How to make an armband on your head for the girl with your own hands?

Bandage on the head of the girl can be made with their own hands. Such a height will decorate the elegant image of a little girl for a holiday.

You can make a bandage on your head from different materials: from lace, felt, satin and rep, ribbon, from special tensile tapes such as oblique bey. The main dressing decoration is a flower, butterfly, a bow or heart and other decorations from different materials like felt, ribbons, lace, etc.

Lace dressing can be decorated with homemade flowers from felt. To make such a dressing, you need to make decorations Flowers from felt.

headband for girls do it yourself

Instead of flowers, a bow is suitable, it can be made from different fabric, no Flowers From tapes:

headband for girls do it yourself

Let's make a dressing of soft fabric with Fetra flowers:

headband for girls do it yourself

Flowers from felt made with their own hands will be a wonderful jury of the dressing.

headband for girls do it yourself

Let's make a dressing with decoration in the form of flowers from felt gradually.

We take a felt mug to create colors, hot glue gun and scissors, decor elements, ready-made flowers, elastic ribbons.

headband for girls do it yourself

Let's decorate from felt. Spirally cut to the center of the felt circle, exactly as in the figure. Make a fringe:

headband for girls do it yourself

Next, the spiral is starting to turn into a "flower". You can add drops for fastening glue.

headband for girls do it yourself

Next, we continue to turn the entire round of the spiral to the end. You can add adhesive for fastening along the folding of the tissue, glue a thorough part of the tissue with glue or additionally take the felt circle and glue from the bottom so that the flower holds the whole and not unwound.

headband for girls do it yourself

It was a flower center. Now, from the brighter felt, we make outdoor "petals", continuing to turn. Instead of fringe, a wavy line. You can make the knitted lines more or less wavy, experimenting.

headband for girls do it yourself

We continue to turn, using hot glue to bond.

headband for girls do it yourself

Fully fold into the flower.

headband for girls do it yourself

Now make leaves from felt. Mugs we divide the quarter. For each leaf, we make an incision for 2/3, then "overlapping" the two obtained parts:

headband for girls do it yourself

Next, we take two elastic ribbons, on which the decoration from the flower and leaves will be mounted. You can only take one wider tape.

headband for girls do it yourself

Now it is glued to the leaves made by a flower of felt and any decoration for the decor, for example, a rhinestone.

headband for girls do it yourself

At its discretion, you can make different decoration options for a dressing of felt:

headband for girls do it yourselfheadband for girls do it yourselfheadband for girls do it yourself

Another decoration for a dressing of felt with flowers and master class:

Similarly, you can make it possible to make flowers from felt on a lace bandage:

headband for girls do it yourself

A bandage can be made of not necessary things, for example, T-shirts. Cut from the T-shirts of the strip from the fabric and make a dressing with a decoration-weaving:

headband for girls do it yourself

The decoration for the dressing can be made in Kanzashi technique with their own hands.

Another idea for the bandage on the head is to make a dressing with a decoration of fur (for example, furry mink fur):

headband for girls do it yourself

In the article, I share why I like the headband and how to sew a bandage of age from 3 to 12 years. We are more often inspired by things that bring joy to our life. So it happens to me. Walking down the street with daughter, we rarely pass by the store with hair accessories. I confess, every time we go to this store - see. From just one species, cute and beautiful dressings cause joyful feelings. What is like this in these bandages, which makes them like cute. It turned out to be a maiden space full of paints.

You can read this article about three minutes.

How to sew a bandage on the head for the girl do it yourself

After regular occasions in stores with hair accessories, we still went out with a magnet and keychain. Despite the range of gum, dressings and ribbons, for me there was a problem to buy a bandage on the head that likes. The problem was as a fabric, in the color of dressings, drawing and price. Find the perfect combination of price and appearance is a big luck. The question is how to sew a dressing yourself did not stand at me, because I was able to sew. If you have different and you want:

  • Learn to sew
  • or you need a pattern of the desired size
  • Or you need concrete steps how to sew a bandage on the head

That here you will get what you need what you need.

How to sew a bandage on the head for a girl

Step 1

First of all, choose: what version of the dressing you want to sew which option to sew or which option was ordered to sew. The following options are described here:

  • bandages on the head on the rubber band
  • Width of the dressing in finished form 5.5 cm
  • bandage can be double-sided
  • bandage with bow
  • Or without a bow

HeadbandTo realize the desire, a dressing board was created for girls from 3 years to 12 years. It turned out that sewing baby dressings on the head with their own hands is a pleasure. If you want to sew a dressing for newborn girls, read here on the link

Sew baby dressings for girls

What fabric to choose?

When I see a funny fabric, I think it will be great to sew a dressing from this fabric. For sewing I use mostly natural cotton, Poplin, Children's fabric. Children's fabric usually beautiful prints, polka dots, flowers, animals. Growing in peas creates a romantic image. Next shows the bandage in striped and with animals. Let your work be cheerful.

How to make a bandage with your own hands

Headband with a bow One of my favorite options. Such children's dressings are called Solok. Soloha's dressing is the perfect fast accessory that is combined with any outfit. In this version of the fabric rim, you can sew bows of different sizes and colors to change them with the main ribbon. So you will have different dressings for every day.

How to make a bandage with your own hands

Summer bandages on their heads do it yourself

In order to sew an armband you will need a minimum of fabric, 30 minutes of time and a list of necessary tools. For 10 simple steps, you will save so much bandages as you want and the desired size. First of all, find out what size of the dressing you need to sew. To do this, measure the head circumference, take a soft centimeter tape, wrap the baby's head in front of the eyebrow line and closer the tape on the back of the head. The resulting value is a circle of the head into see.

How to sew a bandage on the head for the girl is described in detail in the study manual.

Need help in how to learn to sew baby things just? Do you want to learn how to sew yourself or have questions about how to start this sewing? I spend focal advice and online lessons for children and adults, in which we are studying simple sewing steps. Subscribe to the studio news and keep up to date with events.

Let creative projects be more!

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Keep your post to Pinterest. If you need information how to sew a bandage on the head for a girl, this project will be at your hand and you can return to it.

How to sew a bandage on the head for a girl
How to sew a bandage on the head for a girl

For small ladies, designers create children's brands of fashionable clothes and accessories. One of the last directions is the decoration on the head. It is capable of even the usual outfit for kids to make festive.

Headband - Universal accessory for girls of all ages at any time of the year. Regardless of the appointment (insulation, sports, hair fixation) it will look fashionable. This season in the trend style Family Look. That is, parents and child have similar hairstyles, colors or elements in clothing.

An excellent example is fashionable mammies with newborn daughters and identical bandages on the head. Many, when discharge from the maternity hospital, wearing a girl not familiar cape or a hat, but a stylish bandana. Baby with a fashionable bandage on the head, decorated with bows, ribbons or flowers - a stunning photo for memory.


  1. Tissue dressings
  2. Kosinki
  3. Ribbons
  4. Solokha
  5. Rubber
  6. Bandans
  7. Turban
  8. Turban
  9. Fatin
  10. Headphone dressings
  11. Sports bandage
  12. Bows
  13. Armbands with ears
  14. Children's rims on their own hands
  15. Headbands from felt
  16. Team decorations
  17. Flower on the head
  18. Kanzashi
  19. Foamiran

Such an accessory can be done or sew your own hands. Execution of the dressing does not require much time and professional skills. But the decoration in which their creative ideas are invested, there will be author's handmade.

Tissue dressings

Bandages girls

on the head
do it yourself

Depending on the appointment, material, forms and decor of the names are different - rim, chalma, solokha, rubber band, hoop, bandana, headphones, etc. The uniqueness of the bandage in the diversity of style directions is sport, classic, vintage, greek, puppet, thematic.

Models for baby age girls are a work of art that represents more often composition from a bow to a flower. Skillful needlewomen managed to create a beautiful unusual bandage on the head, even from the Kapron Tights.

Main types:

  • Narrow bandages on the head - ribbons, laces or ribbon to decorate the Greek hairstyle for the girl;
  • Wide - sports, for cold weather or fixation of thick, curly, long curls;
  • Synthetic materials - usually applied in the decor of the dressings;
  • Summer - from cotton, fate, knitwear, lace, chiffon, stretch, denim, silk, organza and other thin fabrics;
  • Warm - bandages from fur, cashmere or acrylic yarn, wool, velvet, felt on the head.

Consider more different forms and decorators of the fashion accessory for girls.



This is the easiest, but very elegant appearance of a dressing for the head. Thin handkerchief can be folded or twisted. You can wrap it around the head, and to start a bout or nodule on the side or top. This season, Kosyanka is Must-Have for a little girl. No matter, designer is a handkerchief or a democratic version from the mass line.

Wear a better bandage on your head in primea, like our grandmothers. If you perform the author's embroidery, paint a batik in the technique of or shells with beads (rhinestones, buttons), then even baby girl will look like a real fashionista.


This material is most suitable for decor. Reps, satin, air strips go for weaving or different color execution techniques. You can wear as an independent hair decoration.


[ADS-MOB-2] [ADS-PC-2] This is a bug-chic-style bandage, the basis of which is a flexible design with wire inside. It is secure and easily attached to the head with one hand movement. It is enough to twist the tips of the bandage, forming a node or a bow. This is a very convenient accessory for the head, especially if the girl is movable. The bandage is firmly held on the hair, without falling out even with strong wind, running or active movements.

For an early age, girls are usually carried out without wire. It is better to use knitwear for a dressing, which at the expense of his qualities is well sitting on the head. Retro PIN-AP style can be performed simply: Collect the curls in a high bundle, sat down on top of the hairstyle. Tie a beautiful bow in front or side.



a photo

The optimal choice is a thick strip on a 15 mm wide width. Rubberies are with sparkles, monophonic, multicolored, pritered. The material is very soft, it is well stretched, does not squeeze the head. Often even for newborn girls, elements for insertion are taken from it, and for older princesses, you can make a completely rubber rim.


If you add a scarf diagonally, a triangle-brazer will turn out. Bandana is told on the head of the girl in the usual way, but the double knot is formed not under the chin, but behind (on top of the free edge).

There are finished products on sale. You can perform your author's masterpiece bandages for the head with an embroidery or other original decor. Examples


Feature - this dressing - a wide band, having a twisted node in the center of the center. It can have one twist. In this embodiment, the most stylishly looks two-color solution - on the left of the small peas, the right is large.

Calma can be done with two or more twisted links, shifting the center a little side. Accessory easy to sew or tie with your own hands. Older girls often wear heads instead of warm hats. For kids it is better to choose bright tones or under the color of clothes.


Due to the center of the center, many confuse this bandage with Chalm. However, there is a significant difference. The turban does not have a twist, the focus of the center is performed either with a hidden thread or decoration (ring, large buckle, brooch). Models on the head, decorated with stones, beads, metal elements look very stylishly.

For the cold, the turban of the major mating in the style of Overseas, for summer - any fabrics. turban

a photo


This is a transparent shell, a practically weightless grid, immersing a girl in a fairy tale. The cloth is released in any color of the rainbow, it can be blown away, glitter or be matte. There is a web with an etched, embroidered or bulk pattern on sale.

The grid is ideal for the decor of the dressing gamblers. It can be applied with silver or golden shades. Many craftswomen cubs sequins, rhinestones, pearls, beads or appliqués. small

Headphone dressings

The stylish accessory is easy to make it yourself. This is a regular rim on the head where fur pumps are attached. You can enjoy and decorate the basis or elements for the insulation of the ears. Sports

Sports bandage

This option is performed from an elastic material tightly adjacent to the head and well-absorbent moisture. Such dressings are usually produced with logos of well-known sports brands. This is Mast Heavy for girls who are fond of dancing, tennis, running or any other act of active leisure.



Such models on the head adore the baby or girls of junior classes. Variants of dressings mass. One large or miniature bow, corrugated, double, on an elastic band, rim, hoop or formed from soft ends. For little girls, it is more common to expand miniature elements.

Armbands with ears

It is fun and unusually like a model in the style of Rabbit Band. More often it is knitted or knitted bandages for the head, decorated with ears of rabbit, giraffe, panda, frog, chanterelles, etc. In a fine fabric insert the frame, wool well hold the form.

Children's rims on their own hands

Decoration is easy to make yourself if you follow the instructions for execution. For a newborn girl, it is better to take an openwork lace 1-4 cm wide. For bass from 6 months before a year, you can cook a soft rubber to 2-3 cm. For girls older is suitable for the usual plastic rim for the head to be covered with a beautiful cloth.

Step-by-step instruction bandage-rim with flowers.

  1. Measure the head of the girl, cut off the blank with a margin of 1 cm.
  2. Lace is stitched, a beautiful gum can be left as the base or insert into the fabric.
  3. To do this, fold the material face in half, with a little grab cut strips.
  4. Start around the edge line, turn out, paste into the dressing gum, sew.
  5. For a solid rim, the billet is performed similarly, measurements are made on the basis.
  6. Get down to the decor.
  7. Need a soft fabric, the stretch-knitwear of bright colors is well.
  8. Cut several strips of different widths, about 60 cm long.
  9. Manually or on a typewriter, take a lot of zigzags with large stitches.
  10. Carefully tighten the thread so that corrugated segments from the fabric come out.
  11. Each billet starting from one end twist into the flower and grab thread. In the middle you can put beautiful beads.
  12. You must have several elements of different sizes and colors.
  13. Cut green leaves from felt, velvet or other base.
  14. From colors you can make one composition or scatter them throughout the rim.
  15. There are two options for decorating - stick with a gun or sew a needle with a thread.
  16. Accessory ready.

Copyright masterpieces are shown in the photo.

in a dress
a princess
how to pick up
who goes

Headband from felt: master class

Provided that you correctly repeat the action, on charming rims with flowerfolds on the head will spend only one hour. The shape of the petals, placement and color of the dressing change in their preferences.


  • Pastel tones of felt, gorgeous combination of the composition white + gray + pink;
  • scissors;
  • needle with thread;
  • glue (preferably hot);
  • cardboard.

The diagram of performing a dressing for the girl with their own hands step by step.

  1. The basis, that is, the rim itself can be done any. Recommend to previous instructions.
  2. Preparing pattern.
  3. On the cardboard, draw 2 oblong petals (one smaller, another a little more), the top is rounded, the bottom line.
  4. From pink felt on these occasions, you need to cut 8 + 8 parts of different sizes.
  5. Make sketch of leaves; One more + two smaller, the top is pointed, the bottom is straight.
  6. From gray felt to make 3 sheets.
  7. Prepare two ordinary white material flower, one larger size.
  8. The last detail of the bandage is the middle.
  9. We need a segment of a cloth with a length of about 7 cm, 3-4 cm width.
  10. Folded a piece of gray felt in half, make cuts at a distance of about 3 mm not arguing scissors to the edges.
  11. It remains to connect all the details of the dressing.
  12. Watch carefully: first white flowers, less superimposed on top.
  13. Then glue pink petals, first row 8 pcs. bigger size.
  14. Main bandage deploy, it will turn out such a curly thing, adapt from above.
  15. Leaves from gray felt fit into large stitches, the largest position in the center. Throw to pull to the shadownik.
  16. The leaflets first fastened on the rim, and from above the flower.

Team decorations

Decoration can be made from any materials:

  • Flowers, bows;
  • fluff, feathers, sequins, beads, pearls;
  • shells, bugs, pebbles;
  • Wooden or metal baubles, fringe, etc.

Making a bandage on the head, look at the age of the girl. Billets are usually fixed with glue, which makes it easier to work. Details of the dressings for infants are recommended to connect threads.

Flower on the head

[ADS-MOB-3] [ADS-PC-3] Mass - roses, chamomile, peonies, dandelions, lilies, listed can be infinite. Much depends on the size of the flower you are going to decorate the bandage. The larger the item, the better the material should keep the form.

Experienced craftsmen as a versatile tissue for performing a floral dressing is used felt. In the trend - thin hoops-gum with miniature flower, buds, or simply with a lobby of petals. Roses


This is a Japanese tank performance technique for which you can use different material. Kanzashi authors choose fabrics from organza, fate and satin ribbons. The essence is in connecting small fragments to one whole. Each item is a square, complicated in a special way. There are mass folding methods. Kanzashi


This is an innovative material and trendy decoration in the finished form. Fom or foamed plastic rubber is easy, twisted, when heated, makes it possible to perform an element of any configuration.

Copling on Molda (cast form for bulk parts), the material forms incredibly realistic flowers with all the subtleties of natural plants. Especially valuable for the decoration of exclusive accessories.

Beautiful bows


If the organza is a traditional version, then in combination with satin ribbons is a masterpiece. No less relevant to perform a branch of the original form to use fatin, which practically does not occur.



This decoration is often put on girls up to the year. Typically, the crowns are performed by different ways of mating. Needlewomen recommend choosing a thick yarn so that the form is well kept and impressed.

Actually use FOM, but such a crown is dressed for a photo shoot girl.

What to wear a dressing


how to pick up
who goes
in a dress
a princess

Children's accessories can be combined with any set of clothing. But even for small girls, observance of stylistic alphabet is required so that the image looks fashionable and charming.

  1. Pick up a dressing of a dress or shoe.
  2. If the outfit in one of the pastel shades, it looks beautifully a contrast version with an emphasis on the decor element.
  3. Printed bandage echoes with color gamut in clothing.
  4. A fashion accessory must match the season.
  5. The miniature decorated bandage is suitable for a laconic outfit, too voluminous version may look inappropriate.
  6. The minimum focus on the decoration is done if a girl in clothes with a motley color. The ideal one-photon bandage is ideal not to disturb the integrity of the image.
  7. By purchasing a finished product or manufacturing accessory with your own hands, consider the age of the girl.
  8. The bandage should not crush or be an uncomfortable child.

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Children's headband - how cute and elegant! This decoration is suitable for girls of different ages: Starting with babies and ending with teenagers. Before making a bandage on the head for a girl, we will define the decoration material.

It may be a bandage from lace, felt, satin ribbons, fabrics, knitwear. Such dressings on the head for girls do their own hands before the photo session, or the birthday of the princess. The headband for the girl for the girl, made with love with my mother or grandmother with her own hands - what could be better and original. Flower stencils are attached.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Felt bandage

Felt - material, which is not better suitable for work. It does not matter and has neat edges. From felt you can make very beautiful flowers to decorate bandages, and not just flowers.

Felt bandage

This paper uses different colors that can be made from felt with glue or needles with thread. After the flowers are made - they are sewn on a wide gum. The size of the colors can be taken any, from 4 to 10 cm. It all depends on the age of the girl and from the destination (holiday, photo session). Flower stencils are placed at the end of the article.

Felt bandage

Flowers are easy to manufacture. It is only required to print or draw several stencils from hand. Anemones are descended in gentle and beautiful, roses and hyacinths are great for decorating the bandage on the head with their own hands.

Felt bandage

Felt bandage

Felt bandage

Rose and hyacinth. For hyacinth, we cut the strip of 20 cm long.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

For the anemones, you will need 6 petals, cut in 2-places and a black chopped fringe - part of the middle. Do not forget leafs to flowers. The gum is better to take a princess hair color.

Felt bandage

But anemones with other leaves and a middle. Choose which you like.

AnemoneAnemoneHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsAnemoneAnemoneAnemone

Headband from knitwear - master class

We often throw away bright T-shirts, T-shirts, knitwear, not knowing that you can make an interesting accessory from all this - the bandages on the head for girls do it yourself.

Headband from knitwear - master class

Try, show fantasy - and you will get children's beautiful dressings and decorations for a little fashionista.

Headband from knitwear - master class

To work, you will need:

  1. 3 strips of cloth of different widths, length - 65-70 cm.
  2. Threads for each strip or white.
  3. Sewing machine.
  4. Adhesive pistol or needle with thread.
  5. A piece of green knitwear or felt (not necessarily).
  6. Elastic or braid (braid need to be tied behind).

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Cut 3 strips from T-shirts of different colors.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Next, on a sewing machine or manually with small-dimensional stitches, we make zigzag lines.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

All threads carefully tighten. Strip starting from the beginning of the workpiece. If the thread is broken - it is gently tying.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Here is such a blank as a result.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Twist the workpiece, starting from the center of the flower.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Similarly, we do other 2 flower.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

The opposite side is glued or sewn to an oval base of felt or dense tissue.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

You can decorate our flowers from knitwear or felt.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

At the end we glit or sew a gum. The bandage is ready.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

Solok's dressing for a little girl can be called universal. Such a dressing is suitable for any hair, especially comfortable in summer. Solok's dressing with their own hands is a great solution for the summer.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

We make the pattern on the og = 48 cm. At the top - the main 2 parts, downstairs - the part for the gum.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

To work, you will need:

  1. 2 Secking fabric: 58/12 cm and 20/12 cm.
  2. Rubber 10 cm.
  3. Sewing machine or needle with thread.
  4. Santimeter, scissors, paper.
  5. Portnovo pins.

Making a pattern on paper. For the circle of the head is 48 cm. We will catch a 20/12 rectangle. See for gum and 4 more rectangles - 29/6 cm. - Basic bandage. Memo from the end of the main part 10 cm., Make 2 cutouts on top and bottom (it will be a bow). We rush the pins to the fabric, add from all sides of the allowances on the seams 1 cm. And cut out 5 parts.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

We fold 2 main details by the front parties to each other - we will be bothering them.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

Stop by leaving a small hole through which we will insert a part with a rubber band. Steady, retreating 1 cm. From the edge of the part.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

The main details with the "ears" turn on the face. Take the part 20/12 cm. And we flash it in length. Soak. Then pin insert the gum inside this detail.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

The gum fixed on both sides by two lines. You must have a selected item. It is advisable to see this item along the entire length - in the middle.

Solok's fabric bandage - master class

Next, take 1 part with the "ears" and insert the part with a rubber band into the hole that we left. We combine the edges and flash by car. We do the same with the 2nd item with the "ears".

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

The left holes are sewn by a secret stitch.

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

It remains only to smooth out and tie the "ears" in the nodule.

On the video - how to sew your own handing of Solok, master class for beginners:

Stencils "Flowers" for dressings

On these stencils, you can make all sorts of flowers for dressings from felt, organza, lace, leather, and so on.

Stencils "Flowers" for dressingsStencils "Flowers" for dressingsStencils "Flowers" for dressingsStencils "Flowers" for dressingsStencils "Flowers" for dressingsStencils "Flowers" for dressingsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencils

Ideas for children's dressings

Ideas for children's dressingsIdeas for children's dressingsIdeas for children's dressingsIdeas for children's dressingsIdeas for children's dressingsIdeas for children's dressingsIdeas for children's dressingsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencilsHeadband for the girl - master class and stencils

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

Headband for the girl - master class and stencils

On the video - the headband on the head of the organza for babies:


Girls love to dress up and try different accessories. One of the most sophisticated and neat is a headband. An alternative decoration is a bezel, but this accessory is much more common among the representatives of the fine sex. Such an accessory on the head is an improved rim, which can be worn with different outfits, turning them into finished images.


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To make a beautiful ornament on the head, it does not need much time and materials. It is enough to have pieces of fabric, threads, scissors, needle and satin ribbons. You can decorate the accessory in various ways - beads, ribbons, beads, ready-made brooch. Masite baby bandage with their own hands - one pleasure.

Advantages of a dressing on the head for a girl

Varieties of dressings on the head

Such an original accessory has many advantages:

  • The zagging of the nodules takes no more than five seconds, and if there is a special gum inside the dressing, then even less.
  • The bandage will decorate both everyday and festive outfit.
  • Such hair accessory looks great with any hairstyle - loose hair, tails or pigtails.
  • With a bandage, you can make extraordinary Greek hairstyles and diversify the style of a child.
  • Accessory allows you to remove short disobedient hair back, and they will not interfere with the child in everyday affairs.
  • A wide accessory does not require constant combing of naughty hair.

The bandage can be combined with any clothing: skirt, jeans, dress. Such accessory It is suitable for a newborn baby or girls of preschool age. Accessory will immediately give the highlight to the highlight, make it beautiful and finished. The image of the child changes depending on the accessories added to the alongside, and the bandage is excellent for changing the image.

Basic for dressing

Head bandage

To make a accessory with your own hands, which will be convenient to sit, you need to measure the girth of the baby's head and cut a rectangle from the fabric with a margin

Production of rubber band

. To measure the scuffing of the head, use a centimeter tape. It does not need to delay too much, because even the most elastic material can put the child and create inconvenience. It is not worth using a lace or thread, since these materials give a greater error. Due to the stretching of the lace, the size of the dressing may not coincide with the girth of the child's head.

The fabric for the base is better to choose a soft, elastic. It should be relying on the season, which is planned to wear an accessory. If the decoration will complement summer images, it is better to stop the choice on cotton, fatina, stretching, organze. If the bandage is a winter accessory, you should choose woolen products or velvet for accessory socks in the building. It is important to remember what the decoration is not an alternative to the cap, as it does not protect the head from the cold, even if it is made of woolen material. Part of the head in this Accessory remains open And it makes great harm to children's health.

Bandages on the head for newborn kids is better to choose cotton, which will not cause allergies in children. Wool May cause irritation . For a hot period, wool and dense materials should be avoided so that the child's head is not sweating.

How to make baby dressings on your head

Bandages of harness head

How to make a bandage on your head with your own hands? To make a beautiful bandage on the head for the baby, you need to use high-quality fabric and unusual decorations. In this master class, a lace braid is used, which will become a wonderful basis for the future accessory.


  • lace braid;
  • tape measure;
  • scissors;
  • threads in color braid;
  • needle;
  • Cotton cloth for decoration;
  • Large beads or rhinestones for decor.

Let's start step by step instructions for making a beautiful hair ribbon. To make an armband with your own hands, you need:

  1. Measure the girth of the child's head.
  2. The length of the dressing should repeat the scum in centimeters. If the strip of the braid will be longer, the bandage will fall. If the tape is shorter, then the accessory will put pressure . Cut the lace todium to grunt the baby's head.
  3. With thread and needle Connect two end of the tape . Seam the tape need carefully. This can be done with hot glue, but then the decoration will not be so durable.
  4. For three colors, cut three stripes of 30 cm long and 8 cm wide.
  5. The bottom of the strip Treat large stitches . Seam carefully. Collect the workpiece into the harmonica on the thread, slowly pulling it out.
  6. Close the tissue strip in the circle, tie a node. So that the circle looked neatly, tie a thread on the back of the product.
  7. Printed on the finished flower bead or rhinestones depicting stamens.
  8. Sewing flowers on a lace rubbing threads or glued with hot glue. Decoration ready .

How to make flowers for a dressing

Flowers for bandage on the head

Especially gently decoration for the head looks with flowers. They can be made from different materials, but the easiest option is to use the fabric.


  • soft fabric;
  • hot glue;
  • scissors;
  • felt.

To make a beautiful flower for a dressing, you need:

  1. Cut from soft fabric 30 circles with a diameter of 5 cm. Such flowers will be lush and beautiful.
  2. Cut from felt circle with a diameter of 5 cm. This is the basis of the future flower.
  3. The edges of the fabric is treated as needed. If the treads do not stick out of the fabric, then this step can be skipped.
  4. Grab one of the fabric circles in the middle so that he is going to a peculiar kulok. Cold folds can be a lot, but it is normal. Glue the cooler on the felt base of hot glue.
  5. Circles made of fabric to be treated and glued to the felt base, and then place each other. In the process, they can be fluffy, so that the flower turns out to be lush and beautiful.

Headband - Lovely accessory for a little girl. He will complement any outfit and will be a beautiful addition to the image.

A beautiful headdress - perfectly decorates kids and will always be in trend. The headband is very convenient and practical in use. She will suit newborns, babes, girls, girls and women. It should be noted that the headband will differ in size and style depending on age. In this article we learn how to make a bandage on the baby's head with your own hands and consider four options for bandages with a step-by-step master class of their manufacture.

headband with an interesting flower with your own hands

Option number 1

Bandages on the head for girls

You will need: Base Bandage Ribbon Either Elastic, Flower Material Soft Fabric, Felt Or Foamiran, Needle, Thread, Glue, Santimeter.

Master Class

  1. Take the felt and cut 4 circles for the future flower. flower for dressing
  2. Bend in half the first round, apply glue into the center, apply the second bent circle from above and apply glue to the center again. With the rest of the circles, repeat the same thing. flower for dressing
  3. Wait until the glue dries.
  4. Make a scalp circle measurement.
  5. Cut the desired tape length or gum. Bandages on the head for girls
  6. Sisting ends.
  7. Success the flower on the dressing.

I recommend to view this video!

Option number 2.

Headband from tights

You will need: Capron tights, scissors, thread, needle, centimeter, decoration elements flower, rhinestones, beads.

Master Class

  1. Make a scalp circle measurement. Headband from tights
  2. Cut the base of the bandage from the Capron Tights. It should be cut off by 5-7 cm less than the circumference of the head, as the Capron soft material and stretches very well. Headband from tights
  3. Sew two ends and sew a rubber band from Cappon, creating the visibility of a bow shape, as shown in the picture. Headband from tights
  4. Decorate the bandage with flower rhinestones and beads.

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Option number 3.

headband with an interesting flower with your own hands

You will need: Base of dressings Ribbon or elastic, material for the manufacture of flower soft fabric, felt or fetamiran, needle, thread, centimeter.

Master Class

  1. Cut 10 fabric circles for flower.
  2. Sust them together. headband with an interesting flower with your own hands
  3. Tighten the main thread, forming a flower.
  4. Make a scalp circle measurement. headband with an interesting flower with your own hands
  5. Cut the desired tape length or gum.
  6. Sisting ends. headband with an interesting flower with your own hands
  7. Success the flower on the dressing. You can sew several colors of different sizes, colors and create a whole bouquet on the dressing that looks great!

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Option number 4.

lace headband

You will need: Lace material for the base of dressings, soft fabric, ribbon, adhesive gun, thread, needle, flower.

Master Class

  1. Make a length of 20 cm long with soft tissue and fold it in half.
  2. Stretch on the sewing machine as shown in the picture. If you do not have a typewriter, it can be done manually. lace headband
  3. Pull the thread on one side, then on the other, to collect the fabric.
  4. Secure the knots.
  5. When ribbon ribbon. lace headband
  6. Stick flower.
  7. Make a scalp circle measurement.
  8. Cut the lace material.
  9. Slice the ends of the dressing and enter the composition with a flower.

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The headband made with his own hands will be an excellent accessory for a photo of the session, thematic party, celebrations or decoration for every day, because every day is a holiday!


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