares the chosen and will soon make the final choice.

Important! According to family psychologists, it is possible to establish life after cheating only 10-15 pairs from a hundred. Therefore, for the sake of children, social status, some spouses close their eyes to infidelity and are waiting for the partner coming down, "will move." This is especially true of crisis age from 35 to 45 years.

How to find out with an accuracy of 100%

False and unjustified accusations of a woman in treason will lead to quarrels and parting. Not every girl will be able to endure the "marav" and justify that he did not commit. But there are several reliable signs of infidelity. It can be proved to prove treason with an accuracy of 100%. These changes in behavior are more often associated with the appearance of a woman, expanding the circle of communication. For instance:

  • Wife changes sharply image. Makeup, the wardrobe becomes more bright, catchy.
  • I became more carefully followed by myself, actively thin. The phone constantly talks about what wishes to be better, more beautiful, I did not want to think about the massage therapist, although before and thinking about the gym.
  • It is going to work longer to work, to the institute. Boots in front of the mirror, notes any drawback in clothing, hairstyle and is very upset if it looks imperfect.
  • On the phone beloved often call from unfamiliar numbers.
  • The partner has put a password on the smartphone. The phone has a phone with him, hides the rooms, messages from the guy. The girl became very suspicious, insensitive. This is a signal to the fact that she has a mystery.
  • It comes from study, from work on one machine with a colleague or classmate. Intelligent, maybe they are always on the way, but it will not be superfluous about it.
  • Plans to go to the resort to the sea alone or with a friend. This is the signal to the fact that the girl needs more free from your time. Such behavior indicates the presence of a Uhager or the absence of love in a pair, approaching parting.

The girl listens to the guy

It is impossible to notice these signs of infidelity for one, watch your beloved. Be sure to ask questions about what happens to it. Maybe she tries to change for you and prepares a surprise for the birthday, so communicates with the telephone secret.

How to make sure

Many jealous men suspect a woman in treason constantly. It gives a lot of problems in family life: both partners are in nervous tension daily. To get rid of pathological jealousy, a man is useful to take advantage of the advice of psychologists about how to find out if the wife changes them with an accuracy of 100 percent. There are several ways to confirm or disprove the fears:

  1. Hang on a woman accusations in treason and wait for the reaction. If the wife calmly explains the delays at work, frequent meetings with colleagues and provides for each fact of evidence, you can be calm. If I planked, signs of guilt appeared in the eyes, the betrayal was exactly.
  2. Travelery for your beloved. Use video surveillance in the car, strive for her to the institute or to work. Ask the club from the bartender than your girlfriend did yesterday in their institution, with whom it was. Collecting accurate data - the best method of verifying loyalty to your beloved and method of getting rid of paranoia.
  3. Find out the password from the smartphone, the profile in the social network and read the correspondence. In the personal life of your beloved, of course, is not good, but if the jealousy poisons live both, you will have to suffer flour conscience.

Unfusing facts will force the girl to admit to treason. Next will follow parting. This result of relationship is inevitable if the guy is not ready to forgive deception and infidelity beloved.


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